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Anupama 26 February 2024: Leela asking Vanraj to think about the society and says you will get bad reputation because of your decision. Vanraj says I had cheated and then I didn’t get any bad reputation, how is this world. He reminds Anupama’s words that when the water is cool down then the face is shown properly, and tells that when the heart is calm then truth is seen clearly, and says just like choti Anu is Anupama and Anuj’s daughter, this baby is of Kavya and mine.

Baa tells Vanraj that he can’t do this, some great personality’s ghost has come inside him, and says you can’t do this and if you do this then you will regret, you will accept Anirudh’s baby, no? Vanraj says yes, Kavya is my wife and this baby is mine, matter is over. Everyone looks on shocked with his decision. Baa cries. Kavya looks at him emotionally.

Kinjal tries to pacify Baa. Vanraj comes to Kavya and forwards his hand to hold her hand. Kavya is about to give her hand in his hand, when Anupama stops them.

Vanraj asks if you don’t agree with me. Anupama says I agree with you fully. She asks if you agree fully and tells that I wanted you to take the decision fully, so that your heart doesn’t change later on. She says the light of the house used to flicker due to voltage variations, and says you was not happy with Kavya, so separated from her, then when you heard about baby…you got happy, and then when you heard that baby is not yours, you got sad and in hospital, you have changed your decision, and today a big decision. She says you have forgiven her, but it is not easy for you to live it, especially with the person like you, as forgiveness is not your behavior. She says that’s why I am asking if you will stick with your decision, and will not refuse later on.

She tells Kavya that she is not keeping bad sight on her happiness, but just checking if her happiness foundation is deep or not, and asks Vanraj to think if his decision is sure or not, if you will accept Kavya and her baby for forever or not, and says not for one day, or one year, it is lifetime responsibility and forever. She asks him to think well before committing to Kavya. Kavya tells Vanraj that Anupama is right, whatever he does, he shall do after a thought.

Vanraj stops his hand and goes from there. Kavya cries. Anupama says sorry Kavya, but the decision shall be such, that the decision shall be with you for all life, so that he can fulfill it all life. Kavya says you are right, I have to fight for this baby, as it is mine so I will fight for it. Anupama asks Kanha ji to take care.

Dimpy comes to the room and laughs, and says they used to say me bad, but the real sample piece is Baa’s beta and bahu, and says they have done so much drama for the arrival of the baby, and it turned out to be someone else. Samar says you don’t say much, you add on the drama. Dimpy says what to do, sasural people is such, and says she doesn’t need to take OTT subscription now, she will enjoy this family drama. Samar asks if she had said this, for her family too. He says he is going to teach dance to a rich businessman’s son. Dimpy asks what, if you will teach dance in people’s home. Samar says I don’t want to do or see drama here, and asks her to search the job and goes. Dimpy tells that she don’t want to do the job, she is happy about the drama.

Baa is in tension and thinks what decision Vanraj will take. Kavya looks on. Anuj tells Anupama that Kavya has done right, as truth hurts when it comes out later. Anupama says sorry for not coming to office. Anuj says there was not much work and asks her to chill. Anupama says she will do overtime as he made her head of the project by showing so much trust. Anuj says your husband knows that you will finish all the work. Anupama says I will and asks about Pakhi, if she came to office today. Anuj says she was stubborn as usual. Anupama asks if she wanted Adhik to be taken back in the office.

Anuj says yes, but he didn’t agree. He says Adhik has manipulated Pakhi, and she has bear so much with him, but the problem is she is not understanding. Anupama says it happens that husband’s lie, conspiracies and betrayal is known to husband later, and prays to Kanha ji that Adhik’s real face shall be exposed to Pakhi soon. She asks Kanha ji to solve all the problems and give only one problem at the time.

Ankush comes home. Anuj tells him that he has made his favorite pasta and says you came on time. He says lets have tea together and asks Barkha to come. Romil and Adhik are ready with their plans. Anuj gets a call and is shocked. He tells Ankush that he had given him cash briefcase to deposit in the bank and to collect the papers. Ankush says I am sorry, I had forgotten. Anuj asks how can you do that, and says I told you precisely, to deposit the money in bank and get the important papers. Ankush says I had kept money here. Adhik thinks get ready Romil. Anupama asks Anu to let him deposit now. Anuj says no, I will do it myself.

Ankush asks Barkha about the money. Barkha says she didn’t see it. She says even Adhik went after you left. Ankush gets in tension. Anuj says how can you leave the brief case here, and the tender is important and that’s why I asked you to deposit the money, today was the last date. Ankush says he will search the money.

Kavya tells Vanraj that she knows that he needs time to think, and she wants to give him time, but she can’t wait and that’s why asking. She asks Vanraj to tell his decision. Vanraj gets up. Anuj says it is a limit, there was nobody from the staff then how can the money go? Anupama asks Barkha if any outsider came. Barkha says no. Ankush says then someone from the family has stolen it. Adhik says Anuj has given us enough, someone may need the money who wants to party. Romil asks him if he is accusing him. Adhik accuses him. Vanraj says I am a normal person and tells that it is not that the normal person don’t want to become great or good, but the EMI of the greatness is much, and says I can’t do it, it is not that I have no emotions for you, or that I don’t want to do this, I want to do this, but I couldn’t forgive you or accept this baby. He says I say that outside with emotions, but when I questioned myself, my foot steps was taken back. He says today the question which Anupama asked me, if someone else asks me, then will I answer that person with the same confidence.

Adhik and Romil argue. Anupama asks them to calm down. She asks Romil if he saw the money, or saw anyone taking it. Anuj asks him to ask. Romil says you could have asked this to your son in law or daughter. He says I didn’t see the money, and says if you don’t trust me, then I don’t care. Just then his watch falls down. Adhik thinks he made my work easy. Romil sees everyone seeing his watch and says it is of his friend and not him.

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