Strings of love Starlife update Thursday 18 January 2024

Strings of love 18 January 2024: Kiara gets tensed seeing Sahiba at the hospital. Sahiba asks if she came here for a pregnancy test. Kiara yells it’s none of her business and asks her to stay out of it. Sahiba takes her aside and assures her that she will not reveal it to anyone. She asks who is the boy. Kiara stands silent.

Sahiba says she knows Kiara is deep fear and say she will stand by her side unquestioned at any cost. Kiara reveals that she loves her classmate Jatin who also loves him and wants to marry him. Sahiba asks if she informed Jasleen or anyone about it. Kiara says no. Sahiba asks her to use her name for the test instead as she is married. Nurse asks Kiara her name. Kiara says Sahiba Kaur Brar and goes for the test.

Angad with Veer meets Keerat and explains what had really happened. Keerat

says she knows as her family members don’t hide anything from each other. Angad says his intention was right and he wanted to help him, but he didn’t know such a mishap would happen. Keerat says her father used to design jewelry in that shop, he is an artisan and when he was false accused of stealing by his boss, he started food stall; Sahiba learnt art since childhood and its her dream; now they lost their shop. Angad says Sahiba is still angry on him and he wants to correct th ings. He tells Veer they should visit Sahiba’s burnt shop on the way home.

Manveer informs Akaal th at she has arranged langar/feast at gurudwara in Angad’s name tonight. Seerat serves tea to family. Jasleen says even Seerat took a similar oath, so Seerat and Garry will arrange langar tonight. Manveer asks Jasleen to stop acting as her DIL’s manager and advocating her son and DIL always, they all know what she is trying to do. She walks away telling Akaal that she already informed Paatji for the arrangements. Hansraj taunts that Manveer hates both Sahiba and Seerat now and wouldn’t have hated Seerat if Seerat had married Angad. Akaal says a jobless waste body like him can think such a kind of nonsense. Japjyoth says Akaal had already warned him not to dig the past.

Hansraj continues his taunts. Seerat returns to her room and finds Garry there. Garry asks if she is surprised to see her jobless husband in room. Seerat says she spoke to Angad regarding involving him back into business and he promised to talk to Akaal about it. Garry gets angry and humiliates her brutally.

Sahiba with Ajith visits her shop and feels disheartened seeing its condition. Angad with Keerat and Veer walks to her. Ajith says she would have died if Angad had not saved her. Angad reminds Sahiba of an event where she tried to slap him and he held her hand, he requests her to slap him and vent out her frustration and promises to not stop her.

She raises her hand to slap but stops. Angad tightly hugs her and comforts her while she breaks down.

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