My desire update Friday 22 December 2023

My desire 22 December 2023: Samrat’s car and Nayan’s auto stop at a traffic signal. They don’t notice each other. A balloon selling kid requests Samrat to buy his balloons. Samrat pays him 500 rs, buys balloons, and flies them in sky. Kids happily clap for him. Nayan notices balloon flying and kids’ happiness. Traffic signal turns green. They reach exhibition venue. Samrat is welcomed as a chief guest. Nayan seeing crowd thinks he must be some special and walks in waving her pallu over him. A sindhoor bottle from his hands fall down and sindhoor falls on her forehead.

Samrat gets busy checking stalls while Nayan helps Mahima wear their store’s lehanga choli and seeing her wearing low waist asks Mahima to correct it as their trademark is elegancy and not show off. Mahima thinks she wants to Pradyuman to notice her. Samrat moves forward not finding anyone in Nayan’s stall. Nayan returns after that.

Kashvi walks in and praises Mahima that she is looking very beautiful. Romila with her husband walks to stall and praises neighboring stall. Nayan says their stall is best. Romila tells her husand that Mahima can’t hondle her lehanga, soon she will elope with someone and lessen their burden. Husband asks her to mind her language. Romila says Kashvi is a book worm who madly wants to become a civil service offer. Arjun asks tarot card reader to check about his love life. Card reader checks his selected card and says his love life will be good and his lady love is somewhere around her and he should just identify her and Civil service officer Divya thanks Samrat for visiting exhibition as a chief guest and says she is his big fan and remembers all his songs.

Samrat thanks her and says Pradyuman is a chief guest instead who couldn’t attend due to some emergency. He notices a luggage carrying trolley heading towards a kid and runs to protect him. Kashvi runs before him and protects kids. Samrat stops trolley. Lugguage falls on Kashvi and injures her forehead. Mother reaches and thanks Samrat and Kashvi for protecting her son. Samrat tongue lashes her for not taking care of her son. Mother apologizes. Samrat continues to tongue lash her. Mother leaves with her son. Kashvi says Mr whoever he is who gave him right to criticize a mother and gives a long lecture on how that mother was handling both her shop and son and how her mother handles both her business and her daughters, etc. Samrat silently listens to her and cleans her injury. Kashvi asks why did he do that. He says she was busy explaining about a mother’s hardships without noticing her injury, so he cleaned it.

Fashion show starts. Mahima walks on ramp. Romila and her husband hopes judge likes her dress and gives a shop in mall to them. Mahima hopes Pradyuman notices her and falls for her, but doesn’t find him around. Nayan gets tensed seeing precious sari boxes missing. Arjun joins her and asks her to check in tempo as workers must have forgot saris there. She checks tempo and finds sari boxes there. He says he told her already; he then expresses his concern that his father is a civil servant and his mother was a topper, even Kashvi is a topper, so he feels left out. Nayan comforts him with her moral gyaan. Arjun asks her to become his MIL. Nayan asks what?


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