The Evil Eye Starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

The Evil Eye 26 may 2024: Scene 1Piya sees powder on floor everywhere in house. She runs to Vedsheree and tries to stop her before she can burn house but mistakenly pushes her from balcony. Vedsheree falls down.

Piya tries to use her powers to stop her falling and hitting ground but she cant.Mohana is in evil room and laughs, she says I knew Piya would do this. Flashback shows how she freed Panna and asked her to do her work.

Panna comes near Ansh’s house and makes Piya’s powers useless.. Vedsheree falls down and hits ground. Ansh comes there and is shocked. He brings her up balcony and says I am taking her hospital. All family members are angry and sad.Mohana says to Panna that Piya will be thrown out of that house now.

Vedsheree is in OT. Family is waiting outside for her to recover. Piya stands in corner. Ansh ignores her. Doctor comes there and says she got hit on her head and is critical, we can only pray, he leaves. Shekhar breakdowns. Avi consoles him. Shekhar says to Piya that she took you as her daughter, put her life in danger for you and you did this? you hurt her? no.. no.. Chitali says we should leave with Shekhar. Avi, Chitali and Shekhar leaves. Mohana comes there dressed as nurse. Piya says to Ansh that truth is not what you saw. Ansh says I told you to wait for me.

Piya says Vedsheree was trying to burn house down, I was trying to stop her, I tried using my powers but I couldnt, I cant ever hurt my mother. Ansh says I know but if anything happens to her then you will be responsible, I saw you pushing her from balcony, I cant look at you. Piya says Mohana wanted this and this is happening, Maa wanted to separate us and she made Mohana win. Ansh says you should have trusted me but you didnt, rakt relation was ending but you didnt listen to me, you were set to proving Vedsheree wrong, I told you I will never separate from you but today.. Piya says you will throw me out of your life? Mohana hears it. Ansh says no Piya but if anything happens to Vedsheree then our relation wont be same. Ansh goes to bring medicines. Mohana thinks I thought Ansh would throw Piya out of house seeing Vedsheree’s condition but its not so easy to separate them, I have to do something else.

Scene 2Dilruba and Naman comes home. They hear Guru Maa talking to someone. They come in her room but doesnt see anyone there. Naman asks Guru Maa whom she was talking to? Maa says I was talking on phone, she leaves. Naman says her phone is on drawer on otherside of room but she was on bed, whom was she talking when she didnt have phone with her?

Piya is waiting outside OT when she sees nurse going inside. She sees Vedsheree moving her hand and goes in her room but her heartbeat starts fluctuating. She sees Mohana eating her life and is shocked.

Naman eats with Guru Maa and Dilruba. Dilruba sees someone moving in room and says someone is there. They go to check it. Guru Maa stops them and locks room, she says no one is there. Dilruba says someone is there. Naman says let me check. Guru Maa says there are rats inside, I have put medicine inside so nobody will go inside, she leaves. Dilruba says Guru Maa is hiding something for sure.

Piya pleads Mohana to leave Vedsheree. Mohana says okay I will leave her but you have to leave Ansh and his family, go away from them. She is about to attack Vedsheree but Piya says I agree with your deal.

Ansh comes to Vedsheree’s room and doesnt see Piya there. He comes to her cafeteria and says why you left her alone? Piya says I was tired, its not a big deal, go back to her. She leaves from there crying. Ansh is shocked.Nishant comes to Piya and asks what happened? Piya recalls how Mohana told her to not do any mistake or else Vedsheree will die as rake relation is still alive. Nishant says I got to know about Ansh and your fight, if its something else then tell me.

Vedsheree is on wheel chair. Doctor says she is out of danger so we can take her home. Piya hides from them. Vedsheree asks about her. Ansh says she went for discharge papers, you all go. They leave. Piya cries seeing them.Family is taking care of Vedsheree at home but she keeps asking for Piya. Shekhar says Ansh call her.Piya recalls Mohana’s deal and is tensed. Ansh comes to her in their room and says dont know what is in your heart, please come with me and meet Maa. Piya says you dont know what I want? I want my space. Ansh says what are you saying? Piya says you always keep looking after your mother, you dont care for your wife, I want to live separately, I want space and house for myself and my kid. Ansh says I am shocked to see this is you. Piya says this is the truth, think about it. She leaves from there.

Scene 2Shekhar says to Chitali that Vedsheree doesnt remember how she fell. Piya and Ansh comes there. Shekhar says dont talk about what happened. Vedsheree wakes up and says Piya where were you? you are fine right? You were scared to see me like this? I remember you pushed me but it was not your fault, I know you must have done that after thinking, forget it as a bad dream. Piya wipes her tears and says you shouldnt have created that problem in first place. I am not here to solve everyone’s trouble. All are shocked. Piya goes from there and cries.

Guru Maa comes to Mausi in room. Mausi says your chudail daughter in law can see us. Dilruba takes her real avatar as she faked as Guru Maa. Naman and Guru Maa comes there. Dilruba says she is still here. Guru Maa says she came here for treatment, she is my sister so she will stay here. Naman takes Dilruba from there. Mausi says I am here to teach this witch a lesson.

At night, Dilruba is throwing utensils at Mausi. Guru Maa ask them to stop it. Mausi says she is a chudail. Naman tries to control them but is scared. Dilruba says I am leaving her for you Naman. Guru Maa says they will kill each other.

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