Destined by fate starlife update 20 December 2023

Destined by fate 20 December 2023: Vikrant tells Sayuri that he is sure that he will love the surprise planned by his would be wife. Sayuri asks him to come inside. Vikrant asks where is the surprise? Sayuri asks him to sit and tells that she will come. She goes and talks to the girl asking her if she is not getting sleep. She takes her to kitchen and thinks I have stopped Vikrant from going to that room, but what I will show him as the surprise, else he will get doubtful.

Destined by fate 19 December 2023

She says he is not trustable, don’t know what he will do. Kanha is driving the car and tells that he can’t stay away from Sayuri. He says he can neither see her troube nor see her in helplessness. He says he will fight with all the world and will take her home. He says I don’t have any proof, but I know that you are not happy there. He says I am coming to take you back. He sees someone on the way and stops the car. He rings the horn and sees Sayuri standing with the baby in her hands. He gets down and asks what are you doing here, I was coming to you. Sayuri says and I was coming to you.

Kanha asks why you didn’t identify me. Sayuri says I can forget all the world, but can’t forget you. She asks him to take the baby and leave from there. She says take care of her, more than your life, and tells that she is leaving. He shouts Sayuri seeing her falling. It turns out to be his nightmare. Kanha wakes up and asks who was the baby in the dream and thinks if it was the same baby whom I met today. He thinks what does this dream mean?

Vikrant asks Sayuri to bring the surprise. Sayuri says I am coming and thinks what to give him. She tells something to Kuku. Kuku and Sayuri come infront of Vikrant and sit holding the flower in their hands. Sayuri says I told you that the surprise might be small, but the emotions behind it is big and thanks him for loving and caring for them so much, says thank you for being you and says you are not just perfect husband, but a good father too. She says thank you from us to the gentle man of the house. Vikrant gets emotional and tells that he can’t handle this emotion.

He hugs her and tells that everyone’s destiny is not good as me, and promises that he will fill their lives with happiness, and says any trouble coming their way, has to face him. Sayuri says I am feeling very happy, today first ceremony started of our marriage, mehendi ceremony and says tomorrow will be other ceremonies and then your love will be more. She says it was unfair that there was no ritual for you today, so I thought that tonight Kuku, you and me will dance. Vikrant says another surprise.

Kanha tells Yash that if he comes then they can go and meet the baby. Yash says it will be too risky. Kanha says he is very restless, and tells about his nightmare, in which Sayuri was telling him about baby. He says I need to go there and asks Yash to come. Yash says I would have come, but needs to go as Kusum is upset with me and complained that I don’t spend time with her so I promise that I will attend Republic day celebration with her, in our society. Kanha says ok, I can’t force you.

I will see how to go and meet baby. Rashmi hears and thinks who is baby. She asks what you are doing here? Kanha says he came out to take water.Kuku and Sayuri play music and dance on the song pallu latke. Vikrant enjoys seeing them dancing. Sayuri holds his dance and dances with him. Vikrant dances with Kuku. Sayuri thinks she has to talk to him nicely and celebrate as she doesn’t have any other way out. She says if he is happy then he will doubt me less then I may get a chance to save my daughter and go to Kanha. Vikrant asks Sayuri to go and make Kuku sleep, then we will do couple dance.

He says he will make drink for them. Sayuri takes Kuku from there and tells thanks her for help, says Mamma will manage from now. She prays to Krishna ji asking him to help her, tells that she can’t let this man come near her. Rashmi asks Kanha if he is fine as everything is fine between Nakul and you. Kanha says yes, I am happy, I missed him a lot. Rashmi says I am very happy, I had done mannats for this day. She says when the matter couldn’t be resolved, then I gave him swear due to helplessness. Kanha asks what swear?

Rashmi says first tell me that you will not tell Nakul. Kanha says ok. Rashmi tells that she gave swear to Nakul to make something fine between you both, and he sworn on Arjun. Kanha says that means that whatever he is doing is because of the swear and not to make the equation fine between us. Rashmi says it is a push to make everything fine. Kanha says the relations which are forced don’t have any value. Rashmi says you shall be happy that you both brothers are close now. She asks him not to tell anything to Nakul.

He says ok and goes to sleep. Rashmi thinks you wanted to snatch my Nakul from me, it will never happen when I am here.Sayuri comes to Vikrant. Vikrant serves the drink to her and says this is for Mrs and Mr. Desai’s happy life. Sayuri keeps the glass on the table and says I drink less. He drinks and plays the song asking her to dance with him. Sayuri feigns smile and dances with him unwillingly. Sayuri imagines dancing with Kanha. The song continues to play. Main jo jeeraha hun. Vikrant kisses on Sayuri’s hand. Sayuri says I love you. Vikrant says I love you too. Sayuri looks at him and her smile vanishes.

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