Timeless love update Saturday 2 December 2023

Timeless love 2 December 2023:The Episode starts with Satyavati telling Dev that she was stopping him from handing over business to Abhi, because of this childish behavior of Abhi. Abhi hears and goes. Priya says we will know what khichdi is cooking inside sooner or later, we need to have patience. She sees Abhi and asks what happened? She goes behind him. Dev says Abhi will handle slowly. Abhi opens the cupboard and looks for something. Priya asks how dare you check my cupboard.

Abhi asks her to give credit cards, cheque book, passports, investments and IT returns. Vidhi comes to the inhouse temple and says temple is dirty, she cleans the temple and makes God wear the garland. She apologizes to God and asks him to help them fight with the troubles. Simmy comes there and tells Vidhi that Mummy and Papa are fighting again. Abhi tells priya, you are withdrawing money from accounts. Priya reminds him that he is the owner. Abhi says don’t tell me whom I shall say, stop hiding things, as your affair is revealed to everyone now. He asks her to give what he wants. Vidhi asks if you want to have tasty prasad. She asks her to go and get ready for school, and says I will make everything fine. Priya gives everything to Abhi and sees Vidhi there. Vidhi tells them that Simmy heard them again.

Satyavati calls everyone and tells that there is financial crisis in office, and tells that there is a fraud in office which Abhi and Dev will handle. She tells that she wants to make changes at home, and asks for the key. Priya asks why? Satyavati says she wants to handover it to Vidhi. Priya says you had given it to me, when I came here after marriage. Satyavati says now I want to give it to Vidhi. Priya asks Abhi to say. Abhi says do whatever you want, I have nothing to do with Priya and this marriage. Mausi ji says Priya is your wife, don’t lose your consciousness. Vidhi says it doesn’t matter if the keys are with Priya. Satyavati says the house is not running as it should be. Priya says real problem is Vidhi, everyone is trying to lower her due to her.

Satyavati says she don’t want to give any explanation and says now it is Vidhi’s turn to run the house. She says I want to see how she runs the house, and says I have confidence in her. She praises her family values and asks for keys. Abhi says she is not trustable. Satyavati asks for keys. She says you said that you are owner of this house legally, but I am still the head of this house, you can take this house if you want, but no family member will stay here. Priya goes and brings the keys. She throws the keys and says this is called height of insult, it is house ritual, insult priya. She says you have snatched my confidence and made me feel nothing and good for nothing. Abhi asks her to be quiet. Satyavati takes keys and gives to Vidhi. She says this is not just house keys, but this house responsibility and I hope you will handle it well. Vidhi takes the keys unwillingly. Priya goes upset.

Hariprasad returns home. Bimla asks if everything is fine. Hariprasad says I had gone to Vijay and he told some stories. He praises him. She says I am feeling strange and says suddenly he came to holi and mingling with everyone. Hariprasad says you are right and says I shall get a job so that I can return his money. Dev tells Satyavati that Vidhi is young and she will be stressed if we give her responsibilities. Satyavati asks him not to take stress and says I will show you something. She shows her young days’ photo and says I taught myself and you also. Priya recalls Satyavati words and cries. Abhi congrats her for freeing from responsibilities and asks her to go to gym and work on her body. Mausi ji comes there and says two cats were fighting for roti, and monkey ate all rotis and cats were just rubbing their hands. Abhi says I didn’t understand. Mausi ji says you are happy as Priya is insulted, but did you think that same thing can happen with you also. He says Priya got house, but the rights are snatched from her. He says you became MD, but the rights will be snatched from you. She says Dev becomes great and Vidhi becomes Jhansi ki rani. Abhi recalls Dev asking him to give him update, and Satyavati’s words. She says I am your real Maasi and not step brother. She instigates him.

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