The Evil Eye Starlife update Friday 24 May 2024

The evil eye 24 may 2024: Ansh agrees to stab Karan’s casket. Mohana asks him to do it to bring him back. Ansh takes dagger. Mohana throws cloth on casket and turns it around. Otherside is Vedsheree in casket. Ansh thinks I am doing it for my brother. Ansh says when Karan becomes fine, I will return him wings. Mohana thinks that anyone whose does a sin will lose wings and Ansh is about to stab his mother.

Family comes home and look around. Piya says Mohana must be with Ansh planning to hurt Vedsheree. They start looking around for him. Nishant says we cant let Mohana hurt her. Piya uses her powers to bring red tree pot grow out of her hand. They see it directing towards balcony. Light travels from balcony door to tree, it becomes ashes. Nishant says Vedsheree is free from witch rakt relation now.

They all enter balcony and see Ansh about to stab casket. Piya shouts no Ansh.. Vedsheree screams. Ansh takes off veil and see Vedsheree, he is stunned and runs to her. Nishant says Mohana used rakt relation to bring her here, she is out of it now. Ansh says I saw Karan in casket. Nishant turns casket over to see Karan’s stoned body. Nishant says this was Mohana’s trick to make you stab Vedsheree. Ansh glares at her and says you cheated me. Piya says she wanted you to do a sin so she could snatch wings from you. Mohana says she is not lying.

Shekhar says she tried to make you kill your mother, she is a witch after all. Piya says Mohana used Ansh’s weakness about Karan. Mohana says he cant use powers of wings like me, Vedsheree burned me alive so I can make her son kill her too, I will take wings from you, maybe he will have to do a sin in helplessness. Piya says only sin he can do is to kill you. Mohana tries to attack her but Ansh throws her from balcony. They all leave. Mohana comes back and tells Piya that I will take wings from Ansh. Piya says you dare come near my family and I wont spare you. Mohana says what if Ansh throws you out of house? lets see what I do now.

Naman comes to Sanam and says sorry, please.. Sanam looks away. He says I did a mistake, Guru Maa scolded me for shouting at you, you care for me thats why you got angry on Mausi, nobody loved me before so I dont know how to react, I am sorry. Dilruba laughs and says you dont have to say sorry, I forgive you. Naman says so easily? he hugs her and says keep smiling. Sanvi comes there and says will you start working? Naman says what work do we have? Saanvi says she is a chudail so I am not telling you about work infront of her.

Ansh asks Adi to sleep, its late. Piya smiles. Ansh says tomorrow is his birthday, he shows his wings to Adi, Adi smiles. Ansh makes him lie in bed. Piya says he wants to see your wings all the time. Ansh says kids like new things, I am thinking about today’s incident. Piya says Mohana used your weakness.. Mohana.. She threatened me that you will throw me out of house. Ansh says it can never happen, you are life of this house, dont listen to Mohana, she is not part of our family.

Mohana says I may not be in house but Piya will dance to my tunes and I will make her leave house in 7 days.

In morning, Piya tells Adi to play. They all busy in preparing for Adi’s 1st birthday. Vedsheree is playing with Adi.

Naman is in thoughts. Sanam asks what happened? Naman says I will lose my job or remain your husband, I cant be a witch hunter as you will feel bad. Sanam says no I would love for you to go to work, I am not interested in your work so you dont have to tell me anything, she leaves. Naman says wow my wife is intelligent and beautiful.

Vedsheree brings Adi on balcony. She can hear Mohana. Mohana is away from house but send messages to Vedsheree. Flashback shows how Mohana used a powder to keep Vedsheree in rakt relation, she says family thinks Vedsheree is free but she is still under my spell. Piya comes in balcony and sees Vedsheree leaning with Adi from balcony. She runs to Adi and takes him from her. Ansh comes there. Vedsheree says I was playing with Adi and you took him, you think I am Mohana? Piya says its not like that, Vedshree was hanging Adi from balcony, he was about to fall. Ansh says Piya you must have some misunderstanding. Vedsheree says its okay, if she doesnt want me near Adi then I wont, she cries and leaves.

Vedheree smirks and wipes her tears, tears fly away. Chitali comes there and says priest is here.

Saanvi and Naman comes to witch room. She is trying to open a casket but Naman helps her and says I am back. Saanvi says your wife let you? Naman says my wife is cooperating, dont interfere in my personal life. Saanvi says I am trying to find Mayank and Tara, I am trying to take answers from Panna but she has created ice around herself, I am going out to find some solution so you have to keep an eye on Panna. Naman says dont worry, I will keep focus here. Saanvi says what if your wife comes here? Naman says I am very dedicated to my duty. Sanam comes there and says you left lunchbox so I brought it. Naman says you didnt have to come here.

Scene 2

Mohana asks Vedsheree to go to Ansh’s room. Vedsheree goes and is tweaking chandelier. Piya sees it and shakes her head. She leaves. Vedsheree smirks.

Sanam says sorry to Naman for coming there. She gets sad and leaves. Saanvi says atleast she accepted that she is an evil power. Naman says she loves me and brought food for me.

Ansh is busy in decorations, Piya asks him to take care of Adi but he asks her to give Adi to Vedsheree. Vedsheree comes there and says I can handle him. Piya recalls earlier incident and says no its okay, she leaves with Adi. Ansh sees it and tells Vedsheree that Adi is becoming mischievous thats why Piya took him. Vedsheree says its okay, did you have a fight with Piya? She seems tensed. Ansh says she is worried about Mohana’s threats. Vedsheree says Mohana is away now, she should take rest, ask Piya to take rest. Ansh says okay and thanks, he leaves. Vedsheree smirks. Shekhar comes there and asks if everything is prepared? I told you about list. She says I forgot but I will do it.


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