Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 15 May 2024

Faltu 15 May 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu saying Neil is helping me in testing Ayaan. Dada ji says if Ayaan doesn’t stop you, will you marry Neil. He says Neil, you have lied to me. Neil says sorry, I really wanted to help Faltu, you make preparations like its my real marriage, I knew you won’t like it, I asked her not to tell you, you got upset.

Faltu says we won’t do this if you don’t like it. Dada ji says I have invited everyone, my respect will be ruined. Neil says no, I will become hero in their eyes, they will take me seriously. Faltu says Dada ji is right, cancel this. Neil says no way, we can’t cancel this, if Ayaan comes back, don’t you want Faltu to settle in her life.

Ayaan talks to the lady on call. He says there would be a reason that Faltu didn’t come, I will talk to her. She says we aren’t fools, your wife doesn’t want to join. He says sorry, I will find out the reason, she will come. Savita asks what happened. Ayaan says Faltu had to reach the academy today, why does she want to ruin her career. Savita says you don’t worry, she has interest in marriage, not cricket. Ayaan says she got a second chance after difficulty, she forgot the trials date because of engagement, I can’t believe this. He sits worried. Kinshuk says I think you should talk to Faltu.

Savita says Ayaan won’t call her, Neil is there to worry for her. Ayaan says call Faltu and explain her, she doesn’t listen to me. He says don’t know what happened to her, she forgot the trials. Tanu asks Savita not to worry.

Dada ji says fine, if you both think Ayaan will come back, then I won’t tell them anything, I want Faltu’s happiness. Faltu hugs him and thanks him. She says I thought Ayaan has changed, but he doubted on me again. He says I m with you, I will go now, I have to make arrangements to show this fake marriage as real. Neil says thank God, he agreed.

She says I m doing this for Ayaan, if he doesn’t come to attend the marriage then… Neil says it will be good for me, I will make you run from the mandap, I will get sympathy and refuse to marry anyone. She goes. He thinks I don’t want Ayaan to come, we will see what happens. Janardhan says Brijmohan invited us in Faltu’s engagement. Savita and Dadi refuse to go. Ayaan asks what happened to my cute Dadi, did you forget Faltu. Savita says Faltu is a gold digger. Tanu smiles. She meets some goons and pays the money. She gives Ayaan’s pic. She says I will not let Ayaan reach the marriage. After two days, everyone comes in the engagement function. Dada ji talks to the guests.

Janardhan and family come. Neil shows the ring to Faltu. Dada ji gets the 5 lakhs bill for the ring and says Neil got costly ring for fake engagement, I know this marriage means a lot to you. Faltu asks is it fake ring. Dada ji comes and shows the ring bill. Faltu checks and says ring costs 5 lakhs, I told you to get a fake one. Dada ji says keep it as a gift from our side. She says no need, Neil keep this ring and buy a cheap ring. Dada ji says forget this and come, Ayaan is looking for you. They go. Faltu says Ayaan is waiting for me. Faltu and Neil come holding hands. Ayaan gets jealous. Tanu says I understand, shall we go out. Ayaan drinks in anger. Neil and Faltu take the rings.

The ring falls near Ayaan. He picks it and goes to Faltu. He gives the ring to her. He thinks by what right shall I stop you now. Neil makes Faltu wear the ring. Everyone claps. Ayaan congratulates Neil and hugs. Dada ji thanks everyone for coming. He says you all are invited in Neil and Faltu’s marriage. Ayaan claps. He says take one advice, be careful, one gets hurt on ego after marriage. Faltu thinks Ayaan, stop me and tell me you can’t live without me.

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