Strings of love Starlife Wednesday 3 January 2024

Strings of love 3 January 2024: Jasleen performs Garry and Seerta’s graha pravesh and says she is very happy that his son has returned home today with her DIL. Hansraj comments that Seerat is great that she performed engagement and prewedding rituals with Angad and married Garry. Jasleen performs ritual and asks Kiara to perform a sister’s ritual. Kiara says she got ill fate that she has to perform ritual on a poor bhabhi/SIL. Jasleen asks her to perform it for her brother. Kiara performs ritual. Jasleen asks Garry and Keerat to enter home. Garry walks ahead.

Seerat slips. Angad holds her and asks Garry to walk along Seerat and not in front or behind. Manveer fumes seeing that. Angad walks with Seerat leaving Sahiba behind. Manveer feels more angry seeing that.

Gurleen says they shall start a singing ritual. Jasleen says let it be as bride and groom are tired. Angad says where is a question of tiredness in performing ritual and asks Gurleen to bring the prop. Akaal tells Garry that they will forget whatever happened till now, Garry will be under Angad’s supervision and if he does any mistake, he gives right to Angad to punish him. Inder walks to them heavily intoxicated and objects Akaal’s decision and asks till when his son will carry someone’s burden and not live his own life. He says people like Garry will never change and know to only bite their saviors, and as far he knows, even Seerat is similar.

Angad asks them not to say that instead of blessing newly married couple and stop drinking too much. Inder says he used to drink for himself earlier and now for Angad. Akaal says an alcoholic just drinks for himself and doesn’t need any reason.

Inder continues to warn Angad to stop living for ungrateful people and live for himself. Sahiba says her sister suffered a lot and is not ungrateful. Angad says he promised Seerat to take care of her when she is in Brar mansion. Inder gets adamant and asks him to choose between his papa and his promise. Angad says he will choose both and will not disappoint his papa.

Seerat thinks that is like a true jatt.Japjyoth asks Inder to stop for god’s sake. Inder walks away from there blessing Angad and saying they all will remmeber his words that they will suffer because of Garry and Seerat. Japjyoth asks Sahiba to follow her duties as an elder DIL and not disappoint them.

Sahiba takes Seerat towards Garry’s room. Seerat asks if she still stays in store room. Sahiba says Angad shifted her to his room. Seerat asks if everything is sorted out between them. Sahiba says they are still at loggerheads. Seerat says she thought Angad is a sorted out man. Seerat drops her to Angad’s room and says she already kept everything necessary and asks her to call her if anything is needed.

Garry’s girlfriend Sara calls him and asks him to perform suhagraat with her instead of Seerat as he promised that he may marry anyone but would be loyal to only her. Garry gets ready to leave. Seerat asks where is he going as its their suhagraat tonight. Garry says with the events happened recently, he is not ready for suhagraat and hence is going to meet his friends.

Sahiba tells Angad that she will start working again. Angad says she can’t and has to follow family’s rules. Sahiba says she has to clear her family’s loan. Angad says he will pay it. She says she doesn’t need his charity. Angad says Akaal will not agree. Sahiba says she will speak to Akaal in the morning and convince him.

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