7 Tips on how to plan a great bridal shower


Bridal shower is defined as a gift giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding.  It is also a time for the bride to connect with friends, family as well as her bridesmaids towards having a great wedding ceremony. Bridal shower has gained more popularity in recent times.

We can confidently say it is a representation of what bachelor’s eve is for the guys. And it is our duty to make it serve a better purpose than strippers, alcoholism and drunkenness found in a bachelor’s eve party.

After the bridal shower, your girls should wake up all sober and bright eyed, pumped up with renewed energy and ready to get you hitched to your dream man. But if you don’t have a clue about how to plan an awesome bridal shower, then you are in the right place.

Guides to planning the best bridal shower ever in Nigeria!

So much has been said about making your bridal shower count, productive and rich. Without proper planning, this feat may not be achieved. But to make it easier for you, we have compiled a guide you can easily follow in other to achieve the best results.

Related image1.  Delegate duties to your bridesmaids

Very important if you don’t want to weigh yourself down and still achieve nothing at the end. Also, delegating duties also make your bridesmaids feel important and needed; it also encourages sharing of ideas.

2. Plan ahead, stay organized and keep to time.

The importance of this cannot over emphasized. You need to buy all the decoration material for example and have them ready for the bridesmaid who will decorate. Same thing goes for the food items for those who will cook etc. etc.

Book the hotel room in advance and give clear directions of time and venue to everyone. Suffice to say that it is important to have a group chat where progress will be discussed.

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3. Get the outfits ready and in the correct sizes for your bridesmaids.

If you have promised to get matching outfits in form of pajamas, dresses or shorts for your girls then be proactive and accurate about it. Buy or sew them on time, continuously prompt the girls to send in their measurements and keep bugging the tailor until the clothes are ready. You don’t want to have stories to tell when the girls look to you for their outfits do you?

4. Delegate MC duties to a bridesmaid and brainstorm with her for party ideas and games

Same thing we have been saying. There’s no need to employ an extra hand; the most outspoken of your friends should be the orator of the bridal shower. You or some other girls can brainstorm on party ideas too; the party is for all of you in any case. Don’t allow it become a rowdy affair with over excited girls jumping all around the place till they tire themselves out. Get to sit down, talk, connect, learn, play games, eat, drink and then dance.

5. Encourage each bridesmaid to prepare for a topic they will discuss on the bridal shower

This is the best part if you ask me. Beyond the drinking, dancing and partying, endeavor to make your bridal shower unforgettable by encouraging each girls to research on topics about marriage, fertility, child birth, sexuality etc. those who are married amongst them can share their experiences and how they have been able to make their marriage work. No knowledge is a waste.

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6. Make provision for light breakfast the next morning

A mistake most brides make is to allow the euphoria of the wedding preparation in the morning overcome them so much so that they don’t make provisions for a light breakfast for them and their girls. But you shouldn’t have to be that bride right? Then have a plan, get bread or any other thing that would sit well in your stomachs and fill each girl before they can have something else to eat during the reception.

7. Do not keep the girls partying till late in the night to avoid them looking all tired on your wedding day.

Partying can be fun, sure. But remember that is not the main event, the wedding happening tomorrow is the one you’ve been waiting for all your life. You need your face looking beautiful and your skin glowing, same thing for your girls. So avoid situations that may cause the party to elongate till the early mornings and make you all look faded and worn out later in the day.

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There you have it, Try these tips and see if you will not have a great bridal shower outing.


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