Timeless love starlife update Tuesday 6 February 2024

Timeless love 6 February 2024: Vikram watching music on the TV. Amba says your wife has kept your baby away from you and you are sitting peacefully here, how can you be so shameful? Vikram says people are taunting me and now you are saying that she is pregnant.

Amba says she is really pregnant and needs you. She asks him to go and bring Chitra. Vikram asks if she thinks Dev will come behind her and says it is not possible and asks her to stop chasing him. Amba slaps him and asks him to do as she said. Vikram gets upset.

Dev tells Vidhi that he don’t want Chitra to return. Vidhi says let Chitra decide. Chitra is sleeping, when Vikram comes there and asks her, you have hidden about our first child to us. Chitra asks him to leave and shouts. Everyone hears her. Vikram falls on her feet and asks

her to listen. Everyone comes there. Vikram says I am talking to my wife, this baby is mine. Dev and Abhi bring Vikram to Amba’s house. Amba is shocked. Abhi says Vikram had scared Chitra when she was sleeping. Amba says he is her husband. Dev says that doesn’t mean that he will threaten Chitra. They leave. Amba sees Vikram drunk, and holds her head.

Later yogesh asks Amba to be calm and says he will handle the meeting. Kaushik and Dev come there. Kaushik and Dev come there. Yogesh and the BOD asks how can staff members come here. Kaushik says he has sold 19 percent share to Dev Raichand and says now he will take over from here on.

Dev tells the Board of Directors that he will show them his presentation, in which company to invest. Amba looks at Dev and thinks of Doctor’s words that she can’t become a mother after a year or two. Amba writes down on the paper and gives it to Dev. Dev reads it that she wants to meet him in the coffee shop. Dev gets up and throws the paper in the dustbin.

Everyone is waiting for Dev to come, when Jai comes there and asks Vidhi to come with him. Vidhi says they will have family lunch and she can’t come with him. Jai says he will not let their bahus hardwork go waste, and tells that she will return in sometime. He drives off with vidhi. Vidhi tells him that she is related to many people, and is someone’s daughter, wife, bahu etc. Jai says you are a whole package and tells that she and her family will understand that he is doing this for her betterment. He ties her seat belt. Vidhi thinks of Dev doing the same.

Dev comes home and tells that he is being late. He asks where is Vidhi? Bimla says Jai ji came and took Vidhi with her. Dev sees Vidhi’s message that she will come soon. Hariprasad and Bimla tell Dev that they are upset with Vidhi. Hariprasad says they are family and shall give their opinions truly. Satyavati tells Dev that Vidhi is just 22 years old and she can’t differentiate between right and wrong sometimes as experience comes with age.

Jai brings Vidhi to his office. Vidhi says there is nobody here. Jai holds her hand. Vidhi says she doesn’t like any man to touch her, except her husband. Jai says I don’t know you have such thoughts. He takes her to auditorium where employees are waiting for him. Jai talks briefly about woman facing periods every month and tells that he has launched a woman friendly product which will be free for his employees. He launches stree Vidhi menstrual kit, shocking Vidhi, as he unveils the poster. Vidhi is shocked.

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