Timeless love update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Timeless love 6 December 2023: The Episode starts with Dev and Abhi are in the car. Dev praises his driving to be smooth. He asks him to stop the car for having tea. Abhi stops the car and brings the tea for them. Amba comes to Vidhi and asks what new Mommy is doing with new Daughter, and says it might be difficult for her, it is bitter pill to swallow. Vidhi says Amba ji, there shall be sweetness between samdhis, and says I made Gujiyas and packed for Chitra and Vikram. She asks her to have it, and keep her mouth closed, as she has understood that this is happening due to her. Dev and Abhi sit to have tea.

Dev gives lens of objectivity to Abhi and says someone had given me, and I learnt how to balance in relations from it. Abhi thanks him. Dev says you have taken all business on your shoulder. I want to tell you that problems will come, and you will learn from your mistakes. He tells his childhood story, and says once I asked papa to give me straw to drink hot tea. He says Papa gave and my tongue got burnt, then I understood. He asks him not to underestimate himself and not to forget his values. They say cheers. Vidhi says because of you, Dev ji and my relation have strengthen more, and thanks her with a hug. She says come, I will drop you outside.

Divya comes to Abhi’s cabin and asks can I come inside. Abhi says not now. Divya says it is urgent. Dev comes there. Divya tells Abhi that it is alarming, a company got over 21 percent shares in a month. Abhi says it is good that someone is investing in our company. Dev says we shall track this company and says I will look into this matter. Divya thinks Dev Sir is good person and thinks atleast he is hearing her.

Simmy seeks Vidhi’s help to do her homework. Mausi ji comes there and asks Vidhi if her enthusiasm to cook food is over. She asks her to call the Servants. Vidhi says I was studying, food is ready, I will search it. Priya says lets see how she will manage both.

Dev comes to Abhi and asks him to check his accounts. Abhi says this is your accounts. Dev asks him to balance the relations and work. Abhi asks if you are insulting me. Dev says we have suffered a loss, and has to check everyone’s accounts. He says first your, then me and then yogesh and others’ accounts will be checked. He says I am giving you this work as I trust you more than myself. Abhi sees lens of objectivity and calls yogesh.

He asks him to come to office and says he was auditing the accounts. Yogesh says I can’t come now, as Kanika is at home and asks Abhi to come to his house instead. Abhi says I will check the account when you come to office. Yogesh thinks thank you for alerting me, everything will be vanished.

Vidhi massages Mausi ji’s feet. Dev says I have to take Vidhi from here, sorry mausi ji. He asks Vidhi if you want to go to college or not. Mausi ji asks if you want to make her collector, what she will do by educating herself. Priya calls her. Mausi asks her to go. Priya asks Vidhi to see Simmy’s homework, as she is not listening to her. Vidhi sits to help her with the homework. Priya smiles.

Dev comes to Vidhi and says you work all the time, when you will study. Vidhi says I will surely sit to study after giving haldi milk to Mummy ji. Later she comes to room, and yawns. Dev says I will handle house work, but you have to study. Vidhi says it seems I have joined military. Dev says yes and says he will bring coffee for her. Mausi comes to kitchen and asks Dev what is he doing? Dev says he was making coffee for Vidhi and will clean the kitchen. Mausi ji says Vidhi is making husband handling the house work. She taunts him. He says he will learn from Mausa ji. She says I am taunting you, who makes coffee for wife. Dev says I do and says every husband shall do this. He goes and sees Vidhi sleeping. He thinks she must be tired with house work, I am being harsh on her. He thinks she is looking cute and takes her photo. Vidhi wakes up and shouts saying I am studying. Dev says I was clicking your photo. He says how you will study, if you work all day. he asks her to drink coffee and get good marks. Vidhi asks did you make this coffee. He says yes and asks her to see the timetable. He asks her to drink coffee and have biscuit.

Next day in college, Vidhi comes. The students ask Vidhi why she didn’t tell them about her marriage. Professor comes there and asks if MBA class is going on, or if I am coming to some kitty party. He congrats Vidhi. Vidhi thanks him. He scolds her and says you missed 1 month studies. He asks them to do assignment, and says the project will decide who will pass and who will fail. He tells Vidhi, that she can’t be successful by marrying a successful man. He says tobe a queen, you have to be powerful like a lioness, who can get something for our loved ones.

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