Timeless love update Sunday 3 December 2023

Timeless love 3 December 2023: The Episode starts with Mausi ji provoking Abhi against dev and says I am your real Maasi and not step brother. She says I couldn’t bear and that’s why came to make you understand. She asks Abhi and Priya to support each other rather than fighting. Satyavati tells Dev that she likes Vidhi, as one thing is common between them, as we belong to poor middle class, and Vidhi knows her values, and understands things. She says if Abhi had done business like you, then would have handled it in crisis. She asks him to handle business with Abhi, and says he needs you, and can’t handle it alone, the way Priya and his relation is at stake, you shall take care of Abhi and Business Vidhi thinks if I can handle this responsibility.

Dev comes there. Vidhi falls in his embrace. Dev looks at her. Vidhi says I am sorry, Sir. She says my concentration was somewhere else. He says Maa must have seen something in you and says I have seen how capable you are. Vidhi says my MBA classes will start in few days, how I will manage. Dev says you are Bimla ji’s daughter and praises her. He then praises Satyavati for handling 3 children, his father and business. He tells that in MBA, whatever is taught, you will learn at home, it is like an experiment. Vidhi says she will try to fulfill all her responsibilities. Dev says bye and goes.

Vidhi talks to the drivers to wash the car themselves instead of sending it for car wash. Drivers leave. Vidhi then calls the Servants and tells them the new rules. Priya asks Vidhi what is she doing? Vidhi says she is saving money. Priya says how much you will save 90000 Rs. Vidhi asks Satyavati if I am wrong. Satyavati says no. Vidhi asks Priya, how much is the monthly expenses? Priya says she never calculates the money. She says she is not middle class, but Priya Raichand. Vidhi says there will be no money for personal use, and tells Satyavati that they can save 1 lakh if washes clothes at home, and gives only costly clothes for dry cleaning. Priya asks if I will wash it, all my clothes are costly. Vidhi says we have washing machine to wash the clothes and also maids to iron it. Satyavati appreciates Vidhi.

Abhi asks Dev what is he doing here? Dev says we will only talk about the finance. Abhi says I will call Yogesh. Dev says no, and asks why did you give authority to him. Abhi says he is like a family member. Dev says it is a difference. He tells that vidhi has told me that she had doubt on Yogesh’s activities, she had told me but I ignored her then. Abhi asks if Bhabhi will handle office also. Dev asks what you are saying. Abhi says even Maa feels that I don’t know anything.

Bimla and Hariprasad see Vijay resting on the bed. He makes an excuse and tells that he has brought papers and ask Hariprasad to sign. Vidhi comes there. Vijay asks Hariprasad to sign fast, as Vidhi is praying. Hariprasad signs. Vidhi turns and sees Hariprasad signing on some papers. Vidhi asks who is he, and what papers you have signed. She asks Hariprasad, did you read the papers? Hariprasad says we thought to start the repair work of temple. Vidhi asks him from where is he getting money as he spent so much on holi also. Hariprasad gets egoistic and tells that he has always taken care of their expenses. Vidhi takes out the register and keeps infront of Milapni Devi. She prays to her, to take care of them.

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