My desire update Wednesday 15 May 2024

My desire 15 may 2024: Arjun panics. Bijli comes back home and barks. Kashvi calls Arjun, but he is not picking the call. Arjun asks Mohit to stop. Mahima asks Arjun to save her. Mohit asks who is he, whom you are asking for help, and tells that he is Mahima’s would be husband and can do anything with her.

He says until you open the door, I will do so much with Mahima. Arjun asks the waiter to bring the master key and says a girl’s life is in danger. Mahima cries. Manager brings the master key. Arjun opens the door and gets inside. He covers Mahima with a bedsheet and then beats up Mohit.

Mohit asks why you are doing drama? Arjun says cheap man and asks why did you do this disgusted act today, and says you have shown that you are a devil. Mohit asks what wrong did I do? Arjun says you have done a disgusted act and says if you have done this tomorrow, then it would be with Mahima’s consent, after your marriage and with her respect. He says today she was refusing and was begging to spare her, but you forced yourself on her, and says whatever you have done is called rape and not love. He says you tried to rape her and calls her rapist. He beats him more. Manager asks him to leave him and says he will die. Mahima says I want to go home, I don’t want to be here.

Arjun tries to make her get up, but she says that she can’t get up as he has beaten her so much. Arjun lifts her along with the blanket and takes her from there. They reach home. Arjun says we have reached home. Mahima says I will not go anywhere, as Mohit will attack me. Arjun says you are safe at home and asks her to come. Mahima gets down and says she can’t walk. He lifts her. Kashvi scolds Monty and Ricky for coming alone and not bringing Mahima with them. Romila asks did you call Mahima and tell that she must be coming with Mohit. Kashvi says I was about to call them, when they came. They see Arjun bringing Mahima home, wrapped in the blanket.

They get shocked. Arjun tells Kashvi that Mahima needs medical help for now. He takes her to the room. Kashvi asks what happened to Mahima. Arjun says I can’t tell you, someone has tried to rape her, and says if I tell you then you will not believe me. He tells Mahima calling him and asking him to save her. Kashvi says I can’t believe that Mohit can do this. Mahima says he has fallen down. Kashvi cries and says he is devil, I didn’t think that his reality is this. He asks her not to cry and says we are with you. Mahima thanks Arjun for saving her, and says if you had not saved me then I wouldn’t have faced anyone. Kashvi says wrong thing have happened with you, and he will hide his face and not you.

She says I will make sure that he gets rigorous punishment and asks her to come to PS. Mahima says she can’t see him again. Kashvi asks if you want to see him saved. Arjun says I used to think Mohit as good and humble guy, but his truth will come out infront of everyone. Kashvi tells Mahima that girls raise voice against wrong and asks her to raise voice to take stand for the girls.

Kashvi helps Mahima get ready to go to PS. They come out. Kashvi says they are going to PS. Romila asks her not to file complaint against Mohit. Kashvi says if we don’t file the complaint then he will get dare to do this again. She asks why we shall be silent, and asks if you are saying this as Mahima is a girl. She asks if she doesn’t feel bad and you want her to stay silent. She asks Romila to change her thought and says Mohit has done wrong and I will file complaint against him. Nitya tells Kashvi that they can’t change society’s perception and says woman is always blamed. Arjun says the society has to change their perception, and says we can’t let Mahima suffer, and says sorry. He asks them to come. They leave.

At the PS, Kashvi tells the Inspector that Mahima’s fiancé tried to rape her. Mahima tells him everything and cries. The Inspector says we will arrest Mohit and if he has done a crime then we will get punished. He says I will inform you after arresting him.

They come home. Kashvi asks Mahima not to be scared or worried. Arjun says he can’t even touch you. Kashvi asks her to rest. Mahima says I hope we don’t see his face again. They come inside and see Mohit with his parents sitting there. Arjun gets angry seeing him and asks who let him enter his house. Mohit tries to give clarification. Kashvi says you will be punished and we have filed the complaint. Mohit says I came to say sorry to you, and says I did a mistake, but it is not that big that you get me arrested. He says I have lost my conscience. Kashvi shows marks on Mahima’s hand and necks and says you have lost your conscience fully and tried to rape her.

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