Unfortunate love update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Unfortunate love 17 January 2024: Malishka is very tensed walking in the room, thinking about how se turned off the light in the store room and then pulled Lakshmi to the room but even then she was not able to defeat her, Malishka wonders how can an illiterate girl like Lakshmi can defeat her, Kiran questions why has she not stopped thinking about Lakshmi when Malishka replies she cannot stop thinking until Lakshmi herself becomes a ghost, Kiran says she does not even feel like slapping her because she cannot understand the signs from Bhagwan who has his blessings over Lakshmi, Malishka says that this is the sign of Bhagwan but for her because she tried to kill Rishi but he is alive and so she can still get married to him as this is a sign for her, Malishka says that Rishi said he feels Rishi is around him but that feeling was for her, Malishka explains if Rishi was not in her Bhagya then he would not be around her, Malishka is sure that that bot can still be a couple. Kiran explains that Malishka would have gone to jail if Rishi had caught her, and she needs to be here in order to be around Rishi. Malishka replies that she need to kill Lakshmi in order to be around Rishi. Sonal asks what is Malishka saying as she has gotten mad when Malishka replies she is actually mad for Rishi and if he can think about Lakshmi then why can he not think about her.

Aayush drops his car and goes to the local vendors asking if they have seen Lakshmi with a bandage around her head, he wonders if this is just his imagination or did he actually see her, Aayush stops a women and so asks if she has seen Lakshmi but the lady replies that she was fine a few moments ago. Aayush gets a call from Shalu when she asks if he caught the driver when Aayush says that he managed to run away so Bani asks how would they get to Lakshmi di, Aayush explains he felt as if he had seen Lakshmi but when he turned the driver managed to run away so Shalu and Bani end the cal.

Malishka explains that she is surely going to get married to Rishi and for this she needs to kill Lakshmi, Kiran replies that she would not do anything of the sort but Malishka gets furious saying that she is going to kill Lakshmi, Kiran stops her when she asks how can she explain it to Malishka who replies she should not even try because she loves Rishi and would make sure she gets married to him but for that Lakshmi has to die, Kiran threatens to end all the relations with her if she leaves the house, Malishka says she can do it because this is what they even di with Rishi when he left the house, Kiran sits down in despair wondering what can she do to talk some sense into Malishka.

Rishi is searching for Lakshmi but it gets dark when he prays that he has had enough of this hide and seek and needs to find her, Rishi thinks as if he has seen Lakshmi so constantly keeps asking her to get aside but Lakshmi falls down when Rishi gets out from the car constantly calling to lakshmi, the driver gets furious at Rishi asking if he does not see clearly but Rishi starts pushing them away saying that he has seen Lakshmi however they say Rishi is just blaming them, he says he is sure that he saw her but Rishi tries to fight with them both however they start beating Rishi and when he falls onto the ground they say that he should first find his Lakshmi then try to fight with them they leave while Rishi sitting beside the car is constantly praying that he should find Lakshmi, he even starts crying calling to Lakshmi.

Malishka while driving the car wonders where can she search for Lakshmi as she said it out of confidence that she will find he but where is she going to look for her, Malishka thinks that lakshmi always says that she is going to be the shield of Rishi but where is she when he needs her the most and she is sure there is going to be a reason for it all, the weather also changes.

Virender enters the house when Neelam comes to him questioning if he was able to find Rishi, she says that he has returned without being able to find Rishi. Virender replies that he had gone to the commissioner when Neelam asks for Rishi but he says he went to the commissioner to find Lakshmi and they are sending additional force. Neelam questions what sort of a father is he because he knows that Rishi is not healthy and even then he went to find her but how can he be able to do it when he himself is not fine. Virender replies that Lakshmi has been kidnapped however hearing this Neelam asks if the kidnappers called anyone for Lakshmi hearing this Virender calls Shalu asking if she found out about Lakshmi, Shalu says that she felt he would know it, Virender mentions that had someone kidnap Lakshmi it would have been for the sake of money.

Virender asks Shalu to call him if she gets gets any call, Shalu says that Aayush told her how the owner also managed to run away. Karishma comes to Virender asking what has happened when he says the kidnappers did not call anyone, Neelam replies that Lakshmi has not been kidnapped and so asks Virender to just focus on finding Rishi because if Lakshmi has left then he should only search for his son. Karishma says that she is also trying to say the same thing that he should focus on she won son as he has given a lot of love to Lakshmi frankly more then she deserves, she leaves without letting Virender say anything.

Aaysuh sits in his car thinking it has gotten dark while trying to search for Lakshmi Bhabhi and what if she would have gotten anything to eat, while even the tempo owner managed to run away so had he been able to catch him then would have found out who tried to harm his Bhabhi, Aayush suddenly sees something.

Sonal while standing remembers when Malishka said that her mother can break her relation if this is what she desires, Sonal sees kiran crying so going to sit by her side asks what has happened as she is also like her daughter, Kiran wonders what has happened because she thought of so many things that Rishi and Malishka would get married and she will be living with them but she started behaving like a criminal, even when she understands that Malishka is hurt because Rishi married Lakshmi instead of her however now she does not even listen to anyone, Kiran explains she feels she would lose her daughter very soon, Sonal asks why is she talking like this when Kiran says that Malishka would very soon either be hanged or become a criminal.

The Inspector is on the radio asking if the girl has been found and he is told that they are taking her back to the hospital, Malishka stops him saying she heard him talking so did they find the girl the Inspector replies indeed they have and are taking her to the hospital where the formalities would be finalized, he thinks of informing her family members but Malishka stops him saying that she is the friend of Lakshmi and would inform everyone herself, she even asks if she can accompany the Inspector as then lakshmi would not get worried seeing her. Malishka thinks that Lakshmi managed to get away from each and every time but this time she is surely going to end her life once and for all.

 Sonal goes out of the room and picks Malishka’s call. Malishka says it is a good news and God wants Rishi and me to get married. She says Lakshmi is infront of her and tells that Police caught Lakshmi and they are taking her to hospital. She tells that she needs her help. Sonal says I will not help you and will not let you do anything. She says Aunty is crying a lot and feeling as losing you. Malishka says she will be happy when Rishi and I get married and asks her to come to hospital. Sonal asks her to come home. Malishka says Rishi and I will get married, and Lakshmi will die. She asks her to come to hospital else go to hell. She ends the call. Sonal thinks what to do? Rishi cries on the road, and then gets up, saying he shall not cry as he has promised Dad and will

search Lakshmi. Ayush comes there and asks him why he is here? Rishi asks did you see Lakshmi? Ayush says no, we will search her. He asks him to come with him.

Malishka comes to Inspector and lies to him saying that she informed her family. Inspector talks to his team and comes to know that the girl is taken to the hospital. Malishka asks if he is talking about Lakshmi. Inspector says this girl is someone else. Malishka says my bad and gets upset.

Ayush tells Rishi that the truck owner left seeing the girl. Rishi says we will catch him. Ayush asks Rishi what he was doing on the road. Rishi says I ran away from the hospital and felt Lakshmi like girl, who met with the accident. He says then the two goons have beaten me and eloped. Ayush asks if she was Lakshmi? Rishi says I don’t think that she is Lakshmi and says she might be kidnapped. Ayush says Bhabhi will not run away afraid and says she is kidnapped. Ayush says even I imagined her, and tells everything. He says we will search her. Rishi says yes. Lakshmi is walking on the road, falls down and faints. An old man looks at her. Malishka tells Sonal on call that she was not Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to return. Malishka refuses to come until she finds Lakshmi. The goons are going from there and says if Raja gets a good girl then we will get lottery. Another guy says Raja doesn’t like any girl. The goon sees Lakshmi and other to stop the car. They get down and see Lakshmi. They ask the old man to go. They kidnap Lakshmi and take her from there. Rishi and Ayush are going from there, when the old man stops their car. Ayush asks why did he stop their car and asks if he needs money. They offer him money, but the old man refuses and tells that the goons have kidnapped the girl and took away from here. Ayush says they are in a hurry and he will call Police to save that girl. He says they have to search his bhabhi and Rishi’s wife. The old guy tells that by the time Police reaches there, the girl will lose everything. Rishi tells Ayush that they shall go and save the girl. He asks which way to go. The old guy says that way. Rishi and Ayush go behind there. The old guy prays for the girl and Rishi’s wife also, without knowing that she is same.

Shalu tells Bani that she doubts Malishka has done this, but Bani tells that Malishka loves Rishi and can’t do this, and she can’t be a murderer. Rishi and Ayush are following the goon’s car. The goons has given the injection to Lakshmi, as she gains consciousness. Shalu calls Ayush and asks where is he? Ayush tells that they are going to save a girl. Lakshmi keeps her hand on the car decky glass. Rishi sees Lakshmi’s hand and then her face. He says Lakshmi…He tells Ayush that Lakshmi is there. Shalu asks if they really saw her. Ayush says yes. Rishi asks Ayush to drive fast. He cries and recalls their moments….Ghar Aaja Sajna Pardesi plays……Ayush tries to pacify Rishi.

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