Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 15 May 2024

Imlie 15 may 2024: Agastya tells Imlie that if she wants to save her family, she has to return to his home with him again as his fake wife. Imlie asks if he wants her to accompany him as his fake wife by hurting her ego, she will not do that.

Agastya says she always proves that she is a street woman. He says he thought she is different. She asks if he thinks so. He says he used to but not anymore. He breaks a bottle. She asks him not to harm himself. He says he is not crazy to do that, he scratches his mobile cover and says it will remind him of her nature. She says she will not come though. He says money will make her come to his house, he will transfer the amount thrice than before to her account and wants her to be at his home tonight. She thinks she would rather die than going to his house.

Shivani talks to her fiance Avinash and they both express their eagerness for their engagement during diwali celebration. Vishwa’s mother Navya tells him that she is eager to get Chaudhry family’s daughter as her bahu to her house. Vishwa says whatever she thinks will happen. She says she will return to her home after years. Chaudhry decorate house for diwali celebration. Agastya walks in. Annapurna asks where was he, her sister’s would be in-laws are coming tonight, will Imlie return home by then? Agastya promises her that Imlie will return for sure. He calls manager and asks him to transfer money in Imlie’s account by evening.

Annapurna tells family that she feels happy that the whole family is together. Govind jokes on Shivani. Karan asks him not to trouble Shivani today as he wants everyone to smile today. Annapurna asks where is Navya and her family. Navya reaches Chaudhry house and tells Vishwa that this is their house which Chaudhry’s took via tricks, she will snatch it back from Chaudhry’s and take revenge of her husband’s death. They walk in. Agastya is surprised to see Vishwa. Annapurna welcomes them. Karan introduces himself and touches Navya’s feet and says his younger brother’s name is.. Vishwa says Agastya. Agastya says they have already met. Karan says he has already met. Annapurna makes them sit.

Navya asks about Agastya’s wife. Agastya says she is coming. Power goes. Imlie walks in holing lamps. Power returns. Govind says power returned with their DIL’s return. Navya praises Imlie’s beauty. Imlie touches elder’s feet and takes their blessings. Annapurna withdraws her feet and asks Imlie to bring snacks and Agastya to help her. Agastya walks behind Imlie and taunts her for returning after he transferred money into her account. He tongue lashes her for her materialistic behavior. Govind and Rajni pass by and ask Imlie to get Shivani ready and Agastya to check when is caterer coming. Agastya’s manager calls him and informs that the money cheque to transfer money into Imlie’s account bounced due to signature mismatch. Agastya notices Annapurna slipping and holds her and doesn’t listen to manager. Manager asks if he heard what he said. Agsatya says yes and disconnects call.

Vishwa gets emotional recalling playing in Chaudhry house with his father during his childhood. Agastya walks to him and says destiny made them relatives, they should befriend now and extends friendship hand. Vishwa hesitantly shakes hands. Govind and Rajni notice that and pray for their long friendship. Imlie gets Shivani ready. Shivani likes her nature. Imlie goes to get safety pin to her room. Agastya taunts her that money is everything for her, etc. Imlie cries recalling Govind and Rajni visiting her house and requesting her to retur home and be part of Shivani’s engagement ceremony.

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