Strings of love Starlife update Monday 1 January 2024

Strings of love 1 January 2024: Sahiba calls Kulcha and asks him about client’s decision. Kulcha says client rejected her proposal saying she is Brar family DIL now and will not work. Sahiba thinks what shall she do now to save her parental house. Keerat calls her and informs that Chawla threatened to auction their house if they don’t pay installment by the afternoon.

Sahiba assures her that she will do something to save their house. Angad hears her conversation. Chawla visits Monga house with valuator and says he will evaluate the approimate value of the house to clear any confusion in the future. Ajith pleads him to give him some time till Sahiba arranges installment and says if he had known about the loan earlier, he would have done something and paid the installment at any cost.

He kneels down in front of Chawla and continues to plead.Angad gets read for the wedding and asks Sahiba to hurry up. He transfers 50000 Rs to her account. Sahiba says she already warned him that she doesn’t need his help. Angad says he paid her for the jewelry designs and paid same amount he pays to Kiara for her designs. Sahiba sends him invoice and says she is a professional artist and sent him invoice. She sends installment amount to Chawla and calls Ajith to inform him about the same, but he doesn’t pick call busy pleading Chawla. Chawla refuses to give time to Ajith and asks him to take whatever items they can from the house as he will lock the house in the evening.

Brars reach gurudwara for the wedding followed by Mongas. Santosh notices Keerat carrying something and asks what is it. Keerat says she is carrying her goods as they are homeless now. Santosh prays god for help. Chawla calls Ajith and informs him that Sahiba paid the first installment, so he can wait for a few days but needs his next installment on time. Ajith happily thanks and promises him and informs Santosh that Sahiba paid installement and they have a month to pay next installment. Santosh also rejoices.

Garry walks in for wedding with a serious face. Jasleen asks him to smile as he is not in somone’s funeral but his own wedding. Garry gives a fake smile at Mongas. Mongas’ neighbor see Mongas at the gurdwara and taunt Santosh that she is trying to get her daughter married for the 3rd time, last time Sahiba was not present but is now present with whole family. They humiliate Seerat for trapping Angad earlier and now someone else, etc. Sahiba hears that and confronts them to stop badmouthing about her sister. Angad warns them to mind their language. Garry asks him to let it go as they spoke right about Seerat. Jasleen stops him. Garry says he means why to discuss about Seerat’s past.

Ladies try to leave. Angad stops them and says they know about Seera’ts past and should know about her future, she is marrying his younger brother and Akaal’s grandson Garry and they all should relay this news to as much people as they can. He gives kerchief to Garry asks him to give it to Seerat to wipe her tears. Garry does. Manveer recalls Inder’s words that Angad is doing a big mistake by getting this marriage and his life will be ruined if Seerat enters this house. Jasleen tells Angad that he gave a beftting reply to those ladies, Seerat is going to be a Brar family DIL and nobody can ill speak about her.

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