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This is fate 22 December 2023: Anjali informs Arjun she has the chain which he was looking for, it was on the floor in their house, she explains this means they do not know the truth about his identity, Arjun replies but maa is saying she knows who he really is, Anjali worrying asks how did it happen, he informs she is a mother so knows from a mile away the truth about him, he explains he felt she has some proof against him.

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Arjun explains he just wants to stay with his mother and cannot do it anymore, Anjali advises him to not be emotional and return as there is no one who has any proof against him, she noticing someone walking suddenly walks out explaining she will call him later. Anjali is shocked to see Prithvi, she wonders what he is doing in her house.Arjun walks to Rakhi explaining he really likes it when she calls him her son, Rakhi replies she just does not say it but knows he is her son, Preeta calls Rakhi mentioning she has to talk with her,

Rakhi replies she is talking with him, does she know what Arjun said to her before she came, Arjun apologizes to Rakhi and even thanks her for always taking care of him and treating him like her family, he explains she stood by him when everyone left him alone, he thanks her for always showering her love on him, Arjun takes her blessings, Rakhi asks what is he saying, Preeta and Shristhi both take her away which shocks Rishab, who starts staring at Arjun. Sameer also comes to hug Rishab, asking how he is looking. Rishab questions Sameer if anything happened while he was away,

Sameer asks him to come but they both bump into Garesh, he immediately apologizes to Rishab who advises him to clean it otherwise it would drop once again, Arjun is worried.Anjali comes to the kitchen while Prithvi is sitting on the table, she questions what is he doing here, Prithvi mentions he is eating a banana while she should also have an apple, Anjali angrily asks what does he want from them, Prithvi replies he came to meet Arjun but was not able to see him anywhere, Anjali inquires him, Prithvi explains there is no need to act so humble since he knows she is aware of the truth,

Prithvi asks if Arjun is actually Karan Luthra, hearing which Anjali is shocked wondering how did he know the truth, she thinks if Arjun told everyone before she called him, she is confused.Preeta informs Rakhi they have found a lot of things in his room which do not suit his personality and cannot be certain, Rakhi replies she just wants to inform them that Arjun himself told her he is Karan, Preeta asks if he said he is Karan, she is stunned when Shristhi asks why she is not reacting. Preeta asks why he not said anything to her if he is Karan, Preeta run away while crying. She calls Arjun as Karan while he is looking away from her,

he also gets emotional hearing her refer to him as Karan, she runs to him forcing him to turn, he starts looking at her recalling of the moments spent with each other in the past, Preeta is also just looking at him. Arjun slowly tries to touch Preeta, but she stops him, thinking that Karan would wipe off her tears he once again tries to do it, but she pushes his hand away, Arjun manages to finally wipe off the tears from her face, without saying anything. He places both of her hands on her face, she puts them down while just crying her heart out. Arjun and Preeta both are jut stuck in the memories, she finally refers to him as Karan. Preeta stops him,

after controlling herself explains she does not know why he did not tell his Preeta and hid it from her, she mentions there is no way when he did not care for her till now, she ask if he had any idea how she lived when she kept dying with each moment, she was not able to think of anyone else, he still did not tell her that he was Karan so what did he think of her, that she was happy with her marriage when it is not the life. Arjun tries to clarify himself, Preeta while crying explain it was not the life as Preeta died and only a mother was alive, she takes the name of kavya and suddenly explains Kavya is their daughter, he apologizes to Preeta.

She asks if he knew Kavya is his daughter, still he did not reveal the truth to her but apologizing. Preeta starts crying, explaining he is apologizing for not being there for his daughter, wife, she pushes him away mentioning she cannot accept it, he tries his best to hug her but she still pushes him away, Arjun keeps apologizing or his behavior, she angrily asks the reason he did this all, Arjun tries to explain he thought, he asks if he thought it was a joke, she questions if he did not miss her, or thought she would be dying thinking of him, she asks if her cries did not reach him. Preeta asks if he remembers he used to call her with the weird names, and she would feel angry but then when he left, she really missed those names, and desired he should call her with those names.

Preeta explains there are certain memories which do not let them live or let her die, she blames him for doing this to her as he ruined the life of Preeta.Rakhi rushes to them, Preeta says she must ask why he did this to this to them and she should beat him because he hid the truth that he is Karan, she mentions she would never forgive him. Mahesh and Dadi also come asking what is happening here, Rakhi explains what she has been telling them that her son returned, Dadi getting shocked ask if he is Karan, Arjun agrees, Mahesh not being able to control himself hugs him asking where he was all this time, Dadi is also not able to control herself so hugs him.

Rishab runs down with Sameer, he is shocked seeing them like this and hugs Arjun crying his heart out, he is not able to control his emotions, Preeta and Shristhi also get emotional. Arjun apologizes to Rishab for giving him so much pain, the entire Luthra family is smiling seeing them both Arjun also calls Sameer to them, they all hug each other. Shr isthi says she said that he is not Arjun but Karan and now he accepted the truth. Arjun refuses to accept he is the Karan.

Shristhi asks Preeta why she is not saying anything and standing there quietly, Preeta asks if Arjun himself said that he is skarn, Rakhi replies what is the need when he himself called her as maa, so she knows that he is her son. Preeta replies this is why she got shocked wondering how he was able to accept it, Preeta informs she found the proof but until they can confirm it so how would they believe he is Karan, Rkahi leaves without saying anything.Shristhi mentions she is getting all these questions but what if Arjun is actually Karan, then what is she going to do, Preeta angrily exclaims she will not let him go but how is it going to happen, why did he hid the truth about his identity. Preeta explains they cannot say anything with the proof, she is adamant to find the truth.

Prithvi tries to talk with Anjali, She asks what is eh talking about, Prithvi replies that she should not try to act in front of hm as he can understand the truth very easily, just like he understood that Arjun is acting in front of the Luthra’s of being Karan so he can take control of their property, Prithvi mentions he thought he was the biggest mastermind but now is aware of the fact that Arjun is just like him so he decided to meet him, Anjali threatens to call the police if he doesnot leave right now, Prithvi smiles saying she can try because he is a really bad person and truth be told he was in the police station becuase of his actions, he mentions the only reason she was able to trap Rishab was because he is a nice person, he asks if she would like to trap him, he tries to force himself

on her and she tries her best to escape, she finally refers to him as Prithvi jee, hearing tis he starts remembering his lover so decides to leave mentioning she should always refer to him as Prithvi jee, Anjali thinks they would have to do something about Prithvi otherwise he might cause a lot of problem for them.Rishab comes out after changing when Sameer also comes, Rishab asks why he changed, Sameer replies because tea was also spilled on his clothes, Rishab questions why everyone is behaving like this and what has happened to mom and Arjun. Sameer is about to reveal the truth, but Rishab sees Mahesh, who immediately hugs Rishab question why did it take him so time to return, Rishab gets worried asking what happened, Mahesh mentions he might not be able t take care of Rakhi jee this time since she is really emotional and worried, Rishab inquiries what has happened, Mahesh reveals she feels Arjun is actually Karan, Rishab is shocked hearing this.

Arjun is standing in the hall, Shristhi and Preeta slowly walk towards him when he starts remembering their moments spent together, he turns to leave when Rkahi stops him asking why he is leaving, he apologizes to her saying he needs to return to his office, he thanks her for taking care of him like a son., Preeta ad Shristhi are tensed, so Shristhi rushes to stop Rakhi. Arjun once again turns when Preeta stopping him comes mentioning she wants to ask a questions, he agrees when she asks how well does he know karan, Arjun replies he has just read about karan so leaves, Rakhi asks why did he say this to them, Preeta is convinced he is hiding something because just as she asked him bout karan he got emotional, se inquires if they saw his face as it revealed he was nervous,

as if there was something else In his heart, hey leaves to show Rakhi mom the photos, Shristhi advises Preeta to show the photos, Rakhi asks how were they able to enter his house when she reveals it was just like a film because they dressed up as sardar, Rishab and Mahesh are shocked hearing this, Rakhi also gets worried seeing him standing at the door, she mentions she wants to ask him if he felt something while hugging arjun, Rishab is not able to understand, Rakhi questions if he felt as if he was hugging his brother, Rishab refuses saying he did not feel anything of the sort, Rakhi is disappointed then Mahesh mentions she is just feeling it after being emotional, Rishab signals him to stop talking, he sends Preeta away requesting her to bring the file of the land.

Rishab hugs Rakhi asking wat does she want, Mahesh is convinced that now Rishab will be able to make her believe that Arjun is not karan.Arjun enters the office when his manager reveals the good news that they have the most shares relating to the Luthra industries and it even relates to their house, Arjun is just thinking about Preeta and when the manager once again asks the reason, Arjun instructs him to go ahead with the plan.

Rishab enters the room wen Preeta reveals she has taken out the file, he explains it was just an excuse when Rishab replies it was just so he can ask her if she thinks that what she has done was right, Preeta replies she just wants to find out the truth about Arjun and the plan to change their disguise was off Shristhi, Rishab exclaims he has never asked her for an explanation because he always wants t see her happy and without any problem, Rishab informs that this is how mothers are because they tend to be emotional, Preeta replies she just feels they all would be able o live with comfort knowing the truth, and not go after Arjun thinking he is karan, Rishab explains she really misses karan and it should be the case because this is how he was,

he informs he also wants to believe Arjun is karan but she was with him that night and knows what happened, Rishab explains he just wants her to be careful because Anjali also lives in that house so he wants her to be careful of her surroundings, she must rest assured as he would always remain by her side, Preeta agrees mentioning she would surely like to find the truth under any circumstance, Rishab leaves assuring to know the truth.Shristhi is praying to Bhagwan for any truth, she s shocked seeing the photo so rushes t Preeta who asks why is she running, Shristhi reveals it is relating to their plan, she shows Preeta the photo, she immediately recognizes it as the locket of karan, Preeta is shocked.

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