Timeless love starlife update Monday 26 February 2024

Jai coming to Vidhi and asks if she is leaving. Vidhi says yes. She asks what about the meeting tomorrow. He says tomorrow is party and not any meeting. He asks if Dev is coming. Vidhi says yes. Jai tells that he will be happy to see everyone with their partners and says he will be alone. Vidhi says we all are your family and will not let you be alone.

Jai says life partner is different. He says you forget to do my work due to Dev. Vidhi says I didn’t forget, and is working on it. He says I can’t wait for more. He asks her to come with him. They go to the restaurant where Chitra is already there. Chitra asks why you have called me here. Jai calls goon and asks him to bring him. The goon brings Vikram there. Chitra says Jai…you have brought Vikram. Vidhi says Jai ji…Jai

says whoever hurts my loved ones, I search that person from anywhere. He makes Vikram apologizes to Chitra. Chitra hugs him. Vidhi thinks she didn’t know Jai thinks more about her. Chitra thanks Jai and says your importance increased in my life and heart. Jai thinks he became hero in Dev’s sister’s sight and God in his wife’s sight.

In the party, Jai comes and welcomes the employees and their partners. He tells that it was Vidhi’s idea to throw this party. Vidhi says it was actually Rao ji Bhai’s idea. He tells that Dev has come to support Vidhi and thanks him. He gives mic to Dev. Dev thanks Jai and says I always support my wife, and says today I came here not for Vidhi, but for Rao ji bhai. He says Rao ji used to regard his employees as his family, and that’s why he used to keep this gathering, so that you know then well, what a visionary. He thanks everyone. Vidhi and others clap. Shashi announces the game.

Vidhi asks how Jai ji will play the game without the partner. Jai says he has a partner and calls Chitra. Dev thinks what Jai wants to do. Vidhi tells Dev that Jai found Vikram and now this. They play musical chair game. Jai sits beside Vidhi always. During the last rounds, Chitra is out and then Jai is out. For the last round, Dev doesn’t sit and lets Vidhi sit and win. Shashi announces her as the winner. Shashi tells that the next game will be between the men, and asks if they are ready for arm wrestling. Dev and Jai sit to do arm wrestling with each other among others. Chitra says she is with Jai. Vidhi asks Dev not to lose. Dev wins. Shashi tells that both are winners. For the third round, he tells that the lady shall throw the ball at her while blindfolded. After a lady, Chitra loses.

Then it is Vidhi’s turn. Dev tells her that since he met her, he came to know that it is not necessary that the thing which reaches the heart, is from a heart. He says relations are not made by betrayal, lies and cunningness. Vidhi throws ball at Dev, listening to his voice and he catches it. She wins. Dev and Vidhi have a hug. Jai gets jealous and silently pushes a lady employee on Dev, and her heel hurt his foot. The employee says sorry. Vidhi looks at his injured feet. Dev says its ok. Jai comes there and tells that you can’t play now. Dev says he will play. Vidhi says we shall not play. Dev insists.

Shashi tells that for last round, everyone has to answer some question and the paper will be folded if the answer is right. Jai replies wrong and gets oust from the game. Vidhi and Dev replies right. Dev lifts Vidhi and wins the last round too. Shashi appreciates their compatibility. Jai thinks old man has so much strength and thinks to concentrate on Dev to get Vidhi.

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