Faltu Starlife update Wednesday 22 May 2024

Faltu 22 May 2024: The Episode starts with Tanu saying I made you read Ayaan’s message, Ayaan is mistaken. Harsh asks Faltu did Ayaan call. Faltu says yes, he called on landline, Neil got the number, it was switched off, he is in trouble.

Govind asks is he playing a prank to break the marriage. Tanu says Neil might have done this to control everything, he kidnapped Ayaan. Neil asks have you lost your mind, Faltu and my marriage was a drama, so that we make Ayaan know Faltu’s importance and he stops the marriage, why would I kidnap Ayaan.

Faltu says he is saying the truth. Savita cries for Ayaan. Harsh says if Ayaan is kidnapped, then why didn’t we get any ransom call. Faltu says we should find out where is his phone, what happened to you, you look scared, you have kidnapped Ayaan. Tanu says you are blaming me. Faltu says yes, show me his message.

Janardhan asks Tanu to show the messages. Savita says call the police and find Ayaan. Faltu says I doubt Tanu, I want to check her room. Tanu asks what, you mean I got Ayaan kidnapped, are you mad.

Faltu says then let me check your room, you are messaging from Ayaan’s phone. She takes Tanu’s phone. Tanu worries. Goons take Ayaan in the car. Dada ji says where would be Ayaan, marriage won’t happen, we have to find Ayaan. He gets Neil’s message. He says Neil is saying marriage will happen. He thinks did Neil get Ayaan kidnapped. Tanu says say something to Faltu. Savita asks how did you get messages from Ayaan, I trusted you a lot, its about his life, if I find out you are wrong, I will not leave you. Dadi says I doubted her before. Faltu checks the room.

She asks Tanu to give the cupboard keys. She gets Ayaan’s phone in the cupboard. Goon waits for Tanu’s call. Faltu shows the phone and says if Ayaan went on a holiday then what is his phone doing in Tanu’s cupboard, Tanu took an advantage of this drama and did this, Neil has no reason to kidnap Ayaan, call the police, Ayaan’s life can be in danger, police will make Tanu admit the truth. Sid comes and asks what, Tanu got Ayaan kidnapped. Tanu calls the goon and says kill him. Goon says what, extra money for that, 10 lakhs. She says you will get it, kill him. Ayaan hears the goon. Tanu says now Faltu will never meet Ayaan, I will end your story here. Sid says she was behaving strange since a few days, I felt she is worried for Ayaan, I was wrong. Janardhan gets angry and says she played with our emotions, Ayaan is bearing punishment to trust her.

Faltu says no, she never understood the value of family, I thought she wants to start a new life with Sid, she still has Ayaan on her mind, she kidnapped Ayaan, we have to find Ayaan soon, she is dangerous, she can’t tolerate her defeat. Sid says I will call the police.

Tanu looks on and claps. She says I won’t let Faltu and Ayaan unite, its not Sid’s mistake, Sid loves me, Ayaan didn’t love me, I m sorry Sid, I can’t forget Ayaan. Faltu says tell me where is Ayaan. Tanu says I won’t tell you, no one will get Ayaan. Savita asks where is my son, tell me.

Tanu says sorry, its not my mistake, its because of Faltu, she should have married Neil, Ayaan would have come back, she has to spoil my plans, Ayaan won’t come back alive, he will die. Everyone is shocked. Faltu says nothing can happen to him, tell me where did you hide him, else police will make you speak up. Tanu says call anyone, after Ayaan leaves, I have nothing left here, I m not scared of anyone, you wanted to snatch Ayaan from me, he won’t be yours, call anyone, he won’t come back. Sid gets angry and says you think you will threaten me and we will just hear it. He scolds her. Everyone stops Sid. Sid scolds Tanu.

Janardhan asks Sid to control himself. Everyone stops Sid. Tanu laughs and says I pity you all, you did this with my mom, you are paying a price for that, its too late now. Sid asks Kinshuk to call the police. Kinshuk says I called the police. Neil comes and says police traced that number, there is no one, I think Tanu called the goons and they shifted Ayaan. Faltu snatches Tanu’s phone. She checks and asks who is this Guru. Janardhan gets a call. He asks how is Ayaan. He drops the phone and sits in shock. Faltu asks what happened to Ayaan. Everyone asks what happened. Janardhan says Ayaan’s body…. Everyone is shocked. Tanu smiles and says finally… Neil calls Dada ji and cries. Dada ji asks what happened, Neil, don’t scare me, did you find Ayaan, is Faltu okay. Neil says I made a big mistake to make this plan, Ayaan is no more, Tanu got him killed. Dada ji asks what, how can this happen.

Neil says this happened because of me, I promised Faltu I will take her to mandap, I couldn’t do anything, I should have found Ayaan, did I get selfish, I prayed that Faltu marries me, did this happen because of that, stop the marriage arrangements, there won’t be any marriage. Dada ji says calm down, console Faltu, I will see things here. Faltu says no, this can’t happen. Savita asks Tanu what did you do with Ayaan. Everyone cries.

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