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Blood and wine is a telenovela series that follows the lives of two families who had been close but separated by an accident causing the death of a son and the imprisonment of the other. It is also a story that follows impossible love, family, hard work, self discovery and forgiveness.

At the center of the conflict plaguing both families is also the love between Juanjo and the married Aurora. We also see the flip side to love through the obsessive and suicidal jealousy being portrayed by Roberto Quiroga; then the young and blooming love between Paco and young Paloma.

Find out what happens in June (Teasers) here as the series draws to a close.

Take a peep into the personalities in the Castañeda family:

Father – Cristanto Castañeda – played by Antonio De La Vega

Crisanto is an authoritative man who believes that he knows the best way everyone should live their lives. Because of this flaw in him, he is often at loggerheads with his wife and children. Nonetheless he is a compassionate, kind and loving man who became victim to his own rage.

After his son Emilio is killed, he takes on a new character in his quest to revenge his death. He begins an unending fight with the Montiel and ruins their longtime friendship. Along the line he has an affair outside his marriage.

Mother – Mercedes Castañeda – played by Gloria Peralta
Mercedes is a loving mother wife and children who believes in sincerity and hard work. To her, her family is her only ambition in life and she works tirelessly to see them happy even to the detriment of herself. She was also affected by the death of her son Emilio, but unlike her husband isn’t so bent on revenge. She loves her grandson very much and pours all her love on him.

First son – Emilio Castañeda – played by Daniel Elbitar
Emilio is a lovable man who is sincere, hardworking and adventurous. He is the best brined of Juanjo and died due to a motor accident and an oversight on his recovery process by the hospital. His death served as a catalyst, causing the conflict that would change the course of the novella Blood and wine.

He was a good enologist and had a bright future cut out for him before his death. Because he had all the characteristic of a good and obedient child, he became the favorite of his parents and a reason why his death caused them so much grief.

First daughter – Aurora Castañeda – played by Ana Belena
Aurora is one of lead protagonist in the series. She is an independte and self relaint young woman who had clashes with her father because of his authoritarian nature. She was also an adventurous girl and lived lot of adventures with her first love Juanjo.

However that part of her died after the accident that claimed her brother’s life. And as a resort to putting back normalcy to her life she married Roberto because of the perfect life he portrayed.

She lives to regret this decision because she finds herself unable to forget Juanjo. Also Roberto, her husband proved himself to be a controlling, over jealous and abusive husband. She fights for her freedom from him and the right to be with the man she truly loves.

Second daughter Paloma Castañeda – played by Josette Vidal
Paloma is even more headstrong and fiercely independent than her sister. She runs away from home to pursue her independence but meets with misfortune after she discovers that her boyfriend was only using her.

Finally accepting to return home, she goes to college and their meets and fall in love with Paco Montiel. Paco represents everything she liked in a father; she becomes fascinated with his intelligence, his different views and his sensitivity. However, their relationship further tears the rift dividing the both families.

Second son – Leonardo Castañeda – played by Hector Medina
Leonardo is the ideal son Crisanto aims to train and model towards taking over all that his brother Emilio left. At first, he tries to live up to this expectation but things begin to change when an encounter makes him begin to define his sexuality.

Finding out he’s actually gay turns the ball game around because his father who is pious, religious and a moralist would never accept him. Leonardo then tries to prove that he can meet up with his father’s expectation without having to hide who he truly is inside.

Roberto Quioga – played by Santiago Ramundo
He is Aurora friend turned husband. He is naturally a perfectionist, likeable with a wholesome image. He is the type of man a mother would want for her daughter because of his perfect and stable life. He truly loves and adores Aurora but have a knack of showing it the wrong way.

However, Roberto has a flaw that later becomes his downfall. He can be excessively jealous, overbearing, controlling and abusive. He tries to control his wife, suspects her every move and finally backs her to a wall where she has to fight back for her own peace of mind.

He also has inherent negative traits like low self-esteem, envy, jealously, selfishness and corruption and all these leads to his downfall.

Meet the Montiel family also:

The father, Francisco Montiel (Paco) – played by Miguel De Miguel
He is the father of Luis and Juanjo and a good husband to Natalia. He is also a professor of Oenology and loves peace. He tries to breed peace between the warring families of Montiel and Castaneda even when his wife thinks otherwise.

He loves his son Juanjo who he had from with another woman and does everything to support him through trying times. However, he falls in love with Paloma, the daughter of his family enemy and that makes him begin to question everything he has ever thought about his life.

The mother, Natalia Martinez De Montiel – played by Carolina Gomez
She and her family built the Montiel winery from the scratch through hard work and that makes her very proud of her work. She is hardworking, assertive, stubborn, a workaholic and perfectionist. She loves her son Luis and cares for him tenderly because he is a sickler from childhood.
But with her husband son Juanjo, her feelings are mixed.

She blames him for the strained relationship with the Castenada but nonetheless loves and shows support to him. She is the only one among her family who doesn’t seem rattled by Crisanto’s antics and shows herself bold and courageous.

After the accident and the fallout of both families, she concentrates all efforts towards rebuilding her business and doesn’t notice until late that her marriage is falling apart right underneath her.

Juan Jose Montiel –played by Lambda García
He is the protagonist of blood and wine and is being blamed for the death of Emilio. Juanjo as he is popularly called is irreverent, contentious, and indomitable. He is also unruly and has a wild sense of adventure. He has loved Aurora right from their teenage years and has been responsible for ticking off her adventurous side.

Having being born and abandoned in Spain by his father while, he reunites with his father’s new family and seemed to portrayed highly disobedient qualities until he was later subdued by the love they showed him especially from Joaquin. He falls in love with the fields but doesn’t actually leave behind his wild life.

It was only after the death of his best friend Emilio caused by his careless driving that he had a change of heart and character. During his two years’ incarceration, he goes through the hard prison life and loses the love of his life Aurora to Roberto. But when he is released, Juanjo learns to forgive himself and fight to become a better person.

Luis Montiel – played by Gabriel Rossi
Luis is a good young man. He’s the pride of the Montiel family and of his mother. He’s an Oenologist like his father, a devoted and studious son, a loving brother and loving husband. He’s had to deal with diabetes since he was a young boy.

Being a sickly child, Natalia cared for him but her overprotection made him a dependent and insecure adult. He married Anita Barrios, a beautiful woman, cheerful and voluptuous, whom he loves deeply. Luis is a loyal, cooperative husband who tries to please his wife in every way he can.

He’s timid and with low self-esteem but very supportive. He doesn’t take well to being treated as if he were sick, but the conflicts exhaust him easily, which is why he prefers to avoid the fights and drama in general. He hates chaos and surprises and prefers careful planning in both work and his personal life. He’s quiet and timid, tender and passionate in intimacy.

Anita Barrios De Motiel – Stefany Oliveira
Anita was born in a peasant village in the state of Guerrero and immigrated to United States with her parents when she was a teenager. She met Luis in middle school, fell in love with him and made him the center of her life. She’s of low intellectual level. Possessive, envious, proud, stubborn, uninhibited, cheerful, extroverted and scandalous, she never goes unnoticed.

Her biggest desire is to give children to Luis, and although he has fertility problems, she doesn’t plan on giving up until she becomes pregnant.

Joaquin Martinez – played Ruben Morales
He is Natalia’s father, and owner of the first vineyards which founded the Montiel winery. Joaquin arrived to Napa in the mid-sixties with his wife through the Mexican Farm Labor Program and was an activist of the likes of Cesar Chavez.

He feels very proud of his daughters’ achievements. He gets along very well with Paco and loves his grandson Luis very much, but he can’t deny his fondness for his grandson Juan José, whom he adopted since he came to the valley.

Joaquin is self-sufficient. He likes young people and cannot stand whining old people. He’s demanding and critical, has political consciousness and is an advocate of equality.

Other supporting casts of the telenovela blood and wine include:

Dimas Zambrano – played by Francisco Porras
He is friend with the Castenada, has a close relationship and affection for Mercedes, his children godmother. He’s conservative, of traditional values but an atheist. He’s an authoritarian father who adores his children but his emotional issues prevent him from demonstrating his affection.

Serena Zambrano – played by Laura Chimaras
She’s Dimas’ eldest daughter, Emilio’s ex-girlfriend and friends to Aurora, Roberto and Juanjo. She’s attractive and sexy, cheerful, full of life, and very honest. She’s adventurous, brave and challenging. She suffers immensely when she loses Emilio, but got up and moved forward without bitterness or feelings of revenge.

Rafael Zambrano – played by Gabriel Lopez
He is Leonardo’s best friend and shares the same passion with him. He is very athletic and about to win a scholarship to college because of that. Rafael is almost Leonardo’s shadow and there are all kinds of interdependencies between them. Leonardo admires him, he has fun with him and he seconds him on practically everything until Rafael radicalizes and becomes a homophobe.

Sheriff Susan Acosta – Dad Dager
She is the county sheriff of Napa valley and a family friend to the Montiel. She helps Juanjo during his prison days to fight against inmate bully.

Mike Gonzalez – played by Federico Diaz
He is Paco’s best friend and Sheriff Susan Acosta’s husband; a lovely, peaceful and easy going man, who loves music, sport and wine.

Ernesto Merchan – Roberto Plantier
He assists Susan at the county Police Headquarters.

Jordan Giminez – played by Aneudy Lara
He is Paloma’s first boyfriend who lives in a motor home. He is free spirited and quite handy with interest and skill in crafts such as Plastic artist, sculptor, photography and graphic design. He professes love for Paloma but isn’t assertive enough to fight for It or proactive towards solving their financial issues. He finally moves away with his van leaving Paloma stranded and desolate before her family intervened.

Sofia Morrison Pereira – played by Liz Dieppa
She is Leonardo’s friend and fancies herself in love with him but question those feelings when Leo’s true sexuality starts to show. She nevertheless helps him identify who he truly is.

Kimberly Fuguera – played by Johanna Cure
She’s a lovely and very sexy woman, about 30 years old and very mature. She’s free and with no strings attached. She’s Doris’ friend and a very successful tour operator in the region. She has a torrid romance with Crisanto.

Doris Anderson – played by Maki Soler
Doris is a good friend of Juan José, Serena and Aurora. She will be a support framework for Juanjo when he is released for prison. However she is not the best of companion because of her involvement with drugs.

Iván El Sentado – Carlos Santo
He is one of the inmates that will trouble Juanjo in jail.

Sara- played by Alba Rovers
She is a neighbor to Aurora and Roberto and shows herself as a good woman who cares for her neighbours. However, behind her façade hides a woman who is very envious of everything Aurora is. She will fall in love with Roberto and become a victim of his manipulation.

Dr Portillo – played by Fernando Pacanins
He is a couple’s therapist who also works with the community to reinstate former inmates into society.



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