Strings of love Starlife update Tuesday 2 January 2024

Strings of love 2 January 2024: Mongas and Brars enter prayer room for Garry and Seerat’s wedding/anand karaj and it in front of the priest. Garry and Seerat sit beside each other. Sahiba slips while bringing ritual clothes. Angad holds her and asks if she is fine. Sahiba says it doesn’t matter to him as he fulfilled his wish. Angad say she should think that her sister’s problems are solved by marrying Garry. Seerat notices them and recalls Angad lifting her and taking her to his room to nurse her ankle sprain. Santosh scolds Seerat to pay attention to the rituals.

Priest asks to bring groom and bride forward for Angand Karaj ritual. Ajith fixes a ritual cloth on Garry and Seerat’s shoulders.Seerat performs pheras with Garry imagining angad. Angad recalls his marriage with Sahiba. Seerat thinks why she is imagining Angad instead of Garry.

After the wedding, Santosh congratulates Jasleen. Jasleen congratualtes her and Ajith back. Ajith thanks Akaal for accepting his second daughter as his DIL without bothering about their status. Akaal says jodis are made by god and they are just a means. He asks Garry and Seerat to take Angad’s blessings as their wedding happened because of him. Bidayi ritual starts. Garry asks Jasleen when will this drama end. Jasleen asks him to have some patience. Santosh asks Jasleen to take care of Seerat. Jasleen asks her not to worry as Seerat is her daughter now.

Veer asks Keerat not to get sad for parting ways with her sister. Keerat asks if she looks so, she is happy instead that she will get her personal room now. Gurleen notices them chatting followed by Prabjyoth and Hansraj. Prabjyoth says she saw them talking the other day also. Hansraj warns Gurleen to keep his son under control or else Monga girls are more interested in Brar boys. Gurleen says her son is not like that. Hansraj says she shouldn’t tell later that he didn’t warn her.

While returning home, Sahiba tells Angad that she will see if Garry will fulfill the promises he made before wedding. Seerat asks Garry why did he marry her when he didn’t want to earlier and said he will not marry a girl like her. Garry closes her eyes and asks what she sees. Seerat sees Angad instead. Garry asks if she saw him, let us forget the past and start afresh. Angad tells Sahiba that he will follow the promise made to Seerat and has responsibility even towards her. Sahiba says his one wrong decision ruined her sister’s life. Angad says time will reveal if he is right or wrong.

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