Destined by Fate update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Destined by fate 6 December 2023: Sayuri prays god that she many times tried to reach back to Kanha but failed. She recalls escaping from Vikrant, reaching Chauhdray mansion, and seeing Kanha sitting in garden thinking that she wants to tell him that she is alive and was pushed from a cliff by Rashmi. She hears Vikrant standing far away with her daughter and threatening to kill her daughter. She pleads him to let her return to her husband and give back her daughter, she promises to never reveal about his atrocity. Vikrant says he also loves her daughter and will not give his key for happiness to anyone.

He says let him see if she will hug Kanha first or a bullet hugs her daughter first. Sayuri pleads no.. Vikrant asks her to take an oath of her daughter that she will never return to Kanha. Vikrant throws baby away and reveals it was just a doll and baby is still with him.

Out of flashback, Sayuri takes god’s oath that she will get her baby out of Vikrant’s grip and prays not to bring Kanha here. Vikrant says their special guest has arrived. Kanha walks towards Sayuri. Sayuri stads tensed. Vikrant thinks Sayuri doesn’t know what he is going to do. Kuku walks to Kanha. Vikrant says Sayuri thought Kanha wouldn’t come. Kanha says why wouldn’t he return to his dear ones. Vikrant says let us finish the work they came here for. Kanha says they can go, he will come later. Vikrant dances with Sayuri. Kanha stands disheartened seeing that. Paas Aaye Duriyan Phir Bhi Kam Na Hui… song plays in the background.

Rashmi performs pooja at home and hopes she leaves home soon to go behind Kanha. Saroj asks Rashmi to prepare prasad as she has invited some guests. Rashmi says let servant prepare prasad as she wants to visit temple before it gets too crowded. Daadi Mausi suggests her to take Indu and Bhanu along. Indu says they need to be at home with Rashmi’s baby. Nakul says he will accompany Rashmi then. Rashmi says he should go to office. Nakul says he goes to office every day, today he will visit temple with her. Rashmi gets nervous and leaves with Nakul. Daadi Mausi tells Saroj that Rashmi’s behavior has changed and it looks like something is going in her mind. Saroj says she hasn’t thought about it and is disheartened after Kusum left home. Daadi Mausi says she is sure Rashmi is up to something, their house is shattred after Sayuri left them. Saroj says she is right.

Vikrant takes Sayuri to mandap and says they will marry right away. Sayuri gets more tensed and says he thought they will just find muhurath today. Vikrant says he doesn’t want to delay their marriage and wants to take pheras with her again. He holds her hand and sits in front of havan kund. Kanha feels devastated seeing that and walks out wobbling. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. Yash holds Kanha and comforts him. Sayuri prays god to help her. She asks where is Kuku and insists Vikrant to find Kuku first. Vikrant agrees and starts searching for Kuku. Kanha tells Yash that his Sayuri can never marry someone else, she broke up with him finally. Yash sees Sayuri in front of them.

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