Meet in Love Zeeworld update Thursday 21 December 2023

Meet in Love 21 December 2023: Meet, Manmeet, and Cheeku in a car. Meet suggests seeking legal help, but Manmeet reminds her that the law failed to protect Cheeku from the minister. Cheeku covers his ears as they argue. Manmeet believes there is no other way to keep Cheeku with them. Cheeku happily hugs them and gives them kisses. Meet asks Manmeet where they can stay for two days where Shagun won’t find them.

Meet in Love 20 December 2023

Manmeet suggests seeking help from their wrestling coach, Guruji. They turn off their phones to avoid being tracked.Shagun informs Sarkar that Meet and Manmeet have run away with Cheeku. Gunwanti asks Jasodha if they have been in contact and where they plan to stay, considering Cheeku is legally adopted by Shagun. Jasodha tells Gunwanti not to stress about it.

Sarkar insists that Jasodha tell him where Meet and Manmeet are. Meet and Manmeet encounter a police patrol on their way. Cheeku starts crying, saying he doesn’t want to go back to Shagun. Jasodha denies having any information and says that even if she did, she wouldn’t tell him. Sarkar attempts to raise his hand against Jasodha, but she stops him.Jasodha warns Sarkar not to repeat his actions, as women can tolerate but can also fight back. She states that the world is changing and Sarkarpur will change too because of the ideas brought by Meet.

Jasodha believes that the women in their village can also stand up against their husbands and raise their voices for justice. She assures that nothing can separate Meet from her child this time. Meet comforts Cheeku and tells him not to be scared, reminding him that he is Sumeet’s older brother and older siblings shouldn’t be afraid. Jasodha prays for Meet and Cheeku.

The police find Manmeet’s car empty and inform Sarkar about it. Shagun arrives at the Ahlawat house with the police, demanding to know the whereabouts of Meet and Cheeku. Hoshiyar questions Shagun’s actions, reminding her that Cheeku is Meet’s son. Masoom advises Hoshiyar not to engage with Shagun, calling her foolish for trying to separate a mother from her child. The police express their desire to search the house. Hoshiyar allows them and assures them that they won’t find Meet or Cheeku there.

Shagun remains determined and refuses to leave until she finds Meet.Meet, Manmeet, and Cheeku escape the police in a truck. Cheeku expresses his hunger, so they spot a roadside eatery and request a plate of food. The shopkeeper gives them leftover rice and lentils. They eat together and Meet feeds both Cheeku and Manmeet. The shop owner smiles, witnessing their bond. Meanwhile, Sarkar and Mahendra arrive with their henchmen. Meet, Manmeet, and Cheeku quickly hide inside the kitchen, and the shop owner tries to help them. However, Sarkar insists that he is certain Meet is there.

Manmeet comes out and threatens to harm himself with a knife if Sarkar tries to harm Meet and Cheeku. Sarkar holding a gun while Manmeet holds a knife to his own neck.Manmeet threatening to harm himself if anyone approaches Meet and Cheeku. Mahendra tries to intervene, but Manmeet remains resolute. He stops the goons from advancing further. Manmeet instructs Meet to escape with Cheeku while stating that any bullet would have to go through him before reaching Meet.

Meet drives a jeep and manages to escape with Cheeku. Meanwhile, Shagun waits at the Ahlawat mansion, anticipating Meet’s arrival. However, Meet and Cheeku spot a police van outside and quietly leave the premises. Shagun confidently asserts that Meet will surely come there because Sumeet is present.Sumeet notices Meet and Cheeku entering the Ahlawat house and realizes she must stop Meet. Sumeet intentionally drops a vase to alert Meet. Shagun berates Sumeet harshly, and Meet becomes aware of Shagun’s

presence. Meet decides to leave with Cheeku and find another hiding place. Sarkar and Manmeet also arrive at the Ahlawat mansion, and Manmeet senses that Meet and Cheeku are nearby. Sarkar accuses Manmeet of causing Meet and Cheeku to run away. Manmeet realizes he must do something to help Meet hide properly. He taunts Shagun, ridiculing her for always losing to Meet. Shagun approaches Sumeet and urges her to reveal Meet’s whereabouts.

Shagun attempts to manipulate Sumeet by claiming that Meet will love Cheeku more because he is her first child, and parents typically have a stronger bond with their firstborn. Manmeet advises Sumeet not to believe Shagun’s words. Shagun persistently tries to manipulate Sumeet into divulging Meet’s location. Sumeet mentions that her mother loves her dearly and has taken Cheeku to Guruji’s ashram. Manmeet winks at Sumeet, knowing they have successfully fooled Shagun. Shagun directs the police to go to the ashram with Manmeet, and she herself heads there as well. She instructs Sarkar to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Before leaving, Manmeet drops the car keys and signals Meet to take them. Meet realizes they are Sarkar’s car keys and, with Cheeku, hides inside the car. Shagun and Manmeet arrive near the designated location, but Manmeet claims it is further away. Shagun notices Manmeet’s phone’s reflection in the mirror and realizes they are tricking her. She recalls Sumeet’s statement about overhearing Manmeet on a call, despite his phone being switched off. Shagun realizes that Manmeet and Sumeet have deceived her.

She angrily throws Manmeet’s phone away and orders them to take Manmeet to the Ahlawat house. Manmeet fights off everyone, points a gun at Shagun’s head, and instructs Badri to tie up the police and constables.Manmeet then turns the gun on Shagun and forces her to tie up Badri. He makes everyone sit on the floor and ties up Shagun’s hands as she continues to shout that she will take Cheeku regardless. Manmeet leaves them all tied up and departs. Sarkar opens the door and encounters individuals from a pest control company who inform him about poisonous gas and advise closing all windows and doors.

Meanwhile, Manmeet approaches the police commissioner and requests him to sign the stay order. Although initially reluctant, Manmeet attempts to persuade him. Meet tries to shield Cheeku from inhaling the gas but ends up fainting herself. Cheeku stepping out of the car to seek help in saving Meet.

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