Faltu Starlife update Tuesday 2 January 2024

Faltu 2 January 2024:  Episode starts with Ayaan consoling Faltu. He says I m sure Charan will see you happy and agree, he loves you a lot, I will go and tell everyone that you will stay here, don’t worry. Ayaan goes home. He sees Savita and says I missed you so much. He hugs her. She makes him away and asks why did you ruin everything. He says you know I was struggling about my feelings, I don’t want to live suffocated, I love Faltu, I decided to divorce Tanu and marry Faltu. She slaps him. Everyone worries.

She says I taught you one thing, your dad is your everything, never go against his wish. Ayaan says I thought you will understand me, but you also regarded me wrong. She asks what shall I do, your dad has done favors on you, how can you forget, you want to divorce Tanu and marry Faltu, no, give me poison before doing this. He asks where will I go without you.

She says leave Faltu, don’t get adamant, you are my good son, right, I have many hopes from you, don’t break the hopes. Kinshuk and Ayesha come. He asks why is Faltu standing outside. Savita asks did you get her here. Ayaan says I love her, I won’t leave her alone, she will stay here in our guest room. Sid and Sumitra smile. Savita asks how did you take this decision, your dad takes the decisions here. Dadi asks her to stop it. Savita says Ayaan has gone mad for Faltu, you have broken Janardhan’s pride, how can you get Faltu home. Kumkum asks her to stop it now, Ayaan is worried. Sumitra says yes, what will we do of Faltu, I will do something. She asks Tanu to come downstairs. Tanisha comes there.

Sumitra says Ayaan got Faltu home without telling us, divorce didn’t happen yet and he is saying she will stay here, what shall we do. Tanisha says I spoke to lawyer, he will come tomorrow with the divorce papers. Sid asks what about Faltu, we can’t leave her alone all night. Sumitra asks how will she stand outside, she is our bahu, I mean would be bahu, Ayaan will marry her, right.

Dadi stops her. Tanu asks Ayaan not to worry. She says I will talk to Janardhan, he will not refuse to me, Faltu will stay in guest room. She asks Ayesha to take Faltu to guest room. Savita says do anything you want. Tanisha says I will see Savita. Sumitra says no, be with Ayaan, he is so lonely, no one is supporting you, I salute you, you are making a big sacrifice for Tanu, any other girl in your place would have created a big drama, you are Ayaan’s strength, be with him, I will handle Savita. She goes. Savita says I will explain Janardhan, he got Faltu home. Janardhan asks how dare he. She says I will make him realize that Faltu isn’t right for him.

She says you said all that in anger, right, it’s a lie, I know, don’t tell this in front of him, he isn’t seeing anything other than Faltu, these things will make him worry more, promise me, you won’t tell anyone about his truth. Sumitra comes and asks what truth, what are you hiding about Ayaan, tell me. She asks Janardhan to say. Janardhan goes. Sumitra says Ayaan is your pride, tell me, what is the secret that we don’t know. Kinshuk and Ayesha bring Faltu to the guest room. Faltu apologizes. He says we are glad to see him taking a stand for his own happiness. Ayesha says yes, I feel bad for Tanu, but I respect her seeing the way she is handling this, take rest, everything will get fine. Tanisha says Faltu will stay here, I know mom will take back the investments, I promise this won’t happen, I will not let mom do anything, this divorce is imp, because Ayaan loves Faltu, not me, lawyer would be coming tomorrow with the divorce papers, I want you to be here.

Janardhan goes. Savita lies to Sumitra. She goes. Sid says I m very happy. Sumitra asks did Janardhan name his property to you. Sid says I will get that also, Tanu is going to divorce Ayaan, finally, I m getting what I want, I m so happy. He dances with her. She says stop it, relax, we can get a good chance, there is some secret about Ayaan, once we find it, Ayaan will be out.

Faltu gets Charan’s call and talks to him. He says we got the money sent by you, Pratap showed the video, you are playing well. Jamuna says you come to meet us soon, be careful that Charan’s name doesn’t get spoiled. Charan says she knows everything. Faltu says I will be careful.

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