My desire update Tuesday 14 May 2024

My desire 14 may 2024: Kashvi notices Monty busy taking selfie with a girl and thinks she will return to the dance floor. Mahima dances intimately with Arjun wearing Kashvi’s jacket. Arjun thinks it’s Kashvi and is surprised by her intimate behavior.

Mahima notices Kashvi returning and thinks she will kiss Arjun in front of Kashvi and break her heart and then force her to leave Arjun. Arjun stumbles when she is about to kiss him. He is shocked to see Kashvi talking to someone and thinks who this other girl is.

He removes Mahima’s mask and gets angry seeing Mahima. He drags her away and asks how dare she is to try to take Kashvi’s place. Mahima says he loves her and was hugging her purposefully. Arjun gets angry and asks how can she try to ruin her own sister’s life. Mahima hugs him and says he loves only her from the beginning and should marry her. Arjun warns her to stay away from him, what kind of a cheap characterless girl she is, she is not only cheating on her sister but also Mohit, he will reveal her cheap act to Mohit.

Mahima says he can go and tell Mohit, she will tell Mohit that he was trying to get intimate instead. Arjun asks how can she stoop so low, he knows her plan of using him and making Mohit himself cancel wedding with her, he will not let her plan succeed. He warns her to dare not come near him again and walks away. Kashvi searches for Arjun. Arjun returns to her. Kashvi asks where was he. He nervously says he was here itself. Arjun says he is tired and wants to go home. Mahima stops them and insist to stay back as it’s her last day of freedom before her wedding tomorrow.

Kashvi agrees, but Arjun says he wants to go home. Mahima continues to insist. Arjun angrily shouts he wants to go home. Kashvi is shocked. She drives him home and asks why he shouted on Mahima. Arjun says he is tired. Kashvi says that shouldn’t be a reason to shout at Mahima.

Mohit takes Mahima to a room saying he got a surprise for he and shows her a champagne bottle. Mahima yells that she thought he would gift her a diamond necklace, but he is gifting a cheap 2000-3000 rs champagne.

Mohit says she values money and not a person, he saw her dancing intimately with Arjun and knows she still loves Arjun. Mahima says Arjun is a better person, more handsome, and rich than him. Mohit gets angry and insists to get intimate with her. Mahima resists. He forces himself on her. She locks herself in a room and calls Arjun. Arjun returns home with Kashvi and plays with his pet dog. He gets angry seeing Mahima’s call, picks it, and asks what problem she has. Mahima cries and pleads him to save her from Mohit who save them kissing and now wants to rape her. Arjun rushes to hotel and notices Mohit molesting her. He shouts at Mohit to spare Mahima, but he refuses.

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