Timeless Love starlife update Sunday 31 December 2023

Timeless Love 31 December 2023: The Episode starts with Seema crying in the room and recalls Vijay’s threat. Bimla brings food for Seema and asks her to say what has happened? Seema says that Vijay is a dirty man. Bimla asks what happened? Seema says he asked Mama ji to get my married done with him. Bimla says we love you a lot and tells that they will not let anything happen to her. She says you are safe here. Bimla says nobody is safe here and says he does anything at anytime.

Timeless 30 December 2023

She shows the recording in which Vijay’s men was taking the measurements. She says he is really a bad guy. Bimla cries.Abhi reaches the place and gets message from Rakesh to come at some other place. Abhi thinks he is playing game with him. Rakesh calls Abhi and asks him to come somewhere. He comes to Simmy’s school and sees Vidhi coming to school. He calls Amba and says Vidhi came and not Priya. Yogesh says Vidhi will fail their plan. Amba says it is good that Vidhi came, she will make our plan successful. Abhi comes there. Rakesh signs him towards Simmy.

Abhi gets angry and says you reached my daughter. He beats him. Vidhi turns and sees Abhi beating him. Amba says what Abhi is doing infront of innocent kids, and says Simmy is seeing her Papa fighting and Vidhi will give statement against Abhi. Yogesh says testimony will happen in court. Vidhi tries to stop Abhi and says Simmy is seeing. She takes Abhi from there. Rakesh asks Amba to save him, and says Abhi will kill me. Amba says you didn’t get beaten much. She calls her goons. Rakesh is shocked.

Dev scolds Abhi for beating Rakesh infront of Simmy. Vidhi says Simmy was crying badly. Rakesh says he reached my daughter. Vidhi says when I turned, you was already fighting with him. Abhi says he made me roam everywhere in the school, and then called me near Simmy’s school. He says he might want to show photos to Simmy. Amba and Yogesh come to the hospital. Rakesh is badly injured and unconscious. Amba asks when Police will reach Raichand mansion. She asks yogesh if you have removed someone’s oxygen mask. Yogesh says never.

Amba says why to make our hands dirty. Ward boy comes there and says I have brought the medicines. He says within 10 mins, all his pain will be gone. Amba gives him a bundle of notes and says within 10 mins, Rakesh will die and Raichands will be ruined. Yogesh is shocked. The ward boy gives him injection. Dev asks Abhi why you didn’t tell me, and says if Police comes here then what we will do? Police comes there and asks if Abhimanyu Raichand is at home. Vidhi calls them inside.

Inspector says you are under arrest for Rakesh’s murder. Abhi says you can’t arrest me like this. He says I had beaten him just. Inspector says you had injured him. Satyavati asks for arrest warrant. Inspector shows the warrant. Vidhi says I was there, he raised hand on Rakesh, but he was fine and ran from there himself. Dev says if he was injured then how he would run. Inspector says Rakesh is dead now, he was badly injured. Satyavati says no. Inspector says all the proofs are against Abhi. He says take Abhimanyu from here. Simmy comes there and asks where Papa is going? Vidhi stops Simmy. Everyone gets shocked. Vidhi takes Simmy to her room. Damiyanti blames Vidhi for the happenings.

Vidhi takes Simmy from there. Satyavati asks Dev to save Abhi and cries. Vidhi tells Simmy that Papa will be fine and asks her to rest.Abhi talks to the lawyer and says I want my brother back. He calls Commissioner and says Abhi had slapped him, but didn’t kill him. He tells that lawyer is getting bail papers ready, and says I have to meet Doctor who treated Rakesh. He tells Satyavati that she used to send Abhi and Chitra to play in garden, and asks her to trust him again. Satyavati nods her head. Vidhi says I will also come with you. Mausi ji asks Satyavati not to cry. Priya looks on.

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