Lost in love update Saturday 2 December 2023

  1. Nt in love 2 December 2023: A pilot tries to snatch gun from the terrorist. Bheema shoots and kills him and teaches his aide how to shoot a person in a flying flight. Virat asks Kadam to keep the police commissioner updated and asks ATF team to track flight’s location. Bheema calls ATF team and asks them to relay his message to police. Virat says he is Nagpur’s ACP speaking. Bheema demands to free Ramakanth and 50 crore rs. Virat accepts his demand and asks him to land the flight in Nanded airport.

Bheema demands that Virat should bring the money and Ramakanth without delay or else he will start killing passengers. Virat agrees and asks him not to harm any passenger. Bheema’s aide asks him why he called Virat there. Bheema says Virat had arrested and he wants to teach Virat a lesson. Sai loudly relays information to Virat addressing Bheema that they are 5 terrorists with guns and bombs and should spare Virat. Bheema shouts why is she worried about Virat so much. Virat gets worried for Sai and Savi after learning even they are in that flight and realizes that Sai indirectly relayed him information.

Virat briefs commissioner about the situation. Commissioner warns Virat against going there and asks him to send someone else as terrorist wants to teach him a lesson for arresting Ramakanth. Virat says he is not worried about his life but 150 innocent passengers. He gets Ramakanth out of jail. Ramakanth taunts him that he arrested him and now himself is releasing him. Virat leaves with him in police van. Hijacker continue to threaten passengers. Bhavani gets an anxiety attack and requests for water. Hijacker gives him water bottle and snatches it back. Ashwini comforts Savi. Bhavani asks Ashwini to hide Vinayak in a food trolley. Ashwini says even Savi should hide and asks Vinu to silently hide in a food trolley with Savi. Vinu denies out of fear.

Ramakanth taunts Virat that he couldn’t confine him for long and will watch him killing all the flight passengers one by one. Virat stuffs his mouth with a kerchief and says if a gutter’s mouth is open, it spreads stink. Hijakers take phones of all the passengers. Bheema calls Virat and asks him to show Ramakanth to them. Virat shows Ramakanth and says he is coming there with 50 crores and will return Ramakanth only after all the passengers are freed. Bheema asks if he thinks they are a fool to release all the passengers at once. Virat says he needs at least 10 passengers released first. Bheema agrees. Virat recalls Satya telling him that Sai still loves him and thinks he doesn’t know what she must be going through.

Sai writes a note for Chavans that terrorists shouldn’t find out that they are Virat’s family and throws it on front of Bhavani. Bhavani reads it and passes it on to other family members. Terrorist notices activity and asks what is happening. Mohit eats the note and says nothing. Virat gets ready with a safety jacket and fixes live camera on his jacket to let his team know about their positions. He hears a gunshot from flight.

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