Titli Starlife update Wednesday 22 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv getting angry. Koel scolds Titli. Garv comes back and gives the gift to Titli. He says I knew, Koel will keep the first rasoi rasam today, so I got this for you. Koel asks him to eat halwa and say how did Titli make it. He tastes it. Koel asks is it better than the halwa I make. He says no. She smiles.

He says there is no comparison because my wife Titli made it. Titli smiles. Garv goes to his room. Titli comes to him and says Koel got to know about our fight, she asked me and I had to tell her. He gets angry and takes her to the car. He asks her to talk now. She says don’t get angry. He drives the car. She says whatever happened yesterday. He drives rashly. She gets scared.

She says I know you didn’t push me intentionally. He says thank God, you gave me an abusive husband tag. She sees a dog in front. She asks him to stop the car. She runs to see the dog. Garv sees the truck coming. He runs and pushes Titli away. The truck hits Garv. He falls far and bleeds a lot. Titli shouts.

Inspector comes home and asks Koel to call Garv. She asks why. He says domestic violence case is filed on him. Titli takes Garv to the hospital. He gets treated. She cries seeing him. Koel says my son didn’t do anything. Inspector says you didn’t see when he pushed his wife. She says its nonsense. He says call his wife. She says she isn’t at home, Garv and his wife went out. He says get back, I have to check. She scolds him.

Hiren and Alpa come. Inspector says she is misbehaving with me, I will arrest her. Koel says my husband is Manikant Mehta, he is a big lawyer, my son Garv is also a lawyer, they will get free before you arrest. Titli signs the consent form. Doctor asks did you inform your family. Titli says no, I forgot. Doctor asks her to inform them. Manikant and Maina are on the way. They talk about Monica and Garv. He says its your mistake, you have left Garv to Koel. She says you mean I didn’t raise him well. He says yes, he listens to Koel more than you. He gets Hiral’s call. She also gets a call. They get shocked.

Both the family members come and see Garv. Titli says he came to save me and…. Manikant and Maina cry. They ask the doctor will Garv get fine. Doctor says he got head injury, we can’t say anything until reports come. They all cry. Koel scolds Titli. She asks is this your love, why did you do this. Manikant stops Koel. He says it was an accident. Koel says no, its Titli’s plan. Titli says no. Koel says I know you have lodged a police complaint against Garv.

Everyone is shocked. Titli says no. Koel says she filed the case of domestic violence. She misunderstands Titli. She complains about her. Manikant scolds Titli and her family. Titli says I didn’t file any complaint. Jaishri hugs Titli.

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