Radha Mohan Zee world update Sunday 25 February 2024

Radha Mohan 24 February 2024: Damini angrily says she owns this house, office and even Mohan, Radha asks if she has had enough but Damini rushes to Radha and starts pulling her hair, Mohan is forced to hug her assuring there is nothing to be worried about, Mohan leaves with Damini.

Kadambari wonders what is going on in her house as she has to go to the printing press, Ketki also asks her to go as Damini is always doing such things, Kadambari leaves after informing Kaveri that she has some important work in the office. Ketki asks Radha if she is fine, when Radha assures she is fine so requests ketki to leave. Gungun thinks they have to do something about the drama queen Damini, she leaves when Radha also think she has to do something. Radha informs Tulsi that today Maa jee has gone to the printing press while Damini would not be able to leave for office today, so she has the best opportunity to go and check the room. Tulsi agrees assuring her she will take care of everything.

Damini is still hugging Mohan when he requests her to sit down and suggests she must rest for a while, Damini informs him that Radha has snatched all of her peace and if he truly wants to do something for her then must stop Radha from going to the office. Mohan thinks how Radha got really excited when he allowed her to go to the office and she has been really excited. Radha is waiting for Mohan thinking that she has to defeat Damini in her own game, Radha asks how is damini when he says she is better but exclaims that she must not go to office. Radha agrees explaining she would even leave the house, she starts creating a drama explaining that he sometimes takes care of her while the rest of the times is himself irritating her, she says he has even exclaimed his love for her in his sleep and even said that it all has happened between them, Mohan asks her to be careful as Gungun is also sitting here. Kaveri questions what she is saying that they have crossed all limits, she asks him to say it clearly who he loves, he starts getting really confused.

Radha keeps blaming him when he finally says he mentioned he does not love Damini, hearing this Kaveri is shocked. Gungun also questions him to tell who he loves, even Ketki and Ajeet question him when he scolds them all saying he indeed loves himself. Gungun asks then why he gets tensed, Mohan sends Gungun away to study and even sends Ajeet and ketki away. Mohan instructs Radha to go to the office because if she stays here then it is going to ruin his life.

Radha coming back to Kaveri exclaims she should tell her daughter that she is the Radha of Mohan, so says they both can try but will never be able to win from her. Damini is furiously looking at Radha thinking he is going to make today the last day of Radha in the office. Radha standing at the door calls Tulsi explaining both Mohan and Gungun are in the house, so she must take care of them both, Tulsi assures she will protect them and signals Radha by flickering the lights after which Radha leaves.

Radha is roaming in the office while constantly looking at the cabin of Damini, she picks a file from the desk and slowly starts walking to the cabin of damini which she tries to open but it is locked, Radha prays for it to open but is not able to do anything so thinks that Damini has placed a lock on this cabin, Radha is stunned to hear the voice of Nikhil who explains he knew she would try to enter the cabin of Damini mam when she is not present, he threatens to tell Kadambari and Damini after which Radha would be ousted from the office, as she is not worthy to even be in this office but got here due to a reference, Radha replies she also knows how worthy he is explaining that he does not know how to speak Hindi and just tries to impress Damini, she explains that she indeed came here due to reference but her husband is a very powerful person and she can make sure anyone of them is fired within seconds.

Radha sitting on the desk thinks she thought she would enter her cabin, but Damini has her people roaming around her.

Damini is checking the CCTV camera, thinking how Radha thought she would do whatever she desires but she is always going to have an eye on her and today is going to be her last day in the office.

Mohan in the room thinks that there is still a lot of time for Radha to come back, he thinks of calling her and is about to dial her thinking even Damini is still in the house however he stops thinking that if he calls Radha then Damini would get angry as she does not like it and is also not well. He wonders how anyone can stay away from Radha. Gungun standing at the door mentions that someone is missing Radha, Mohan turning back refuses that he was missing her, Gungun coming explains he was just taking her name, but he refuses saying that she might be hearing it. Gungun replies that she feels his heart is beating for Radha, Mohan mentions he feels it is time to lock her so Gungun runs away. Mohan thinks she was right as how can anyone not miss Radha because when she is in the house then there is madness along with such a nice environment, he wonders when it would the time end. He thinks why he is talking like Gungun, Tulsi exclaims because he is falling in love with her.

Radha sitting on the desk wonders why has Mohan not called her even once today, she suddenly gets a call from Gungun who explains she has to talk about something important, Radha assures she would help her with the Hindi homework, Gungun explains that Mohan is really missing her, Radha replies she feels it is not the case otherwise he would have at least called her but Gungun informs that he has tried to call her a lot of times but is scared thinking about Damini. Radha starts smiling thinking no matter how much Damini tries she cannot harm her relationship with Mohan. Damini thinks that after tonight all the concern which Mohan has for Radha will end.

Mohan informs Damini that she must have the soup, but she says that she will not have it and why does Mohan care about her, she says because he himself asked Radha to go to office without caring for what she felt, Mohan angrily says he does not want to hear anything, Kaveri also requests Damini to have the soup as she needs the strength to fight with Radha, Mohan gets furious.

Radha is working when Nikhil walks past her with a smile on his face, Gayatri jee comes asking Radha to come as it is time to leave, the peon comes to hand Radha a package, she immediately seeing the religious portrait bows down in respect, Radha recalls it is the same as the gift which she got earlier, Radha asks Gayatri jee to leave as she has some important work. Radha is standing while the person in the black dress is staring at her thinking it is his responsibility to make sure Radha gets to the secret of Tulsi’s death before Damini ca do anything. Radha is adamant.

Radha is shocked seeing the file, wondering if it was sent by the same person in the black dress damnii refuses to Mohan explaining she cannot drink it, Kaveri suggests that if she does not drink then would get weak and how will she be able to fight with Radha, Mohan start staring at Kaveri who after realizing he is staring at her explains she meant how will Damini be able to work in the office. Gungun is also furious seeing how Mohan is feeding her, she finally mentions she has had enough when Mohan explains she has to promise that she would go and rest, Damini agrees when Kaveri praises that she has been very good in acting.

Mohan is sitting when Gungun comes asking if he is feeling so much love for her that he is feeding her with his own hands, Gungun replies it is all just an act and she is not unwell, Mohan tries to inform her that sometimes they have to keep their emotions and feelings aside while just care for those, he explains everything happened because of him so he has the responsibility of taking care of her, Mohan asks if she understood anything, she explains he was just caring for while keeping his emotions aside which means that he loves Radha, Gungun leaves when Mohan exclaims she is the youngest Grandmother.

Radha standing with the parcel thinks of opening it, Damini while looking at Radha through the CCTV camera, wonders what is going on and is shocked thinking how did the person in the black dress get to the office, she is stunned when the person hides. Radha after opening the package wonders who do these numbers belong to, she ticks out the contact number of Damini, Mohan but is not able to find out who the rest belong to, she realizes that Gaytari jee gave her all the contacts of the people who work here, she one by one starts checking them out as they all belong to the employees who are working in the office, Radha thinks she was able to find out about all the contacts but who could the last number belong to, Radha thinks of calling the person, Damini is confused thinking who is Radha trying to call.

Radha is dialing when the phone rings, Damini is stunned and rushes to the safe which is placed in her wardrobe, Damini quickly takes out the mobile and is shocked to see the unknown number, she sees that Radha is still calling and her phone is ringing, Damini then turns off the phone, she is shocked wondering how did Radha reach to this number, thinking if Radha has found out about this number so quickly then would even find out about her secret. Damini thinks of teaching Radha a lesson before she finds out about her secret.

Radha exclaims that the phone was ringing but is now turned off, she is sure the person is surely trying to hide from her but wonders of the reason. Radha gets a call from Gungun who asks when is she coming back since she has to complete her homework, Radha assures she is coming so after turning off the lights to the office locks it, she does not find the watchman and thinks he might have gone outside as she has to give him the keys, Radha walks out of the office but is not able to see the watchman even there,

she is shocked to see the criminal Parthap walking towards her, she remembers he is the same person who has tried to harm their family in the past and even planned to kill her, she questions what is he doing here and wants from her, she warns him to stay away from her, Parthap keeps walking towards her, Radha tries to run away but is stopped by another masked person, she is surrounded. Radha gets really scared as Parthap takes out his knife, Radha is stunned questioning what is he doing, she asks him to stay away from her before running into the building, Parthap along with his men follow Radha as she is running from the stairs, she even hits Parthap with a mud pot. Parthap instructs his men to follow her as she is really clever, Radha finally hides behind a pillar when they are following her, she is really scared but the person walks away.

Radha slowly walks to the door of the office with the keys still in her hands, she is trying to open the door when Parthap starts running towards her, Radha is still trying to enter the office and finally manages to open the door just as Parthap reaches at the door, she tries to pick he mobile but Parthap also reaches the door and they both start struggling, Radha bits his hand before closing the door, Parthap starts hitting the door so he can open it meanwhile Radha is really worried and so sees the couch,

Radha starts pushing it towards the door meanwhile Parthap is trying his best to open it. Radha feels that they might open the door, so she also starts pushing the vase to block the door. Radha is really scared, she rushes to the reception from where she picks a box to try and strengthen the blockage, she keeps bringing the boxes, Radha wonders why they are following her.

Damini exclaims that Radha went to the office in excitement but now she is going to make sure Radha is buried in the same office, Radha is still trying to make sure she is able to block the door, she then starts hitting the wooden support of the table, from where she pulls out a stick, to place between the doors of the locks. Damini exclaims Radha wanted to find out the truth about Tulsi so what if they send her to Tulsi.

Damini thinks that Tulsi died after being burnt but Radha will find out very soon how she is going to die. Radha notices that they have reached the window, so she starts running, Radha then takes out the wires which she uses to electrocute the person, Damini gets frustrated when Radha even ties the other window before running to hide in the corner. Radha wonders what she can do, she thinks of calling Mohan and so starts searching for her mobile, however she remembers how she dropped it at the door. Radha wonders what would happen now, she sees the phone placed in the office so thinks of calling Mohan with the same phone. Radha tries calling Mohan.

Mohan while sitting with Gungun wonders what is the difference between the two words, Gungun starts smiling explaining she said he cannot teach her so she is sure Radha will certainly help her, Radha is trying to call Mohan but his phone is placed on the table far away from him, he is therefore not able to hear it. Radha requests him to answer her call.

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