The Rules of Love update Monday 13 May 2024

The rules of love 13 may 2024: Satya is approaching Maitree. Satya threatens Maitree and her family with death if they oppose him. Satyam fires a rifle at Maitree. Maitree screams in agony and collapses. After hearing Maitree’s voice, Nandish and Om emerge.

Maitree is dragged inside the kitchen by Satyam. He informs Maitree, who is asleep, that he will kill her family members first so she can feel the sorrow. Om and Nandish enter the kitchen to check on things.

Om notices Satyam and hides with Nandish. Satyam goes in quest of Om and Nandish. Om sneaks into the children’s room and informs Kusum and the children that Satyam has broken into their home. Kusum requests that he call the police, but they notice that they do not have a phone. Om assures them that by beating Satyam, they can save Maitree. Kusum inquires as to how. Om claims to have an idea.

Harsh observes couples conversing and reconciling. Harsh realises his error and decides to contact Maitree. He becomes aware of Maitree’s missed calls. He phones her but she does not answer, so he returns home.

Satyam goes in quest of Maitree’s family relatives. Om, Kusum, and the youngsters use what they have to teach Satyam a lesson. Kusum smacks Satyam in the head with the bottle. Satyam pretends to be unconscious and captures Om, Kusum, and the Kids.

Harsh has returned home. Someone has severed the bell wire, and the door is locked from the inside. Harsh seeks assistance from Dinesh. Maitree gradually regains awareness. Harsh bangs on the door and calls out for Maitree.

Maitree emerges from the kitchen to find Satyam brandishing a gun at Om, Kusum, and the Children. Maitree brings the net and, with the assistance of family members, catches Satyam in the net. Harsh and the police team enter the house by breaking down the door. They notice Maitree and her relatives apprehending Satyam. Satyam is apprehended by the police. Maitree informs Satyam that this is her family’s power. Satyam issues a warning to Maitree. Satyam is apprehended by the police.

Harsh expresses regret to Maitree. Maitree assures him that he made no mistakes. Maitree assures Harsh that everything is OK and requests that he smile at her. Maitree notices Harsh’s distress and teases him. Harsh eventually brightens as he sees all the kids banding together with Maitree to cheer him up.

Maitree enters the room and considers why it is dark. Harsh arrives and shocks Maitree by projecting their sweet moments onto the wall. Triveni Sadan is invaded by a snake. Harsh is informed by Maitree that they will be together for 7 births. Maitree and Harsh kiss one other and sleep peacefully. Snake walks into Maitree’s chamber. Maitree awakens when she hears a hissing sound. She is startled as she notices a large snake in front of her.

After hearing a hissing sound, Maitree awoke. Maitree notices a large snake directly in front of her. She screams in terror. Harsh awakens and switches on the light. He inquires of Maitree as to what transpired. According to Maitree, a large snake entered their hours and bit her. Harsh tells her it’s a dream and tells her to go to sleep. Maitree questions whether or not this is her dream. She is sleeping. The snake approaches Maitree’s bed. Maitree awakens to see nothing near her bed. The snake is slithering around the hall.

The next day, Maitree goes in quest of the snake. She also decides to search the closed room. Harsh stops Maitree from looking around the room and teases her about the snake taking up her attention. Kusum and Om arrive and inquire whether the snake has entered their home. Harsh claims Snake appeared in Maitree’s dream. Kusum feels it’s a good sign and tells Maitree not to be concerned. They can hear the beckoning ring.

Harsh pushes open the door. He sees Nandini and wonders why she came and if she isn’t ashamed. Maitree claims to have called her. Harsh reminds Maitree that Nandini attempted to murder her. Nandish informs Maitree that Nandini is not his mother and requests that she not allow Nandini to enter their home. Nandini, according to Maitree, deserves a second chance. Nandini, according to Om and Kusum, does not deserve a second opportunity.

Maitree defends Nandini’s behaviour and asks family members to give Nandini another chance. Om and Kusum describe Nandini as a serpent who will never change. They depart. Harsh enters and warns Maitree to be cautious. Nandini is getting ready to depart. Maitree comes to a halt in front of Nandini and tells her that she knows how much she is repenting. She requests that Nandini stay in Tiwari Sadan for her.

Maitree later notices the strong wind and goes to close the door. She is shocked the first time she sees a large snake. When Maitree hears the sound of the window, she turns. She is blind to the snake. Maitree believes it is an illusion or something else. Nandini enters her room with trepidation and shuts the door.

Jhumki’s homemade meal is praised by children and family members. Jhumki’s presence, according to Maitree, reduced her kitchen tension. She expresses gratitude to Jhumki. Jhumki tells Maitree that she owes her gratitude for assisting roadside orphans like her. Maitree encourages her not to cry and tells her that they are also her family. She instructs Jhumki to prepare Prashad for the following day. Maitree concurs. They can hear the beckoning ring.

Maitree walks in and sees Dinesh. Maitree invites Dinesh inside to sample Jhumki’s cuisine. Dinesh approaches her and inquires as to where she was the previous night. Maitree claims she is at home and wonders why he is questioning her like a criminal. Dinesh claims it’s an investigation into a homicide that occurred 400 metres away from a Triveni Sadan. Kusum inquires about Maitree’s involvement in the murder. Dinesh claims that based on CCTV evidence, Maitree was present last night and that she needs to come to the station to provide her statement.

Maitree has stated that she will attend. Dinesh notices Nandini and inquires as to why she is here. Maitree’ claims to have called her. Dinesh departs, telling her never to believe someone like Nandini. Maitree later, signs the police registration and informs Dinesh that she has no idea how she got to the murder scene. Dinesh claims they must find out since all evidence points to you.

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