Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 22 May 2024

Strings of love 23 may 2024: Sahiba thinks she has to escape from Rumi’s clutch at any cost. Rumi brings barbecued mushroom for her and says he heard at college canteen that she loves mushroom. Sahiba says she wants to go to washroom.

Rumi says this is jungle and bedroom, washroom, bathroom everything is same here. She asks him to free her. He frees her and asks her not to go far away. She walks behind a sheet and tries to walk away. Rumi hears sound and asks if she is there. Sahiba say yes. He gets busy. She silently walks away without making any sound.

Angad notices family performing Sahiba’s antim ardaas/last prayers and thinks he should stop it as Sahiba is alive. Veer identifies him and says he can identify his elder brother in millions and says he shouldn’t attend Sahiba’s antim ardaas. Angad says he is here to stop antim ardaas as Sahiba is alive. They notice police searching for Angad and hide in the prayer room. Police walks to Brars and inspector informs them that they are searching for Angad and are sure he will come here for sure. He says he got a shoot at sight order, so they should inform if Angad comes here. Angad leaves from there.

Police continues to search for him. Inspector says a criminal escaped from his lockup for the first time and he will catch Angad for sure. Angad thinks he himself should meet inspector before inspector catches him.

Sahiba tries to run away. Alarm beeps. Rumi gets alert and runs to her. He says she did wrong by trying to escape. Sahiba warns to stay away from her.

He shoots at her leg and she falls down bleeding. He says bullet just touched her leg and escaped. He shoots even his leg to experience her pain and then forcefully lifts her and carries her back to the wrecked plane. Sahiba recalls misbehaving with Angad and comparing him with Rumi and feels guilty. Rumi nurses Sahiba’s wound continuing to show his psychotic nature.

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