Imlie Starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

Imlie 16 May 2024: Imlie brings down Shivani for the engagement ceremony. Annapurna praises Shivani that she is looking very pretty. Navya says she is lucky to have Shivani for Avinash, they are fixing alliance in a dignified family. Annapurna walks away from there.

Navya asks if she said something wrong. Manno says she must have gone for something else. Rajni follows Annapurna. Annapurna says Navya called their family dignified and she fears Imlie’s truth will ruin it. Imlie walks to her. Annapurna asks why did she enter their family, she fears Navya will cancel the alliance hearing that Imlie is a bar singer.

Navya walks to her and asks why did she come here. Rajni says she got emotional thinking about Shivani’s departure from the house. She says Karan has arranged crackers for them, let’s gow and enjoy burning crackers.

Karan arranges cracker in backyard for the family. Manno jokes with him. Dolly asks Jugnu if he is fine. Jugnu says no, he will go to his village after diwali for a few days. Sonali hears him and asks Amrith why did he beat Jugnu just for seeing him in Govind’s room, she knows Jugnu since his childhood and he never lies.

Govind says she is giving too much lenience to a servant and he taught a lesson to him. Sonali says she still believes something is wrong. Family burns crackers. Imlie and Agastya’s nok jhok starts. He shows his mobile cover and says it’s scratches will remind him of her materialistic nature.

Govind and Rajni hear Jugnu asking another servant to book his village’s tickets for him. Rajni asks why is he going for revealing truth. Jugnu says he can’t stay here after whatever happened. Rajni asks him to cancel the ticket.

Imlie walks to them with juice.Servant identifies her as the one who broke Agastya’s car glasses and says she is the one, he has a video. Imlie diverts their attention and sends them from there. Juice falls on her and she walks towards her room to clean her sari. Navya signals Vishwa. Vishwa enters Imlie’s room to search for something. Imlie walks in and cleans her sari. Vishwa hides. Imlie walks out. Vishwa also gets out of room. Imlie returns thinking she forgot to take flowers and sees Vishwa at the door. Vishwa says he is searching for a bathroom and came in a wrong direction. Imlie says it happened to even her and shows him direction. Vishwa returns to Navya and says he couldn’t get it as Imlie came into the room.

Rajni asks Dolly to boil milk for Shivani and Avinash’s kesar milk ritual. Dolly boils milk and drops it’s vessel. Rajni scolds her and asks servant to clean it. Imlie passes by. Rajni asks her to bring milk from fridge. She picks milk and slips while walking back. Agastya holds her. Their eyes lock. Milk packet breaks.Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye.. song plays in the background. Rajni notices them and pulls their legs. Imlie calls her friend who delivers milk and seeing Amrith’s car asks whose car is it. Sonali says Sonali’s husband Amrith’s. Friend says she saw this car outside Agastya’s office when the fire accident happened.

Imlie returns home to confront Amrith. Amrith as usual misbehaves with her. She tongue lashes him for burning Agastya’s shop. He angrily tries to humiliate and beat her. Sonali stops him and asks why he is beating Imlie. Imlie says his truth is exposed. Amrith says Sonali will not believe her lies. Imlie says she is telling truth and reveals that Amrith burnt their shop and her friend saw his car outside the office when the fire accident happened.

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