Vani Rani update Sunday 12 May 2024

Vani Rani 12 may 2024: Scene 1Adi is keeping an eye on Vidi. Vidi says why are you sneaking in your own house? I will leave tomorrow. Don’t worry. Adi leaves.

Next morning, someone from insurance company comes. He says your husband has made this insurance policy on name of Mrs. Parkash. Vani says its me. he says can I check your card? She says sure. SHe gives him card. He says who are you? She says I am Mrs. Parkash.

He says no you are no Mrs. Parkash. I didn’t come to meet you. Vidi says you are looking for me. Everyone is dazed. She says I am Mrs. Vidisha Parkash. His wife. Everyone is dazed. He checks her card and says yes this was the one. He says please sign here. Vidi signs the papers. He gives her the check. Vidi says I wrote this cover letter on life insurance company. I dont want this money. You have all right on it. Please keep it. Vani says but.. Vidi says please keep it. Vani takes the check from her. Vani asks sid to check it.

Scene 2Sid is checking the papers. Anjali says sid this thread is for protection I brought it for everyone. He says thanks.Anjali comes to Sartak and ties thread on his wrist. He says go from here. Prabha asks Bijli is my stuff ready? She says yes. Vidi comes and touches Prabah’s feet. She says I hope your home will be fine after I leave. Prabha says yes when you leave this housse will be clean. She says Bijli burn all the stuff that she used. Get out now.

Adi asks Anjali what are you doing? She says trying to find some meds. He says vidi is leaving. She says but where is she going? We can’t let it go like that. Vani gives Vidi papers. She says lets go. Vidi says please don’t come with me. Your family needs you. Vani says you are my sister too. Vidi burns the property papers. Everyone is dazed. Vani says what are you doing? She laughs. Everyone is dazed. Vani says what is all this? Vidi says I want to tell you something. She sees the ashes of the papers and blows them. Prabha says what are you doing? Vidi says have to pay for your big big favors right? She laughs. Rani says won’t you leave? Vidi says I like you so much rani. I don’t understand how your sister became a lawyer that she got fooled by anyonee. And Rani you.. You used your mind. And Ma jii.. She laughs. Vidi says don’t be scared. I am not going anywhere. SHe laughs. Sid says shut up and get out. She says you all made me cry now I will laugh. She says from now you will call me chotu ma. I will surprise you all. Nandani.. Count from 10. Vani says whats happening? Vidi says shut up.

Vidi says come in. A man comes in. Parkash’s lawyer comes in. Vani says what is he here for? Vidi says you will know soon. Vidi says to Nandani see who I am. She laughs. She says let me tell you the surprise. She sits on chair. Rani says thats Maji’s chair. Vidi says shut up. Lawyer gives Vani Parkash’s will. Vidi says come on read it. Vani says what are you saying? Vidi says shut up and read it. Vani reads the will. It says I Parkash announce that after my death Vidi will be my next to kin. She will be owner of all my property and business. No one can take it from her. This is completely as per law. This house is hers. Vidi claps and says see the show? Prabha says why didn’t I die before this? Vidi says don’t say that. No no I won’t let you die. I need to see you more worried. This house, wealth and everything is only mine. Your brother married me and gave everything to me. He didn’t love you all. She says since this is my house, I will make some rules. Rani says I knew you would expose yourself. You are a witch. Vani says this can’t happen. This is a piece of paper. I will take you to court. Parkash can’t do this to his kids. Vidi says go wherever you want. You are in shock. She laughs. She says these papers are real. I am your husband’s cheat. Is the proof that you never knew your husband. You never loved him. This is true that he married me and gave me everything. I said I dont’ want anything because I want everything.

Vidi says vani you will beg me for every penny because I am the owner of this house and wealth. Adi says get out of here. Vidi says I am your chotu mom. Respect me. We will all live together. Vani says I was giving you your right and you did this to me? I can’t believe that he married a woman like you. vidi says let me tell you truth. I will sit its a long story. So.. Your husband didn’t cheat on you. I made him fool. Yes I trapped him. I fooled your sister Rani as well. I made all this story. I came in his life myself. Sit everyone I will tell you story.

Parkash came to our village for a bridge construction. She came in front of his car. She said please save me. She was in bridal dress. Parkash said what happened? Men came and said we will kill her. She is a witch. Her husband died on wedding day. Parkash said no one will touch this woman. What you are saying are all stupid things. All those men were her actors. Parkash brought her to a house and said no one can harm you. Stay in that room. She said please keep me in your room. They would kill me. He said let me call police. She said no they will give me back to villagers. She said please keep me in your room. I will sleep on floor. Parkash said okay. He asked her to sleep on the bed. He said I will sleep on the couch. She mixes something in his water. Parkash faints.

Next morning Parkash woke up. He said what happened? Why are you crying? She said you raped me last night. He said that’s not possible. My kids are older than you. I am calling police. She said stop. See this video. She showed him the video she made after her fainted. He said what do you want? She said marry me with law. Or I will public this video and you will go to jail. Parkash had to marry her because she kept blackmailing him.Everyone is dazed.

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