The Rules of Love update Saturday 11 May 2024

The rules of love 11 May 2024: Nandish’s teacher says to Maitree about Nandish being caught by cell phone a lot of times and says Nandish is also not coming to school for 7 days. Maitree says to Nandish’s teacher that Nadish is leaving to school everyday from their house and thinks why isn’t Nandish coming to school. Maitree thinks where is Nandish?

An auto driver asks Dinesh to allow them to leave saying they are only kids in the auto. A constable comes and says there is something in that vehicle. Dinesh leaves from there. The auto driver drives away. Nandish feels relieved as Dinesh didn’t see him.

Maitree thinks what is going on as Nandish is hiding a lot of things from them. Maitree hopes that Nandish’s isn’t in any kind of trouble.Babu uncle(auto driver) asks the kids to take out their package. The kids take out the packages from their bags. Babu uncle gives Ganga a drug packet. Ganga tastes the drug and says it’s good. Nandish asks Babu uncle to allow them to leave saying they did their work. Babu uncle doesn’t agree to it. Babu calls Sattu Bhai and asks Sattu bhai what should they do with the kids? Sattu bhai asks Babu to put the kids to sleep. Babu agrees. Babu says to Ganga that Sattu bhai asked them to put the kids to sleep. The kids say they will not go to sleep. Ganga asks them to shut up. Babu gives drugs to the kids and puts them to sleep.

Dinesh and other cops try to ambush the drug dealers. But Ganga gets information about cops finding out their location. Ganga and Babu leave from there. Maitree calls Nandish to find out where is he? All the children are shown to be sleeping. Nandish’s phone is shown to be ringing. Dinesh and the cops enter the drug dealers hide out and they don’t find anyone in it. The children are shown to be hiding from the cops. Dinesh asks the cops that to search every inch of this place but he gets a call and leaves with all the cops. Nandish feels relieved that Disnesh left from here. Maitree thinks what is going on as Nandish isn’t picking up the call.

Maitree decides to wait for Nandish at home. Maitree asks Nandish where did he go? Nadish says he went to school. Maitree asks Nadish to join them for snacks. Nandish says he isn’t hungry and goes upstairs.

Maitree thinks about what’s happening with Nandish. She decides to find the matter. Juhi and Swayam ask Maitree to serve them more noodles. Maitree agrees. Nandish locks the room door and he doesn’t even have the energy to change his dress. Maitree comes to Nandish’s room and sees it’s locked. She recalls Harsh advice. She asks Nandish if everything is fine. Nandish recalls Sampath’s warning and asks Maitree to leave. He throws the bat in anger. Maitree feels worried and says she will break the lock.

Nandish opens the door. Maitree hugs him and asks him to say what happened. Nandish tries to tell her but he receives a call from Sattu. Nandish diverts the matter and sends Maitree to prepare him aloo paratha. Nandish attends the call. Sattu tells Nandish that next-day delivery is at 11 am. Nandish says he can’t miss school every day so he may not come. Sattu says it’s an order. Nandish crime for his situation.

Later Maitree goes to Nandish’s room and sees Nandish is sleeping. She notices Nandish locked all his things. Harsh calls Maitree to the room. He tries to romance her and notices she is worried and asks if she is still worried for Nandish. Maitree says she couldn’t give proper time to Nandish. He says it’s not her mistake. Maitree decides to find out what’s happening in Nandish’s life.

The next day, Maitree goes to Nandish’s room and tells Nandish that today she will drop him at school. Nandish says he is feeling a headache so he can’t go to school. Maitree says she will call Doctor. Nandish says not needed. Maitree says she will get him breakfast and a tablet. Maitree is about to leave. She hears a mobile beeping sound and leaves. Nandish notices the time is 11 am and feels worried. Sattu comes to Tiwari Sadan and rings the calling bell. Nandish opens the door in a hurry and receives the parcel. Maitree asks what’s it. Nandish lies it’s a cell pouch. He closes the door and leaves upstairs in a hurry. Maitree grows more suspicious and decides to find the reason behind Nandish’s weird behavior.

Nandish opens the package delivered by Sattu. Nandish sees his photos when he is not in his senses. He receives Satya’s phone call. Nandish requests satya to leave him. Satya refuses to leave him and asks him to get ready for another surprise. Nandish hears a calling bell sound. He goes downstairs, pushes Maitree aside, and receives another parcel. Maitree thinks about why Nandish is looking stressed.

Nandish goes to his room. Maitree comes there and asks Nandish to open the parcel. Nandish says he will open it later. Swayam and Juhi come there and ask Nandish to open the packet. Nandish opens the parcel. Swayam and Juhi thank Maitree for ordering them water pencils and leave from there with their things. Maitree asks Nandish if he is fine. Nandish rudely says he is fine and tells her that he is

going to his friend’s house and leaves. Maitree understands Nandish in some problem and decides to follow him.Maitree follows Nandish without his knowledge. Nandish takes a package from Satyam and leaves in an auto to deliver the packet. Maitree follows Nandish’s auto and calls Nandish. Nandish doesn’t answer her call. Maitree tries to call Harsh and Dinesh but she doesn’t get the network.

The auto driver drops Nandish in the jungle area. Nandish receives a drug dealer’s call and he follows the way they told him. Maitree comes there. Nandish delivers drugs to drug dealers. The drug dealer calls Satyam and tells him that he received the drug packet. The drug dealer asks Nandish when he will bring the next package. Nandish says to drug dealers he doesn’t want to work with them. The drug dealer calls Satyam and informs him about Nandish’s plea. Satyam asks them to kill Nandish. The drug dealers say to Nandish that there is only one way out of their business and that is death. Maitree understands it’s all illegal activity. She hits them with stones and gets hold of their gun and rescues Nandish from them. They ask who is she. Maitree says I’m Nandish’s mother. They leave giving a warning to Maitree that they won’t leave her. Maitree apologizes to Nandish for not understanding his fear before. Nandish runs from there. Maitree searches for Nandish. She calls Harsh and informs him of everything.

At home, Harsh says he still can’t believe that their Nandish landed in the drug mafia. Maitree says it’s all her mistake and blames herself for Nandish’s pain. Harsh says it’s not her mistake. Maitree sees the shadow of a person who is eavesdropping on them and alerts Harsh. Harsh runs behind that person to catch him. Maitree lights a lamp near the god for Nandish’s safety. She recalls her moments with Nandish and misses him. Later she trips and notices a bangle on the floor which does not belong to her.

Police team search for Nandish in the jungle. Dinesh calls the Inspector and asks if they found Nandish. The inspector says Nandish is not yet located. Dinesh asks the Inspector to call an additional team for their help. Maitree asks Dinesh what happened. Dinesh says Nandish is not yet found and a search operation is going on for him. Harsh asks why Nandish ran away from Maitree. Dinesh says it can be due to guilt and in some cases, the drug mafia will catch the kid again and won’t leave them. Maitree asks him to not say it and says those drug dealers are scary and will kill our Nandish. Kusum pleads with Dinesh to make them get Nandish. Dinesh says they are trying and hope Nandish won’t get caught by drug dealers. Maitree says Nandish will return and cry for him. Harsh and others try to console her.

Theinspector brings Nandish home. Nandish calls Maitree Maa and runs to Maitree. Maitree happily hugs him. Nandish falls unconscious. Everyone feels worried for Nandish and calls Doctor.

Satyam thinks he will kill Maitree too once he finds Nandish. The doctor checks Nandish. Swayam and Juhi ask when Nandish will recover. The doctor calls Harsh outside. They go outside. The Doctor informs them Nandish is unconscious due to trauma and we found drug traces in his blood so it takes time for him to recover and he needs his family’s support at this time. Maitree gets shocked. Doctor leaves. Maitree calls herself a bad mother. Harsh says Nandish needs you at this time so don’t blame yourself. Nandish calls Mamma. Maitree goes to the room and hugs Nandish. Om and Kusum take Swayam and Juhi outside. Nandish says to Maitree that he couldn’t face her after his mistake that’s why he ran away. Maitree says everyone do mistakes and those who try to rectify their mistakes are brave and you did that brave act. Harsh asks him to promise them that he won’t hide anything from them here onwards. Nandish gives his word.

Maitree asks Nandish how it happened. Nandish reveals to them how a burger stall person trapped him and his friends with a free burger which has a different taste and used to make them happy. Harsh and Maitree understand it’s all conspiracy by the drug mafia. Maitree promises Nandish that she will make drug dealers get punished for their crimes.

Dinesh, Maitree, and Harsh reach the burger center and decide to catch the culprit. Dinesh calls extra force. Balu sees Maitree and co and alerts Satyam. Satyam escapes from there and Balu misleads Maitree by running away from that place. Maitree chases Balu who is limping. Maitree throws a stick at the guy and he falls on the floor. Maitree says to the guy that he will pay for the crimes he did. Dinesh and Harsh catch the guy.

Maitree says to Dinesh this is not Satyam and says this is someone else. Dinesh beats up the guy and asks him who is he? The guy says he sells burgers and he did a few robberies before so he ran from them. Dinesh and Harsh hand over the guy to the police and ask the police to interrogate him to find out what he knows. The police take him away from there.

Swayam and Juhi try to cheer Nandish. Swayam and Juhi ask Nandish to play hide and seek. They ask Nandish to start counting from 1 to 10. Nandish starts counting. Swayam and Juhi go and hide.Swayam opens his eyes and feels someone is near him. Satyam closes Nandish’s mouth and asks him to keep his mouth shut.

Maitree later gets a video call from Satyam. Maitree sees Satyam has kidnapped Nandish, Swayam, and Juhi. Satyam warns Maitree to stay away from his drug business if he wants her kids to be alive.

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