This is fate update Thursday 21 December 2023

This is fate 21 December 2023: Rakhi explains she understood today that he is never going to stand by her side, Mahesh asks if she think so low of him that he would not understand by her, Rakhi replies this is what he has done today, she is not talking about the rest of the family, but he also thought she has gotten emotional after seeing the old album of Karan, he instead asked everyone to go back. Rakhi questions if he does not remember that the pandit jee came and told them Karan is alive, she was still saying the same thing but no one believed her. Mahesh sitting asks what she is angry with him over, either that he refused to accept Arjun is Karan or that he did not stand by her side.

This is fate 20 December 2023

Rakhi replies he can understand it but did he not for once felt that arjun is Karan, so Mahesh taking of his glasses thinks when Arjun also asked for the golden pen just like Karan used, and he thinks if he should believe his eyes or Rakhi jee, when he with his own hands has given Agni to Karan’s body.Rakhi is washing her face in the kitchen, Preeta seeing her comes to turn off the tab, Rakhi immediately hugs Preeta who requests her to stop crying. Rakhi replies she does not know if what she is doing is right or wrong or even is the truth, Preeta agrees mentioning she is right and never wrong. Rakhi seeks permission to ask a question, she asks if Preeta never for a moment thought that Arjun was Karan.

Preeta remembers the dance when she felt he was Karan, Rakhi apologizes saying she should not have asked this question, Preeta agrees that she also felt the same thing when Preeta replies because they really think about Karan and are not able to forget him, so if they see anyone with similar qualities then think of him as Karan. Rakhi replies that it is not the case, Preeta mentions Arjun could be doing this purposefully, she accepts a lot of his habits are like Karan but he is just wants to make his place in this family. Rkahi still refuses to believe it, Preeta replies they first met him as a fan of Karan and were also shocked how he knew so much about Karan life, Preeta thinks of the party in which Arjun said that he has a lot of secrets which would only be revealed after time,

Preeta mentions he has studied a lot about Karan’s life so knows a lot of things. Rakhi is still adamant he is Karan, Preeta questions then why he did not reveal the truth and meet them. Rakhi replies she has a lot of trust in Preeta, so can she find out if Arjun is telling the truth or he is Karan. Preeta agrees mentioning if Rakhi is so sure then these small proofs would not work, they must find the bigger proofs. Rakhi replies Preeta should find them to prove the truth in front of the Luthra family, Shristhi asks if they can even allow her to become a part of this plan, Rakhi thanks her for always standing by Preeta and even her, Preeta assures that everything would happen according to their desires, she hugs Rakhi who is very emotional.

Arjun enters the house, he is thinking about the incident when the dupatta of Preeta tore because of him, he sitting is not able to forget when Preeta angrily mentioned no matter how much he tries to copy Karan, the one thing which would always remain different is his face, and he said he and Karan are the same person. Arjun is still thinking about all the memories he has with them as Arjun, Anjali noticing arjun from the corner questions what has happened, she asks if he was thinking about Preeta, but Anjali replies it is not the case, he leaves mentioning he is asleep.

Anjali sits down in frustration, thinking she has done a lot for his revenge and even changed her own life but what happened, because he in the end has fallen in love with her, she is sure that he is in love with her even if he tries to deny it but she can hear the truth, Anjali mentions she never thought that he would fall in love with her and lie to her.Prithvi is shocked after hearing the news that Rakhi believes Arjun is Karan, he remembers that when he encountered Arjun in the Luthra Mansion he said that he is that part of the Luthra family which can never be left alone, and his relation is of love.

The worker asks if Prithvi is going to give him the promised five hundred rupees, Prithvi without even desiring it gives him the amount, when Prithvi thinks that arjun has crossed all the limits to get what he desires, he is worried because Arjun refused to be a part of his team when the worker mentions he is on his team, Prithvi gets angry explaining what is he going to do with him when he just desires the people who have a lot of money, Prithvi is glad he finally found a worthy opponent like Arjun.Shristhi in excitement enters the room, she calls Sameer informing him about their plan to find the truth about Arjun but he is asleep,

she hits him so he wakes up asking if he knows what she was saying, he however once again goes back to sleep,Shristhi replies she does not know if he is a nice husband because he does not listen to anything, she threats to divorce him but he snorts, Shristhi angrily hitting him with the cushion goes to sleep.Preeta praying in the Mandir mentions there is a lot of confusion because her mind is saying something else while the situation is different, she exclaims if Arjun is actually Karan then she promises to not leave him, Preeta hears someone coming so wipes of her tears, Shristhi explains she is not going to stay with Sameer anymore,

Preeta getting shocked inquires about the reason, Shristhi mentions she knows they just know made a plan to find out the truth so she went to inform him but he is sleeping, and even heard half of what she told him, Preeta replies so what is the problem in that because it is time to sleep and he was already feeling sleepy, she should be glad he was still trying to reply so is such a nice person. Shristhi angry asks why is Preeta taking his side, she inquires if Preeta has thought of a plan and Preeta mentions there would be a proof about his true identity which they are going to find out, and even inquire about his parents,

she mentions lastly he would have something which only Karan had which will prove the truth, Shristhi and Preeta both are tensed.Shristhi mentions if Preeta di remembers that when the body of Karan jiju was found, they had found the entire belongings which he had with him. Arjun mentions he has finally gotten hold of the wallet which belonged to Karan, which is the last thing to remember him by, Arjun wears the necklace thinking how he feels as if he was looking at himself after so many years, Arjun goes to check the window before returning.

Shristhi explains how they are going to check his belongings, because Arjun will never allow them, Preeta replies that he would not allow them but is never going to refuse the income tax officers, would give them the right to check his entire house so they would try to find out if he has any belongings relating to Karan.In the morning Dadi opens the door, she is shocked to see a Sikh man standing, she inquires about him, he replies he is Kirpal Deshangh, Dadi replies she feels he is one, Kirpal mentions his surname is Kirpal Deshangh, Preeta and Shristhi coming from behind explains they are two and here to perform a raid, they all enter which worries Dadi,

Kirpal asks if she lives alone here but Dadi mentions she has Anjali who lives with her, Anjali questions if he thinks they are stupid because anyone can make such fake id, Anjali demands the truth about the person who sent him here, Dadi reveals he has two other people who came with him, Dadi is shocked not seeing them here, she reveals they have already went to search the house. Anjali fees there is something wrong and so tries to remove his beard, but he threatens that he would show her what it means to hurt a government official. He explains Arjun would have to bear the cost of her rude behavior, she is about to call Arjun when Kirpal tries to follow her but Dadi sticks her feet causing him to fall,

Preeta mention that Dadi is even more clever then her, Shristhi assures that Preeta should not doubt her friend, Vishwas because no matter what happens, he is not going to ruin anything. Dadi helps him stand mentioning they say those who help people get up are better so he should not file any complaint against her.Arjun is in the office, when he takes a file with the photo of Preeta, he starts recalling when he would palay with her in the room, and he got a sprained back so she rushed to help him. Arjun is just thinking about her while staring at the photo, he smiles completely ignoring the calls from Anjali.

Arjun recalls how she helped him in the airplane and even took out the venom with her mouth from his body, he gets emotional. Arjun thinks she saved his life while putting her own at risk, he wonders what might have happened if he lost his entire family on that flight, he thinks if he should go and tell them the entire truth or just let it happen as it is going.Anjali tries to leave but Kirpal stops saying that no one can go however Preeta and Shristhi signal that he should let her go, Kirpal mentions that she can go wherever she wants otherwise she would keep on talking here, and not let them do their work. Kirpal asks Dadi how many rooms are in this house and what about the necklace, Dadi replies that it is of her family.

Shristhi and Preeta rush into the room of Arjun, they think of searching it for any sort of proof, however, are not able to find it quickly but while searching Preeta sees the wallet on the floor.Anjali while driving the car is constantly trying to contact Arjun but is not able to reach him, she thinks he is not even answering her call, she is about to get into an accident but is relieved.Rakhi greets Bani Dadi, Mahesh inquires if she is fine, Rakhi requests Dadi to tell her son there is no need to talk with her since she doesnot want to talk with him, Mahesh questions what is this problem because she should sit down and eat, however Rakhi replies she does not want to eat, Mahesh mentions it is not the case, Rakhi replies when she was talking last night he refused to even listen to her, Mahesh mentions she just thinks that he does not feel anything, only Rakhi feels the pain when he is also her husband,

Mahesh angrily explains that he also feels Arjun is Karan but why does he not come and reveal the truth about his identity, he leaves. Dadi goes to Rakhi agreeing with what she is saying, she informs even Mahesh is not wrong, but she should just pray everything gets sorted as it should be. Rakhi also leaves when Dadi prays to Mata Rani that the truth should be revealed and if Arjun is Karan, then he should come and tell the truth to them.

Arjun is looking at the photo when Anjali angrily comes, he quickly puts the photo in the drawer when Anjali asks about his phone so is about to break it, he asks what happened when she angry mentions she wanted to talk with him but he was really busy with his work, she explains she was about to get in an accident, she wants to see the photo. Arjun tries to stop her, but Anjali replies she was right because Arjun was seeing her photo, even after she deceived him, Arjun mentions it is enough when he knows she is tensed because of some work, but she should know that she is her close friend however Preeta is his love, he explains that she used to be his love.

Arjun questions if she would tell him what has happened, Anjali informs their house has been raided by the IT department. Preeta and Shristhi pick the wallet, they are shocked when someone enters the room, however, are relieved to see it is their friend Vishwas, he informs Anjali has went out to call Arjun. Shristhi explains she is going to inform him what they are going to find, she suggests he should search for anything which belongs to Karan. Preeta asks how he would know what Karan wears, Vishwas explains that he is going to find what doesn’t suit the personality of Arjun, which Preeta agrees with.

Preeta asks what Vishwas does, Shristhi however says he can tell about it later, Preeta asks what is the reason when she wants to know it now, Vishwas informs he works for the police and is a new joined hearing this Preeta is shocked, Vishwas asks what is the problem because they are not doing anything wrong and even he is just helping his friend. Preeta apologizes to him, Shristhi suggests they should hurry up because Anjali was not able to remove his beard because it is real, however they are wearing fake beards, Preeta mentions her beard is coming off without any effort, she suggests they should start searching for the proof. They get shocked hearing the door bell, thinking Arjun and Anjali might have returned.

Shristhi explains that arjun and Anjali might have returned, she asks what should they do, Preeta explains they should take photos of all the files which they can see, Shristhi asks Vishwas to check the pockets of these suits, they are busy in taking the photos. Dadi opening the door is glad they both came back, she explains they are searching everything, when Vishwas after searching the drawer explains he found something, however Arjun and Anjali enter the room, he ask Vishwas if he is actually from the income tax department, he questions who gave them permission to check his room, Dadi reveals he is alone now but had two other people with him, Arjun questions what did Dadi ask hi,, Vishwas is however stunned.

Karina is trying to call someone, Sameer comes to her asking what happened when Karina questions if he knew where is Rishab, Sameer mentions he talked with Rishab Bhai but he is really tensed regarding the deal relating to that land, Sameer informs they have even taken a very big loan so he is worried Mahesh also walks to them and is really tensed, Karina questions what has happened, he asks Sameer to bring water, Mahesh mentions that Arjun cannot be Karna otherwise he would not have trapped Rishab in this situation, he asks Sameer to come with him to the study room as he has something important to talk, and even make some business calls.

Arjun asks Vishwas who has send him, since he knows this is not an income tax raid and where are his partners, Vishwas manages to run away, Arjun think of calling the security but Dadi informs they have gone to hav the breakfast since after the raid they were worried what is their need, Arjun asks why did she not understand when they have to follow a lot of rules, Dadi leaves after getting a call. Anjali inquires who might have send them, Arjun think of what happened in the Luthra Mansion when he explains they would be trying to find out the truth about him but today is not the day it is going to be revealed, Arjun leaves angrily with Anjali. Preeta and Shristhi are both worried coming out of the hiding, Shristhi asks what truth Arjun is talking about when they both decide to leave,

Shristhi explains that they are going to run out of the window. Arjun and Anjali once again return to the room, arjun rushes to the drawer and is shocked seeing the chain is not in the drawer, Anjali asks what will happen when Arjun replies he is going to tell them the truth that he is their Karan.Preeta and Shristhi very excitingly rush into the car, Vishwas asks if they managed to find anything when Shristhi informs, they have taken a lot of photos so would be to find any proof that Arjun is indeed Karan. Shristhi and Preeta are rejoicing and drive away, after Vishwas hears someone coming.

Anjali ask Arjun if he really has to tell the truth when Arjun explains he does not want anyone to think he revealed the truth but he has to tell the truth for his mother.Shristhi and Preeta are searching for the phone when Vishwas mentions he has to go back to the police station because his partner did not come to his duty so he has to go there, Preeta thanks him for all his help but he replies that it was his duty, Preeta mentions he can drop them off and take the car to the police station.

Rakhi after hearing the door bell opens the door, she is shocked seeing Rishab, who smiles asking if she was expecting someone else but Rakhi replies it is not the case, Rishab inquires where is Preeta jee, she reveals Preeta has gone for some work and is going to return, he says she no waits for Preeta je so loves her more then him, he complains that she did not greet him in the same manner and it is not right. Raki is glad seeing Arjun, she goes to stand Infront of him seeing which Rishab is shocked. Rakhi asks Rishab to come and greet him, Rishab asks Arjun how he is feeling, he getting emotional explains he is glad with the way Arjun protected his family in the plane.

Arjun asks if it is reversed and instead of him Rishab was on the plane, with Arjun’s family so would have done the same. Rakhi exclaims she knows they both are very important for the Luthra Family.Rakhi holding their hands asks why are the meeting each other like this and should greet like brothers, Rishab and Arjun hesitantly hug each other, when Rishab starts thinking as if he is hugging Karan, as he felt like it, they both start crying and then final take a step back. Rishab takes an excuse after getting a call.Rakhi is standing in front of Arjun, he says she did not ask why did he come, Rakhi replies a mother never asks her son why did he come but why did it take him so long so return, she questions where was he all this time because of which he got so late,

she once again hugs Arjun while crying her heart out, Arjun is also not able to control his emotion. Arjun apologizes to Rakhi, she hits him out of love while holding his hand, Rakhi starts kissing him on his face while even he is emotional.Anjali thinks she has seen him somewhere eels and is sure he would be the same person, Dadi keeps asking her who is she talking about, but Anjali leaves without saying anything, Dadi wonder why she felt as if someone went from here.

Rakhi asks if he knows how much she missed him, he replies even he missed her, Rakhi exclaims he could have at least told her, Arjun replies that he felt she would know it by herself, Rkahi mentions she knew it but felt that people refuse to believe it and she knew it when she met him in the hospital. Rakhi immediately calls Preeta and Shristhi revealing Arjun is talking about his feelings, Arjun seeing Preeta gets emotional and apologizes to Preeta. Rishab seeing her calls her name when Preeta walks past Arjun to Rishab, she smiles seeing him asking if he is fine, he also questions if she is fine, Rishab mentions that she would surely be worried for her. He calls Shristhi asking how she is, Shristhi goes to hug him. Arjun gestured emotional seeing them and is weeping, he gets a call from Anjali who informs that she has his chain which means they do not know the truth about him, Arjun is shocked hearing this.

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