Strings of Love update Friday 24 May 2024

Strings of love 24 may 2024: Angad hears door bell ringing and asks inspector Ahuja’s wife go and check and not try to act oversmart or else he will her daughter. Inspector’s wife asks who is it.A lady asks if inspector is at home.

Angad’s employees Pam and Shamim walk in. Inspector asks who are they, they don’t know this man is a criminal. Veer walks in next. Inspector asks what is he doing here. Veer says Angad called them here.

Rumi plays Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Band Ho.. song and says he trapped Angad in Sahiba’s murder, now he won’t be able to come out of jail anytime and will not even marry Seerat; he took Sahiba’s revenge from Angad and now Angad will never disturb her. He informs her that they are going to marry tonight. Sahiba sits shocked.

Angad tells Veer that Sahiba is alive and he feels Rumi kidnapped her, murdered some girl, and replaced her with Sahiba. Veer asks how is he so sure that Sahiba is still alive.

Angad says he had hugged that girl and held her hand, he knows Sahiba’s touch and is sure that girl wasn’t Sahiba. Inspector asks him to stop lying and tells his wife that Angad murdered his wife and is acting, asks how can be so sure. Angad says he had held Sahiba’s hand when she had passed away and didn’t leave it until she was back to life. Inspector asks if he is a g god, he should stop trying to fool others with his cooked up story. Angad asks Pam and Shamim to set up their laptop in a living room and find out Sahiba’s last location.

Rumi shows his mother’s clothes to Sahiba and asks her to wear them for the wedding. Sahiba refuses. Rumi shoots at the chair and says he will shoot her if she doesn’t agree. Sahiba cries feeling guilty for not believing Angad and thinks she only belongs to Angad. Rumi asks her to forget Angad and marry him. Sahiba says she will never forget Angad as she belongs to only him. He shoots near her again and warns her.

Shamim checks Sahiba’s last mobile location and says it’s from Brar mansion. Angad asks how is it possible and asks her to check Rumi’s last sent 2 messages on his mobile which is connected to his laptop. Shamim checks pics.

Angad asks her to find out it’s location. Shamim says she needs some time. Angad checks Rumi’s mother’s social media account and learns that she passed away 3 years ago, but Angad is reposting message from her account since a week. Veer says Rumi has an evil mind and is up to something. Angad thinks where Rumi is now and hopes Sahiba is safe. Sahiba wears Rumi’s mother’s clothes and determines to escape at any cost. Rumi wears a groom’s clothes and insists her to be ready for the wedding. Angad recalls quality time with Sahiba. Serial’s title track plays in the background..

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