Timeless love starlife update Tuesday 27 February 2024

Chitra telling Satyavati that Vikram was scared when Jai started scolding him. She says Vikram fell on her feet and apologized. Satyavati asks what happened about the notice. Dev says Vikram has withdrawn it and tells that Police knows where is he now.

Satyavati is thankful and tells that she doesn’t trust Jai much. Amba throws things at Vikram and asks why did he send notice? She asks if he is liking to fall on Chitra’s feet. Yogesh comes there. Amba scolds him too. Yogesh says it was not my mistake and tells that Vikram went without saying me, it was his idea. Amba asks him to give the legal papers and says I will follow up. Vikram says that. Yogesh asks him to say. Vikram says I have taken back that notice. Amba says you have lost one last opportunity. Vikram says Jai got me kidnapped by the goons and made me beaten up. Amba asks who is this Jai and why is he taking interest in Chitra’s matter. She says she will not let let anyone interfere between Dev and her.

Vidhi tells Dev that some people doesn’t get love in their life and that’s why becomes rude like Jai ji. She tells Dev that even Jai must have some quality, and tells that she has seen some goodness in him. She asks him to think about Jai and give him a chance for Chitra’s sake. Dev says ok. Vidhi tells him that he did right by getting child day care in his office. Dev recalls planning with Kaushik to make a room for the child day care. He asks Vidhi to quit her job, as she has growing responsibilities. Vidhi says she will quit, but not now as she wants to complete the project for Rao ji bhai. Dev says Jai will complete the project as it was his father’s project. Vidhi insists to do the job.

Jai hears the lady employees praising Dev and telling that their Jodi is good. Shashi comes there and gives the photo frames of the employees with their life partners. Jai comes there and tells Vidhi that he will give her the photo frame. He asks her to take it and drops the photo frame. Vidhi sits to pick Dev and her photo’s broken frame. The employee tells that it is abshagun and relation can break. Vidhi says many people tried to break our relation, but nobody was successful. Jai gets upset and tells that no party will happen again, and lifepartners will not be called. Dev tells Kaushik that Vidhi gave him good ideas about the child care room, and tells him. Sakshi comes there to give him file. Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to come for the shopping. Sakshi calls him and informs him the address. Dev, Vidhi and Chitra come to the restaurant after shopping. Chitra says your choice is good for the baby clothes. Vidhi smiles.

A boy comes there and tells that he likes the toys. Vidhi asks if he likes the toy. The boy says yes. Dev comes there. Vidhi imagines Dev with their daughter and smiles. They leave from restaurant. Jai is hiding. A goon comes near Dev. Chitra sees the knife in his hand and shouts Bhaiyya. Dev pushes Chitra and gets stabbed by the goon. Vidhi holds Chitra. Dev fights with the goon and he runs away. Dev bleeds profusely and falls down. Jai looks on while they were shouting for help.

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