Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Strings of love 17 January 2024: Sahiba tells Veer that Brars lost a big contract because of her. Veer says its not her mistake as she did her best and she shouldn’t bother about Kaira’s words as Kiara is habituated to speak nonsense. Sahiba says her shop will not return now. Angad hears their conversation. Maid informs Seerat that Jasleen is calling her in Kiara’s room.

Kiara talks to her boyfriend Jatin and says she is very much afraid and thinks should visit a center. Jasleen walks in and asks whom she was speaking to. Kiara says a friend and was telling she needs to work hard as she doesn’t want to come second in her next exam. Jasleen praises her and says she should choose everything best and classy in her life, even her life partner. Seerat walks in.

Jasleen shows Seerat’s earrings and says she ordered it exclusively from Belgium and asks Kiara to take an inspiration from these and design similar earrings. Kiara taunts Seerat that one sister thinks herself as an artist and another sister thinks herself rich wearing her mom’s expensvie jewelr. Seerat returns earrings to Kiara and says she wore it on Jasleen’s insistence. Once she leaves, Jasleen asks Kiara why she is behaving arrogantly earlier with Sahiba and now with Seerat, she should behave well.

Seerat notices Angad wobbling while walking in corridor and asks if he is fine. He says yes. She says he should take someone’s help. Angad says he himself can get whatever he wants. She asks how is he now and why did he not let her stay at the hospital and take care of him. He says she is his younger brother’s wife, taking care of him is his parents and wife’s duty She says even she can. He prays god that Garry takes care of her so well that she doesn’t have to think about taking care of others. Jasleen noticing them and thinks Seerat is too much worried for Angad. She walks to Angad and asks how is he feeling now. He says better. She complains that Akaal restricted Garry from returning to their business even after Garry apologized and has reformed himself.

Angad says Akaal is right as Garry’s mistake is unforgivable and they can’t trust him in their business. Seerat says they should give Garry one more chance. Angad says he will think and walks away.

Jasleen praises Seerat for taking Garry’s side and asks her to make sure Angad agrees to include Garry in family business. Seerat says Angad is right that Garry is untrustable, Garry doesn’t listen to her and is ruining his life, Jasleen should speak to him and try to correct him. Jasleen asks if Garry doesn’t listen to her. Seerat says she didn’t mean that. Jasleen asks if she is angry with Kiara’s misbehavior and says Kiara is upset that Garry married Seerat and not Shanaya, but she will accept her soon and behave with her well from hereon. Seerat leaves. Jasleen thinks she needs to keep Seerat under confidence and make her act as her puppet as her words affect Angad a lot.

Next morning, Angad wakes up and notices Sahiba sitting in front of him. Sahiba gives him medicines and asks him to have it on time. Angad hopes there is a medicine for her pain which she is hiding within and not sharing with him. Sahiba says pain increases if they befriend it, he can have his medicines on time, she is take Ajith to hospital as he is unwell. Angad asks if Ajith’s health deteriorated after shop loss, shall he book a doctor’s appointment. Sahiba says there is no need for that. Angad says she should take driver and car along. Sahiba says she took him to hospital in Kulcha’s auto and will manage. She visits Manveer who is checking her BP and informs that she is taking her father for blood test, so can Manveer take care of Angad till she returns. Manveer says she doesn’t have to teach her how to take care of her son and says Sahiba visiting her parents leaving Angad proves that she doesn’t care for Angad. Sahiba says one has to prioritize according to he needs, she paid attention to Angad when he needed it and now her father needs her attention, a daughter can never cut her relationship from her parents forever, etc. Manveer continues her arrogance and says she can leave. Sahiba leaves from there.

Sahiba takes Ajith to a hospital for doctor’s appointment. She notices Kiara getting her pregnancy test and walks to her. Kiara is shocked and asks what is she doing here. Sahiba asks if she got her pregnancy test. Kiara yells at her if she is spying on her, warns her not to inform anyone about it, and asks to go from there.

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