Unfortunate love update Thursday 21 December 2023

Unfortunate love 21 December 2023: The Episode starts with the goons playing to loot Oberoi Mansion, and gets their boss call. The boss tells that he told them what he wants, and says my work shall be done, I want victory and not fight. He says you will get much money from there, and I will also give you much money. He says I shall get what I want, else your game will be over. He ends the call. The goon tells other goon that the guy/boss called him and told about the jewellery purchase. He says he told them about his work.

The goon asks what work he gave you that he will give us more money. Other goons come there. The goon tells that they have to do big robbery. The goon says we do this thing. The main goon tells that boss wants something and tells them. Malishka looks at herself in the mirror and says Malishka Lakshmi Oberoi. Lakshmi comes there. Malishka asks her how is she looking? Lakshmi says very good.

Malishka say lie, I am looking very good and says when I go to Rishi, then he can’t keep his eyes off me, and will not look at anyone else. She asks her to do her make up and asks her not to ruin her face by being jealous. Lakshmi asks why jealous? Malishka says may be you will ruin my face to keep me away from Rishi. Lakshmi says if I want to stay with Rishi, then I wouldn’t had separated from him, and asks her to atleast trust Rishi, if not her. Malishka says I know how much you can lie, and asks her to check all the items properly, and throw the expired products. She asks her to do her make up. Lakshmi finds the expired product and throws it. Malishka asks her to bring it from the almira. Lakshmi brings it. Malishka asks her to be careful. Lakshmi applies foundation to Malishka. Her face starts getting rashes shocking Lakshmi. Malishka asks her to do it fast and asks her to say what happened?

Kiran tells Sonal that Rishi and Malishka couldn’t exchange rings many times because of Lakshmi, and now Lakshmi returned and again ring ceremony is there. Sonal says this time Lakshmi is organizing everything and the rings will be exchanged well. Kiran says all the rituals shall happen nicely, and says Malishka has waited and yearned for everything and her dreams shall be fulfilled. Sonal says nobody can come between Malishka and Rishi, and says you will be happy going there. Kiran says I wish their engagement shall happen nicely. Sonal says yes.

Karishma tells Neelam that her face is glowing. Neelam says this glow will be on every mother’s face. Karishma says one trouble is still here, and says don’t know why she is staying here. Neelam says Lakshmi’s intention is to get Rishi, but I will not let her succeed in her aim. She says this marriage will happen even if she creates problems or troubles.

Malishka asks Lakshmi, if her make up is done and asks why you are looking shocked. She asks what happened to my face, what did you do, why these rashes came on my face, you did this intentionally. Rishi wears the sherwani and thinks after his ring ceremony and marriage will happen, then I will be separated from Lakshmi for forever. He says I had got Lakshmi, she was in my destiny and became my wife, but I lost her, why did this happen. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..He thinks why I didn’t realize my love before and why I got separated from her. She says if God has planned their separation then why did they meet each other and fell in love at first place.

He says our destiny separated and now we will separate too…He recalls their moments and cries. The song continues to play.

Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Malishka says I had warned you. Lakshmi says I didn’t do. Malishka says if someone else did my make up? She says you have done it, then how did this happen? She asks if I have done this make up to ruin my own face. Lakshmi shows her foundation. Malishka says it is expired. Lakshmi says I have thrown the expired foundation in the dustbin. She finds the new in the dustbin and the expired in her hands. She gets shocked. Malishka accuses her. Neelam and Karishma come there. Malishka hugs Neelam and says she don’t want to do this engagement.

Bani tells Shalu that she is worried for Di, what will happen after Jiju gets engaged to Malishka. Shalu says nothing will happen, as Dadi’s plan will work and Di and Jiju’s marriage will work. Bani says if marriage happens till then? Shalu says no. Bani says I wish Malishka refuses to get engaged to him. Shalu says due to Malishka, di is away from jiju now.

Malishka hides her face and tells that Lakshmi has done this. Neelam asks what did she do? Malishka asks her to ask her. Karishma asks what did you do? Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. She tells everything and says I don’t know how she got rashes. Karishma says you have ruined her face and says you did it intentionally so that this engagement doesn’t happen. Lakshmi says I had thrown the expired foundation in the dustbin, don’t know how it has replaced with the new one. Neelam and Karishma ask her to show her face. Malishka shows her face. Karishma says how can the ring ceremony happen now. She says finally you succeed in your conspiracy and asks her to leave. Lakshmi says I don’t know how did this happen. Neelam asks her to accept her sin. Lakshmi says if I have done the mistake then I would have accepted it. Rishi comes there and asks how did this happen? Karishma says Lakshmi has taken out enmity and applied expired foundation on her face. Rishi says Lakshmi can’t do this, and says I will talk to doctor. Malishka says her face is ruined. Rishi comes back and tells that Mukesh went to get the medicine. Malishka thanks Rishi and hugs him. She tells her version of the story. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is innocent. Rishi asks did I ask you, I know that you can’t do this, it is not your fault. Karishma says how can you say this? She asks if Malishka has ruined her face herself and you are pointing finger at Malishka. Rishi says I know what lakshmi can do and what she can’t do. Karishma says we will ask Lakshmi to leave then no inauspicious thing or bad will happen. Rishi says Lakshmi will not go out of the house.

 Rishi telling that Lakshmi will not go from this house and asks Karishma to remember Dadi’s words. Neelam reminds her words and says I told her that if she does any mistake then she will be thrown out. Rishi defends Lakshmi and says she is innocent, stop blaming her. Karishma says Rishi. Malishka tells Karishma that if Rishi wants Lakshmi to stay here, then she will stay here. She says she wants to support his decision, even if she don’t want. She says I am sorry that I refused for the engagement. Neelam asks why you are apologizing and tells that the person who has done wrong shall apologize. Rishi says Mukesh will apologize as he must have kept the expired cream. Lakshmi says sorry to save Mukesh.

Dadi waits for Virender to come. Virender comes there and says he was settling the rumors which is against us. Dadi says everything will be fine, and asks him to get ready. Virender asks about Lakshmi. Dadi says so far so good, she don’t give any chance to anyone to complain. Karishma asks if you are ready? Rishi says yes. Neelam asks him to be with Malishka until her face gets fine. She goes. Malishka hugs him and cries. She asks if you will love me always even if my face remains the same.

Virender tells Dadi that Lakshmi has never opened her mouth and have never replied anyone. Dadi says I wanted her to be this house Lakshmi, but destiny changed. She says her blessings are with Lakshmi and her destiny shall change. Virender goes. Dadi thinks don’t know when Neelam and others will believe that Lakshmi’s destiny is related to this house. The goons get ready to rob the house. The goon tells that this robbery will be their last and big robbery, after that they don’t have to do any work. The other goon asks if someone comes infront of us. The head the goons asks them to kill whoever comes infront of them, and says we have to do our work and give the thing which boss asked, and he will give us a big amount for that. He says do or die, but do the work.

Lakshmi comes to Dadi and is sad. Dadi asks what happened? Lakshmi says it is not a big thing and asks what needs to be done now. Dadi asks if Neelam or Karishma scolded you. Lakshmi says I am here for few days. Malishka asks Rishi if you will love me always, if my face is ruined always. Mukesh comes there and gives the medicine and water. Rishi tells Malishka that the love happens with heart and not with face. He says person’s qualities, behavior and heart shall be good.

He asks her to have medicine and says you will be fine in 5 mins. Dadi says who knows who will stay here. Lakshmi says I will have regret that the family whom I regarded as my family, I couldn’t make place in everyone’s hearts for me.

Kiran comes there and asks Malishka about the rashes. Rishi goes. Sonal asks what happened with you. Kiran says I will go and scold Lakshmi. Sonal says you should have told the family what Lakshmi has done with you. Malishka says I told Neelam and Karishma aunty. Kiran says what did they do, if they have thrown Lakshmi. Malishka says I stopped them to throw Lakshmi out, and tells that Rishi made me have medicine, as I learnt to control Rishi and keep him in my palm. She says don’t think me as fool that I will get my face ruined by Lakshmi, and says I called her here to do my make up done, but it was my conspiracy. A fb is shown, Malishka changes the new foundation with the expired one in the dustbin. She says it was her conspiracy to make Lakshmi as criminal in Neelam’s sight and made herself as great in Rishi’s sight and stopped Lakshmi.

She says Neelam aunty thought that Lakshmi did it intentionally. Kiran says if this rashes stay on your permanently. Malishka says I already talked to the doctor and he said that I shall take the medicine immediately. Kiran says I want a devil to come in Lakshmi’s life and she gets ousted from my daughter’s life. She says my daughter has to do this because of her.

The guests start coming. Rishi looks at the ring in his hand and the ring falls outside from the window. He turns to go and get it, when he collides with Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks where is he going? He says ring fell down. Lakshmi says engagement ring is with aunty and asks which ring fell down. Rishi says our ring. Lakshmi says that ring is of no use. Rishi says it is my everything and the memory of our relation, I will bring that ring. Lakshmi stops him and says I will go and bring that ring. She asks him to go and asks him to go to hall. Rishi says I need that ring, and I need you too, very much. He says I am trusting you, just bring that ring and give to me.

The goons are hiding outside. The goon looks at the ring seeing its sparkling, and says they are rich to throw diamond rings also. Lakshmi comes there looking for the ring.

Neelam asks Pandit ji to check the arrangements. Rishi comes there. Neelam says Malishka will come here. She asks why did he leave Malishka? Rishi says I came, as Kiran aunty and Sonal came. Neelam asks him to stay here now. Rishi waits for Lakshmi and thinks if she gets the ring or not. Lakshmi finds the ring and gets emotional. She falls down, and picks the ring again. She thinks it is good that Rishi is not here, else he will say that I am accident prone. She senses someone’s presence and asks who is there? The other goon tells the others that let her think that there is one person and says our goon will handle her. The goon keeps knife on Lakshmi’s neck. Rishi senses Lakshmi is in danger and shouts Lakshmi. The head of the goon signs the goon to run away, and says if the girl don’t go then the family members will come inside. The goon pushes Lakshmi and runs away. Lakshmi thinks where is the security. The guard comes there and tells that he had gone to washroom. Lakshmi says a thief had come here. The guard says he will check.

Lakshmi says he has run away. She thinks she shall not tell the family members, else they will blame her only. She comes inside. Rishi asks if you are fine? Lakshmi thinks she shall not tell anyone. Rishi asks if everything is fine. Lakshmi says she was not getting ring. Rishi says I felt as someone held your neck. Lakshmi says you have seen it. Rishi asks what do you mean? Lakshmi says how did you feel it? She asks him to see good dreams of Malishka. Rishi asks her to tell truly. Lakshmi says someone held me, and pressed my neck and then asked me to give ring to Rishi. Rishi asks what you are saying? Lakshmi goes. Rishi says why did I feel that someone pressed Lakshmi’s neck. Malishka comes there. Rishi says your face is fine. Malishka says you made me have the medicine, and I am fine, and says I have yearned for this day.

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