Titli Starlife update Monday 20 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv asking Titli why is she crying. He says I get it, you are thinking of the big drama, but still I got this gift for you, you are imp, our relation is imp, we were going to give a new turn to this relation, we won’t spoil this moment because of a stupid incident.

She tries to talk about it. He says I don’t want to talk, what did I do, did I do wrong to stop Kabir, if he wasn’t Adi’s brother then I would have killed him, I did right with him, he deserved it. She cries and says what about me, you pushed me. He recalls and says it was your mistake, you can see two men are fighting, you should have not come in between, yes, I was angry and reacted like that, I wasn’t fighting with you. She says but you didn’t mention it. He says I worry for you, tell me where did you get hurt,

you should have not come in between. She says I was stopping you, you pushed me and didn’t look at me once, you didn’t think of me, maybe you don’t realize what wrong you did, I m mad to think of this. He says that’s the problem, you are thinking a lot, we get over emotional after drinking alcohol, its okay. They argue. He says we should focus on our moment. She gets away and refuses. He says you mean I have pushed you intentionally, I m a bad person who hurts his wife, I fought for you, you are my priority, you should have not come between, its only yours fault.

He gets angry and goes. He says I knew it, you won’t let me go. He turns and doesn’t see her. He leaves. She cries. He speeds the car and recalls her words. She worries and calls him. Adi’s mom scolds Monica. Adi says don’t blame her. His mom says break relation with that family. Monica cries. Adi consoles her.

Its morning, Titli is sleeping. Garv comes and wakes her up. She smiles seeing her. She says I made many calls to you, but you… He says you really think I will push you intentionally. She says no, I felt bad that you had hurt me and didn’t say a sorry. He says I m sorry. They hug and say I love you. She wakes up and looks around.

She says he didn’t come home. Koel sees the door open and says I think Garv woke up. She calls him out. She asks where is Garv. Titli says he didn’t come. Koel asks what do you mean, he didn’t come all night. Titli says no. Koel scolds her. Maina and everyone come. Koel says Garv didn’t come home. Dhrishti says Garv had come at night, I heard Garv and Titli fighting. Koel asks did you fight with him, you know he is angry. Maina says they will sort it out. Koel asks why did you fight with him. Titli says he pushed me. Koel asks did he do it intentionally. Titli says no. Koel scolds her. Maina says we should find out where is Garv. She calls Garv. Titli worries and thinks where is Garv. Koel calls him. He takes the call. She asks him to come home. He says I will finish my work and come.

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