Timeless love update Friday 1 December 2023

Timeless love 1 December 2⁰23:The Episode starts with Dev telling Maasi that Vidhi is his wife and bahu of the house, and she shall give you respect, but you have to give her equal respect to get it back. Satyavati stops him and gives a dupatta to Vidhi. She asks Dev and Vidhi to go and rest. They go. Kanika tells yogesh that she can’t bear anymore, and says you had played enough with me, Dev and Raichands. She says I want divorce from you. Yogesh thanks her for leaving him. Kanika says I will not leave you easily and will tell Dev, what you both are planning and betraying behind his back. She says your game is over. She leaves. Amba and Yogesh looks on.

Timeless love 30 November 2023

Vidhi comes to Dev and thanks him, and says you shouldn’t have talked bitterly with Maasi. Dev says I am your husband, I shall save you also from all this. Vidhi picks the diaries from his desk and keeps it in the rack. He asks if you will not read it. Vidhi says I will ask you, if I need to know anything. Dev tells that nothing is in the diary, but two pages are missing, tells that he didn’t know what he did in those two days, as he was drunk, may be he has committed the crime also. Vidhi says she wants to read the diary of today, and reads that he is loving her more and more with every day. He runs behind her.

Vidhi says I will keep it back and calls him Sir. He reminds that he shall call her Sir. Vidhi tells Dev that one thing is sure that he is good and trustable guy, and that’s enough for her, and asks her to confess his feelings to her often.

Kanika sits in her car and calls dev. She thinks Dev shall know what is happening behind his back. Dev and Vidhi come closer. Dev calls Kanika and tells him that something wrong is going to happen with him. She says I can’t tell you on phone and says a big conspiracy will happen against you. She asks if I can meet you.

Dev asks her to come home. Just then Amba’s man hits Kanika’s car to kill her. Amba tells Yogesh that the work is done. Yogesh smiles. Kanika is in her car and severely injured. In the morning, Vidhi wakes up and finds Dev sleeping resting his head on the table. She thinks he is in work stress. She brings coffee and wakes him up asking him to drink it. Dev recalls Kanika’s words, and thinks who can be that person? He asks Vidhi if she ever thought if there is any problem in accounts. Vidhi says I told you, but you ignored it.

Dev recalls. Vidhi says your cards were blocked too. Dev says he didn’t think all this. She recalls asking Yogesh about the final details. Dev recalls Vidhi telling that she got 25 lakhs from office, but Yogesh telling him that Priya asked for 50 lakhs.

He thinks how to talk to Yogesh as he is with us since many years. Vidhi says it is our duty to verify. She tells him that Divya told her that Yogesh Sir is going to do something big, but he ignored. She asks him to talk to Abhi and yogesh about it. Dev gets doubtful. He calls Yogesh and asks where is Kanika. Yogesh says Kanika met with an accident, when she was on the way to meet you. Dev asks what? Yogesh says she is resting at home and will be fine. Dev asks him to tell him if he needs anything. Yogesh ends the talk and laughs.

Dev tells Abhi and Satyavati that someone did a big fraud in the company, and says 1000 crores is missing. Satyavati says 1000 crores. Mausi ji is hearing them. Dev asks what you are doing here? mausi says I called choti for breakfast. Satyavati says I know that you don’t like Vidhi and tells that even they had the same class.

Mausi ji comes back and tells Priya that she will not go and hear them. Dev tells Satyavati that they have to be careful, and see the expenses of house also. He asks Abhi to talk to Priya. Abhi says let me handle everything and goes upset. Satyavati says that’s why I asked you not to give business to him.


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