Timeless love starlife update Monday 5 February 2024

Timeless love 5 February 2024: Simmy asking where is Tai ji and says I am hungry. Satyavati says Tai ji will come. Vidhi comes home and tells that she is again late. Chitra says she thought she will make chole, and then says she is proud of her to be a working woman.

Priya says we had gone to see Chitra’s baby today during her sonography. Abhi says then we went to your home, aunty had made paneer pakodas. Satyavati says Vidhi is missing everything. Dev talks to Kaushik. Priya comes there and says we shall play the same game with Amba like she did. Dev says earlier Amba and Yogesh trusted you, but not now. Priya says only you can make Amba confess everything. Dev comes to Vidhi and asks what happened seeing her crying? Vidhi says nothing and hugs him.

She says she couldn’t give time to the family, and everyone is upset with her, though they are not saying. Dev says the family is united because of her and asks her to do the balancing once she settles in the work. Vidhi writes the menu for everyone and asks the cooks to make these things. She soaks the chana for the chole rice and chops the vegetables.

She sleeps sitting on the table. Satyavati comes there and tells Dev that she gave permission to her bahus seeing their competency. She says she wants Vidhi to balance house and work. Dev says I understand and asks her to give her sometime.

Next day, Dev wakes up and looks for Vidhi. Vidhi sings bhajan and gives prasad to everyone. Dev comes there and takes the prasad. She serves food to everyone. Satyavati asks her to have food with them. Vidhi says she will eat something in office and goes. Bimla calls Vidhi and tells that she is upset with her, and tells that she shall think of starting family. Vidhi says Jai is giving her much work. She comes to office. Shashi asks Koel to do the work. Koel says she is unwell. Vidhi thinks to talk to Jai about Koel.

Bimla tells Hariprasad that they will not do work with superfeast and tells him that her inner feeling is saying that Jai is not good for Vidhi and us. Hariprasad tries to reason with her that Rao ji gave them their first contract, but Bimla is adamant. Vidhi comes to Jai’s cabin and tells him that Koel is unwell and she is forced to work in the office. She says the woman goes through a pain during periods. Jai asks what shall I do, shall I give her off. She says you can’t give to all the women, as 40 percent employees are women. She asks him to make the office as woman friendly.

She says we can have medicines for the cramps and body ache, and can have special flavors tea in the canteen etc, so that they can take break. Jai says I will think. Vidhi says I have done all the work for this week and will start new work from Monday. Yogesh tells Amba that he is worried for her, and says you have signed without reading that day. Amba says even you will betray me, Yogesh. Priya tells her family that she is excited to start their start up, and tells that they will have nutritional value and also Maa’s hand made taste.

Bimla and Abhi show the food made by them, for the start up. Dev appreciates her. Satyavati invites them for the family lunch. Hariprasad thinks they don’t have food in daughter’s house. Dev reminds Hariprasad that he is his son and asks him not to refuse. Hariprasad agrees. Priya says so lunch is final.

Amba tells Yogesh that Chitra is not afraid and tells that for them, she has become a failure. She says I am alone and nobody will be with me. Yogesh says if someone has broken our hearts, then someone will come and join our broken hearts. He says tomorrow is the board of directors meeting and asks her to handle herself.

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