Faltu Starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

Faltu 16 may 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan seeing Neil and Faltu dancing. He drinks and cries. Neil holds her face. Ayaan punches him. Faltu slaps Ayaan. Ayaan imagines this. She says don’t know what is everyone thinking about me.

Neil says they would be thinking how much we love each other. She says Ayaan isn’t saying anything. Ayaan drops the glass. He sings Acha chalta hoon…. The ladies gossip seeing them. Ayaan holds Faltu’s hand and gives it to Neil. He leaves with his family. Faltu says I will just come. Ayaan says I don’t want to go home.

Janardhan says you ended this relation with your hands. Kinshuk says yes, you are drunk. Ayaan goes back and says I want to talk to Faltu. Neil asks Dada ji to ask Ayaan to leave. He asks Tanu to explain Ayaan. Faltu comes and asks what are you doing here. Ayaan says I got a call from academy, they said you didn’t go to academy, you can’t neglect your dream for marriage, don’t lose this chance to play nationals, please practice, I don’t want to come between Neil and you. She says you want to become great. He says don’t lose this chance. He asks Neil, you love her, right, you don’t let her go away from her dream, her dream is your dream.

Neil says you don’t give me lecture in life partners, just leave now. Tanu asks Ayaan to come. Ayaan says I m not giving you a lecture, I want to say that, Faltu came to this city with a dream, but so much happened with her, because of me, don’t let her lose her dream. He leaves. She thinks you just want to get rid of your guilt.

At home, Savita sees Ayaan sleeping. She says Tanu, try to send Ayaan to Sid. Tanu says I tried, but he sent Harsh there, don’t worry. Savita goes. Tanu says I will make their fake marriage real.

Faltu thinks of Ayaan’s words and cries. Dada ji gets a cricket kit for her. He says cricket is your life, go to academy tomorrow, don’t turn away from your dream. Neil asks how will we continue the marriage drama. Dada ji says stop it now, Ayaan cares for her, your drama won’t work, focus on cricket. Neil says we have to see if he changed, if he didn’t change, then she shouldn’t go back to him, we should continue this plan, we have this last chance to test Ayaan, the plan will work. She says if he doesn’t come then… He says he will come, let it to me, prepare for marriage. Dada ji says overconfidence isn’t good, what would you tell the people if Ayaan doesn’t come and marriage doesn’t stop. Neil thinks I wish marriage doesn’t stop. He takes Dada ji with him. She hugs the bat and cries.

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