Timeless Love starlife update Monday 1 January 2024

Timeless Love 1 January 2024: The Episode starts with Dev and Vidhi are waiting in the hospital. The reporter asks Rakesh’s wife and mother about Rakesh’s death. Rakesh’s mother says Abhi Raichand has killed him brutally. Bimla watches the news and gets shocked. Vidhi hears and comes out, tells that Abhimanyu Raichand haven’t killed him. Reporter asks her to say. Rakesh’s wife says she will lie being his sister in law.

Timeless Love 31 December 2023

She says witnesses have seen Abhi beating Rakesh. Rakesh’s mother says he shall get rigorous punishment. Amba and yogesh watch the news. Amba says Rakesh’s mother and wife are good actors and tells that they will pull their neck. Yogesh says you called them and did the right thing. Amba says she didn’t give fake threat. She says we shall see what happens next. The reporters ask Vidhi,

where is Dev Raichand. Vidhi sympathizes with Rakesh’s family, and tells that Abhi didn’t kill Rakesh. The reporter asks if Abhi’s wife had an affair with him. Rakesh’s wife says they killed him for a doubt. Satyavati asks Priya to see what has happened because of her. Mausi says Dev will do everything fine. Satyavati tells Priya that the husband whom she used to curse and torture, he landed in jail for her. Dev comes out and asks Vidhi what is she doing here?

The Reporter asks if you want to dismiss this case and Rakesh’s murder. Rakesh’s murder says if we don’t get the justice then we will curse you. Rakesh’s wife says she will go to court and will get justice.Amba laughs and says award goes to Rakesh’s mother and wife. Yogesh also laugh. Dev scolds the reporters, and tells that Abhi is innocent and will not do anything wrong.

All the reporters get the message. The reporter tells that Rakesh’s death will be fast track case now at 9 am. Amba tells that Raichand family will repent every moment. She says when Abhi feels pain, then Dev will yearn in pain and will come to me to plead for his brother’s life.

Dev and Vidhi come to the court. Lawyer asks Dev if Doctor said anything. Dev says no, as it is a Police case. Lawyer asks him to meet Abhi and calm him down. Dev and Vidhi go to meet Abhi. Abhi tells Dev that he didn’t kill Rakesh, and says I beat him, but didn’t kill him. Dev asks why you are telling us, we know you. He says tomorrow you will be out. Vidhi asks him not to worry and says you will be freed. Abhi thanks him for believing him. Dev asks him to be strong for tomorrow. Dev and Vidhi return home.

A constable comes and says Summon came for Vidhi, she has to be present in court for giving the statement. He asks her to sign on the receipt so that it proves that you have received it. Dev says it is good that Vidhi is called as the witness. Vidhi says I will say the truth that Abhi is innocent, and then he will be fine. Priya and Satyavati ask Simmy to have juice. Vidhi comes there and asks them to leave her with Simmy. She asks Priya to make Simmy’s pasta. Priya says ok and goes.

Vidhi asks why you are upset? Simmy asks if Police is bad and took Papa.Vidhi says Police is our friend in reality, and asks her to have pasta when Mamma makes it. Priya gets emotional and says I will make pasta. Satyavati is hopeful that everything will be fine with Vidhi’s statement. Vidhi thinks to give her statement without worrying, and thinks she shall give statement like Dev gave for her. She practices to say her statement. Dev comes there and asks why did you stop, you was saying right. He asks her to say it with confidence and not to be scared of judge, lawyer or court, and don’t forget that she is Vidhi, a honest person who has crossed all boundaries,

and now she will cross confidence boundary. Vidhi says she is saying truth, then why she will be scared. She says I will stand with Abhi, like you have stood for me. She says we are surely missing something. Dev says we will find out, but for now, we have to focus on Abhi’s case. Vidhi says he will be freed.

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