Timeless love update Thursday 7 December 2023

Timeless love 7 December 2023: The Episode starts with Professor teaching the students about foodfall and tells that if he tries to sell the paper on the mountain, nobody will buy it, but if he makes the toy out of paper, then any tourist will buy for 10 Rs, and then he will have profit of Rs 9 Rs. He says if I stand outside the school or court, then it can be sold there more, as the need is more there. He says this is called foodfall, and tells that it is the smart business.

He asks them to create a business idea for the ordinary people and says this will be your project. Vidhi says there are many people who is waiting for the right opportunity. Hariprasad prays to Milapni Devi and says he shall get job in jeweller’s shop. Bimla hopes that he gets a job. Vijay comes there and asks what I am hearing that you are going to do job. Hariprasad says if I don’t work then how will I return money to you. Vijay says what is the need to do job, when you have temple at home. He says in today’s times, people earns much with temple.

Hariprasad asks what you are saying, I will prefer to die than to use Maiyya’s money. He says such thought is a sin for him. Vijay stares at him and then touches his feet, saying after Maiyya, he wants to bow down infront of him and calls him Harish Chandra. Vidhi comes there. Vijay says I will leave. He leaves. Vidhi asks her parents why this man is always here, whenever she comes. Hariprasad says he had come to temple.

Door bell rings. Yogesh thinks if Dev or Abhi are on the door, then what will happen. Amba calls him and asks him to open the door. He opens the door. She opens the door and gets inside, asks what happened to him. Yogesh says Abhi called and said that he wants to check the accounts. He says I asked him to come home and check. Amba says Dev will be alerted, and says she has brought 25 percent shares, and asks him to bring 75 percent shares. She asks him to clear all the proofs against them and clear all the records so that Dev doesn’t have any way to reach them.

Someone comes to temple. Hariprasad goes. Bimla tells Vidhi that she is happy as her sasural lets her study. Hariprasad comes back and asks Bimla to help her, as Pandit ji haven’t come. Vidhi sees a couple getting drowsy and give them water. The couple tells that they have kept fast and tells that it is so hot, we couldn’t get the food to break the fast. Bimla gives them food. They have the food and says they never had such a tasty food to break their fast. Vidhi gets an idea. She asks Hariprasad and Bimla if she saw the devotee having the food to break their fast. She says she has thought to do project on fast food (Upwaas package). She says this Upwaas package will be for the devotees. Hariprasad says what is happening, everyone wants to do business with temple, Urmila wants to take charity box of temple, and says it is our devotion. Vidhi says there is ingredients shop outside our house, and says they are also helping the devotees with the stuff. She says if the people who fasts, gets food somewhere else then will get unwell. She says we are just helping the people with the Upwaas food. Hariprasad says ok. Vidhi says my project will be done and says you will get some money from the earnings, as the food will be made in our kitchen. She thanks Milapni Devi for the business idea and goes. Bimla asks if this can really happen.

Vidhi comes to Dev and massages his shoulders. Vidhi kisses her hands. She says Sir, what you are doing? He comes near her and holds her closer, and asks what is Sir? She says Dev ji. Mausi ji comes there, and hears Vidhi talking to Dev. Vidhi tells Dev that she thought to help Maa and Papa with Upwaas package business and says infact she talked to them, and asks if you think that Maa shall do this. Mausi ji thinks to tell this to Priya. She shows him blue prints. Dev says your Maa and Papa can do this. Vidhi says yes, it is for them, I can’t work. Dev says sorry. She says you was right, I don’t need to lower their burden, but need to strengthen their shoulder.

Mausi ji tells Priya that Vidhi wants to start her parents’ business with Dev’s money. She says Dev came in her talks and is wasting the money. Dev takes photos of the file. Mausi ji tells Priya that Vidhi is making them fight. Priya says just as I get proof against her, I will expose her infront of Satyavati, and then will make her against each other. Mausi ji says then I will drag her and throw her out of the house.

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