The Evil Eye Starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

The evil eye 25 may 2024: Ansh brings Piya in room and says you take rest, I will handle everything for party. He makes her lie on bed. Chandelier is about to fall on her but Ansh pushes her away. Shekhar and Vedsheree comes there and asks how this happened? Piya says Vedsheree did it, I saw her tempering with it.

Vedsheree says what are you saying? you are misunderstanding. Ansh says Piya what are you saying? Vedsheree says trust me, I didnt do anything, Shekhar takes her from there. Piya tells Ansh that Vedsheree tempered with it. Ansh says why would she do it? You freed her from Mohana so she is fine.

Piya comes to room and looks at flower she used to free Vedsheree from Mohana.In party, Vedsheree says to Ansh that Piya is changing, I want to live peacefully with her. Shekhar says our daughter in law is mature, dont worry. Vedsheree says Piya is doubting me for everything. Ansh says I know you are not at fault.

Piya meets Nishant and tells him that I think Vedsheree and Mohana have rakt relation still. Nishant says we have to find out for sure first. Lets not think about it, its Adi’s birthday. They both enter party. Nishant says I have to call someone, he leaves. Piya sees Vedsheree holding Adi and is about to attack him with a knife.

She runs and takes Adi from him. Ansh sees it and says why you are misbehaving Piya? Piya says she was trying to kill Adi. Avi says you must be mistaken. Piya says she had a knife. Chitali shows her that its a plastic knife. Vedsheree recalls how she hid steel one. Piya says she had real knife in her hand. Nishant comes there and says calm down, Vedsheree loves Adi as much as you. Piya says she was trying to kill Adi. Ansh asks her to stop it. Nishant whispers to that calm down, we have to be careful. Vedsheree says Piya wont understand anything, she is worried about Mohana’s threats. Piya says Vedsheree is doing all this because she is still in Mohana’s control, their rakt relation didnt end. Shekhar says their tree died. Piya says I saw that pot growing again, I will bring it. She goes to check for it but its missing from its place. Piya sees a burned pot tree and is confused. Flashback recalls how Mohana made Vedsheree kill pot tree. Shekhar says this tree died. Piya says no, when I saw it, it was red. Vedsheree tells Piya that I dont know why you are doing this but I am sorry if I did something wrong, if you want something then you can tell me. Piya says trust me Ansh, Mohana and Vedsheree still have rakt relation. Shekhar says enough, you keep blaming her for different things, you know their relation ended way back. Piya says lets do a test and we will find out. Shekhar says we dont have to. Ansh says we have to, if Piya said it then we will do this test. Shekhar says but its Adi’s birthday. Ansh says Piya did everything for us, if she is saying it then there must be a reason behind it and if its a misunderstanding then we can clarify.

Scene 2Naman and Saanvi throws powder on floor in evil room so they can trace Panna. She shouts at Naman to get lost, he is useless. Naman leaves.Naman tells Dilruba about Saanvi throwing him out of work. She says how dare she. Naman says she thinks.. you made Panna leave that room. Dilruba says its not true, what if I prove that I didnt make Panna run? Then you will get your job back? He nods.

 1Nishant tells family that we can use Mohana and Vedsheree’s connection. Chitali says what is this test? Piya says we will do something that Mohana wont let her do, witch has her powers in her braid, if we cut Vedsheree’s braid then Mohana’s braid will be cut too and she wont let it happen. Shekhar says are you mad? I wont let you cut my wife’s hair.

Mohana asks Vedsheree to talk. Vedsheree says no if Piya wants this then fine. She brings her hair to front and cries. Piya takes scissors and is about to cut her hair but Ansh stops her and says no.. I wont let it happen with my mother. Vedsheree cries and hugs him. Piya thinks how to tell them that she is in Mohana’s control.

Piya talks to Ansh and says we have to find out if Mohana is controlling her, she can attack anyone using Vedsheree. Ansh says dont be in rush, dont do anything till I dont comeback, she says I promise. Ansh jumps from balcony and flies away.Vedsheree wakes up and says now is the time to attack.Sanam and Naman comes to Saanvi’s house. Dilruba goes in evil room and doesnt step on floor.

Piya hides and sees Vedsheree going. She comes to Adi’s room and sees him playing there. She sees red water on him and tries to wipe it away.

Dilruba tells Naman that you can eat something if you are tensed. Naman says I have to find some solution. He gets an idea and throws powder on walls to see marks there. Saanvi comes there and asks what are you both doing there? Naman shows her foot marks on wall and says Panna ran from this side.

Nishant talks to Ansh and says I cant find out rakt relation without hurting Vedsheree so I gave idea of cutting her hair, we have to find some other way and I remember that we can target Mohana and we will know about rakt relation. He shows him rakt agni noose and says when we throw it around Mohana, it will light up if there is rakt relation around her. Ansh says we have to find Mohana for it.Naman talks to Saanvi and Dilruba, Naman says someone came from outside to make Panna runaway. Saanvi says only Mohana knows how to come inside evil room and took Panna away. Nishant and Ansh hears it and says what Mohana was here.

Scene 2Shekhar says dont know what happened to our Piya. Vedsheree says she is scared about Mohana. Chitali says Mohana wont do anything, 7 days are ending. Vedsheree says hope last few hours remaining will pass soon. Piya hides and sees Vedsheree leaving room with a powder.

Nishant feels something in lounge and sees Mohana hanging on wall. Ansh flies and grabs Mohana. Nishant throws noose around Mohana, it starts burning. Nishant says it means there is rakt relation between Vedsheree and Mohana. Nishant says when noose surrounds her completely then rakt relation will end. Mohana thinks I made them catch me so they are busy here and cant stop what will happen in Vedsheree’s room. Ansh calls Piya and says you were right, Vedsheree was controlled by Mohana, Nishant is working to break it. Piya sees powder on kitchen floor and it catches fire. Piya doses fire off and says I saw Vedsheree with this powder. It means she is using this in house to burn it down.

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