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In the corridor Tapsi apologizes to Karan as she can’t share anything else with him. In the hall, Prithvi’s mother asks Karan if he is happy to insult Prithvi now. Preeta says Karan was only being a good friend. Sarla says Karan and Preeta are friends and Rishab and Karan are like her family.

She only wants that Karan and Prithvi get rid of any difference between them. Karan and Prithvi hug each other. Preeta feels bad for Karan. Prithvi goes to freshen up signaling Sherlin. He hugs her thanking for her assistance.

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Preeta comes to Karan and says he is a loser person. Karan says he never loses; it’s only because of stupidity of a few people. If she wants The Karan Luthra, she must break the engagement. He says Prithvi is a bad person and is so cunning that he always get rid of the situation.

He gets his lie as truth, and Karan’s truth turns to a lie. Preeta says there is no reason to believe Prithvi is wrong here. Karan says it was his mistake to try and help Preeta, he gets disturbed while thinking about her. Preeta asks him to give her a smile, can’t she demand this from a friend? Karan says he doesn’t want Preeta to get engaged to Prithvi, he would now see how much his wish value for Preeta. Sarla comes to take Preeta for the engagement rituals, and insists Karan to join them.

Preeta thinks about Karan while wearing the ring from Prithvi. Sameer looks towards Shrishti and thinks she looks really upset. Karan looks towards Preeta with hopeful looks while she takes the ring from the box, and puts it in Prithvi’s finger. Preeta hugs Sarla while Prithvi smirks staring at Rishab and Karan. He was determined to stay close to Preeta just to make them feel jealous, they will be helpless. He thanks the guests for being a part of the engagement, he wants a romantic dance with Preeta. Sarla allows if Preeta agrees. Preeta was reluctant to dance with Prithvi and apologizes him.

Prithvi says he feels very disturbed for what Karan did today, he wants to make some sweet memories of the day with Preeta today. Preeta agrees reluctantly. Prithvi asks Sameer to play some good romantic song in his playlist. Prithvi smirks looking towards Karan while he touches Preeta intimately. Rishab curtly turns the music off. Sameer makes up that the fuse got off. Rishab assures Karan he is there to control Prithvi.

Sherlin arrives at Tapsi’s house. She opens the door and slaps Sherlin hard on face. Sherlin remembers Tapsi was running across the corridor. Sherlin came to show on video call that Tapsi’s mother had been kidnapped, and the goons awaited Sherlin’s instruction. She sent Tapsi to tell everyone that Karan was wrong. Sherlin warns if Tapsi holds a finger over her again, she will witness what Sherlin do to her enemies. She brought air tickets for her and her mother to leave India for a while.

Prithvi stops Karan outside the hall and teases him for being a loser. He says he warned Karan to stay away from him but Karan didn’t listen. In the end, Karan was empty handed. Karan says Prithvi is afraid of him and is speaking out loud to hide his fear; he challenges Prithvi he won’t ever get married to Preeta and this is now a one man game only. He dare Prithvi to involve Preeta in their fight anymore and gets in the car.

At home, Preeta asks Shrishti why she is upset. Shrishti asks why everyone at home can’t see that Prithvi isn’t the right guy for her. They can’t see the problems in Prithvi. She understands Preeta didn’t break the engagement because of fear of society. She says Sarla can only see the truth which is shown to her. She says Prithvi is so cunning that he turned all the proofs down. They often get the gut feeling that something wrong would soon happen to them.

Dadi had come to the room and hear this all. Shrishti tells Preeta to listen to her gut feeling, she will understand why she shouldn’t marry Prithvi. Dadi comes to interrupt and forbids Shrishti fill Preeta’s ears against Prithvi. Preeta is now engaged; and it’s alright if Shrishti doesn’t like Prithvi, after all they aren’t marrying her to Prithvi. Shrishti says she will follow her gut feeling now, and call Karan as her Jeeju.

At Luthra house, Karan and Rishab sat together in the balcony. Both were thinking Preeta must not have engaged Prithvi. Rishab says he got the hope through video that they will break the engagement. Karan was angry over Preeta who is a stupid and only cares about society and the world; she wasn’t convinced to break her engagement.

Rishab says a person like him think he can marry Preeta, but she is caught in a false relation with Prithvi. Karan inquires who that person is. Rishab says it’s him, a common man like him. He calls Preeta a mature girl. Karan curtly says she isn’t mature at all, she never understands the situation. But whatever it is, she is really nice.

Everyone like her. He boasts about being a very nice person and has decided to care for his friend. Rishab asks Karan to share the plan with him next time, he will then witness another face of his brother. He was determined to become a little different now.
The next morning, Shrishti takes the tea from Sarla. Dadi asks Shrishti if she got her mind fixed. Shrishti says her mind was always in place, the truth is that Prithvi is, was and will always be a mismatch for Preeta.

She will always consider Karan as her Jeeju, and she doesn’t care what anyone think about her consent. Sarla comes to ask Shrishti get potato from market. Shrishti wasn’t ready to go, and requests Preeta to fetch potato from market. Preeta wasn’t ready as well, Shrishti gets to her feet. Preeta finally agrees to go.

In the room, Sherlin was irritated when Prithvi comes in. She tells Prithvi she called Tapsi to ask when she is leaving the city. Tapsi said she has sent her mother to an unknown place, and she would never leave the city. She was afraid that their true face would soon be unveiled. Prithvi shows her a note from Tapsi when he sent the money for her. He couldn’t even find her at her house.

Sherlin thinks that Tapsi is as cunning as they are. Prithvi was sure she can’t plan so badly, they will take care of her. Sherlin blames Prithvi for still holding feelings for Tapsi. Prithvi promises to take care of that Tapsi.

Preeta was purchasing the vegetable when Karan calls her. Preeta says she is busy right now, will speak to him later. Karan jokes what she busy is for, she already got engaged and is going to get hung soon. She was annoyed over Karan for not taking her calls seriously as well. Karan stops the car nearby Preeta. The shopping bag fell off her hand. As he comes to help her, Preeta asks if he jumped out of the phone.

Karan laughs while helping her with vegetables and get a new bag for her. He offers her a drive back, but Preeta says she will walk back home. Karan agrees as she is getting fat and needs walking. Preeta was annoyed.

While driving back in car, Preeta shouts at Karan that he needs to learn some manners. Karan doesn’t listen. He stops the car which was blocked by the goon of their area. Preeta recognizes him as Meer, the brother of Sanjay. She thinks they might get fight with Karan and decides to get down the car there and walk to house.

Her dupatta was stuck in the car’s door, Karan walks down to help her. Meer laughs watching them. Preeta was angry over Karan for tearing her dupattas. When Karan has left, Preeta curses herself for always fighting with him on petty matters.


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