Destined by fate update Saturday 2 December 2023

Destined by fate 2 December 2023: Sayuri apologizes Kuku after scolding her when she walks near a closed room. She plays music and asks her to do her favorite drawing or dance. She asks her not to go near that room or else Vikrant would get angry, she can tell her though what is in that room if she knows. She goes to bring noodles for her. Kanha Vikran’t house to meet Sayuri. Vikrant watches CCTV footage when nurse calls him and he leaves without noticing Kahna. Rashmi visits party venue and asks its

manager to share yesterday’s party guest list. Manager refuses at first, but then agrees when she offers money. She checks list and doesn’t find Kanha’s name in it. Manager asks if he can help her.

Kuku draws a sketch of a house and a woman. Sayuri returns with noodles and notices her drawing. She hears a sound from the window and rushes to check. Rashmi shows Kanha’s photo and asks if he had attended party yesterday. Manager recalls Kanha bribing him to not include his name in guest list and lies that he is seeing Kanha for the first time. Rashmi bribes him more. Manager reveals that he had bribed him to not include his name in list and also asked him to make someone as chief guest of the party. Rashmi asks him to get the name and address of that person.

Kanha enters Vikrant’s house via a window. Sayuri asks what is he doing here. He slips and falls on her. Sayuri pushes him away and warns him to leave right now or else she will call police. Vikrant returns and watches them via CCTV footage. Kanha says he came to check if she is fine. Sayuri says she is not Sayuri and has a husband and family who cares for her. Kanha asks if she doesn’t have any feelings for her. Sayuri says why should she, her name is Sachi Desai and she is marrying her husband on Makar Sankranti in a temple again. Kanha stands heartbroken hearing that. Sayuri sends him out of house and locks door, crying.

Rashmi returns home. Yash asks where had she gone early morning. Rashmi shouts at him not to show his fake concern as she knows what he is doing with Kanha. Yash says she is mistaken. Kusum hears that and warns Rashmi to dare not speak rudely to Yash and orders to apologize him. Rashmi leaves without apologizing him. Yash informs what had happened and says let it go. Kusum says nobody should insult her husband her, Rashmi has to apologize. Sayuri feels guilty for breaking Kanha’s heart. Vikrant returns home and asks why did Kanha come here. Sayuri says she doesn’t know and kicked that man out and told she is already married, she is sure he will not return. Vikrant says he saw everything. Sayuri pleads trust him and removes his shoes, says lets go to temple and fix wedding muhurat tomorrow.

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