Timeless love update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Timeless love 5 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi coming to Priya and Abhi’s room. Abhi says Bhabhi, you are here. Vidhi asks them to give their clothes for laundry, as they will wash clothes at home. Priya says she will not give her expensive clothes for laundry. Abhi asks Vidhi why she is not giving clothes for laundry. Vidhi says everyone does laundry at home. Abhi gives his clothes. Priya asks from where the money comes for managing house. He asks her to call office and ask the accounts dept. Vidhi says you shall know about this.

Abhi says I know I am competent, and has accepted my mistake and asks if Bhai sent you to remind me this. He goes upset. Vidhi thinks that’s why dev ji was upset.

Hariprasad and Bimla come home running and see Vijay with his men. Seema comes out of the room. Hariprasad asks Vijay what he is doing here? Vijay talks to them arrogantly and says I am doing the work, what to do if you are busy. Seema says why you came without informing. Vijay says your daughter said me a big thing and asks if we are not family.

Hariprasad says she doesn’t mean this. Vijay says I have old relation with Milapni Devi and says he will get the temple repair. Hariprasad and others are silent. Vijay and his men leave.

Vidhi gives lens of objectivity to Dev. Dev asks why you are giving it to me. Vidhi says you need it now and asks him to help Abhi using it.

She says I am giving a suggestion to my husband and asks him not to teach Abhi, but to change his perception and let him learn on his own. Dev kisses her forehead.

Later Priya drinks the tea and says it is bad. She asks where is almond milk? She asks what do you make with yesterday’s roti. Vidhi says it is Churma and it is healthy. She says almond milk was not good, so I threw it and says we all will drink Simmy’s favorite cow milk. Door bell rings. Vidhi opens the door and sees Chitra. Chitra hugs her, and others and tells that Amy Mausi sent her here because of Vidhi. Priya hugs Chitra. She tells her that there is nothing special for her in breakfast. Vidhi says she will make something special for her, and thinks she will keep the family happy. She goes to kitchen. Mausi ji comes there and offers help. Vidhi asks why you want to do the work. Mausi ji says she wants some help for her son’s business. Vidhi asks her to talk to Satyavati, Dev or Abhi, and says I just manage house expenses. Mausi ji says you all want me to beg. Vidhi asks her to give all the details to Dev, and then he can help.

Chitra comes there and thanks Vidhi. She says if you haven’t taken the initiative then Amy Mausi wouldn’t have let me come here. Vidhi makes her have sweets. Chitra says I was tensed and think if you will accept me, but Amy Mausi says when you can accept Divya then can accept me too. Vidhi asks why you said this? Chitra says Divya came to India for the first time and all your family welcomed and accepted her.

Dev tells Satyavati that they shall give something to Chitra what they thought. Amba comes there. Chitra hugs her. Amba says she thought to pick up Chitra, as they were about to go to shopping.

Satyavati says you did good. Amba then tells Priya that she is looking thin and says it seems gym trainer is taking care of her so much. She asks for his number. Priya says she don’t have his number as she is not going to gym. Vidhi says Priya bhabhi works out at home and takes care of her diet too. Amba says it seems I came at wrong time. Dev asks her to come. Vidhi gives water to Amba. Dev tells her that they are giving gift to Chitra for her security. Satyavati says we are giving this infront of Amba, and tells that she is still part of our family. Dev tells Chitra that she will be 25 percent shares of Raichand’s property. Priya gets upset. Chitra says she don’t need it. Dev says it is for your security so that you don’t have to ask anything from anyone. Amba says it is really hear warming I am liking seeing everyone’s love. She smiles. Later she calls yogesh and says 25 percent came to me. Yogesh says they shall have dinner. Amba says she is lucky and he has to be lucky too, as he shall get 75 percent. She asks him to think what to do.

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